Zosia Mamet’s One Perfect Choice at the “Personal Shopper” New York Premiere

Posted on March 10, 2017


Okay, giving it to you straight from the get-go: This outfit is just okay. Not great, but also not nearly as bad as some of her dirty hipsterwear circa 2013. She’s growing up, is what we’re saying. And everything here really suits her, even if it’s not the most photogenic look in the world.

There. We good? All set up? Because we want you to understand before you scroll down, that this is just a so-so look all around, but a semi-decent one for Miss Zosia given her history.

Having set you up for disappointment, we are now prepared to introduce the parlor game portion of this post. Scroll down and guess why we featured this look:



The earrings, of course. They’re far too badass for this somewhat mousey look. Find yourself something kickass and witchy to pair them with, girl.

We seem to be using “witchy” a lot in our fashion discussion lately. Is there a slightly “’70s witchy” aesthetic happening right now or is it just us?
[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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