Pop Style Opinionfest: “Loving,” “Lies,” Fashion and Ethics

Posted on February 10, 2017

Darlings, the topics this week couldn’t have been more straightforward, even if they are (as is typical for us) all over the map. First up: a non-spoilery, but nonetheless gushing review of the upcoming HBO mini-series, Big Little Lies.




We’ll be covering this one a bit more once the episodes start airing. If nothing else, the costumes alone deserve our loving attention.


After that, we give a surprisingly emotional review of the Oscar-nominated Loving, in which both Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton give performances that are stunning in their subtlety.




In fact, Ruth Negga’s performance is so good, it’s practically a guarantee that she won’t win an Oscar for it, but you’ll have to listen for our reasoning there.

After that, we touch in on New York Fashion Week, which kicked off yesterday. The game is slowly deteriorating and the fashion world is evolving its ideas about how to best present its wares. In other words, the transition continues, but no one seems to have a handle on what it’s all transition into.

And while we would have loved to have gone one week without touching on or referring to the world of politics, we kinda felt we had to say something about the #grabyourwallet campaign and the recent brouhahas surrounding major fashion retailers, the fashion-based business plans of the First Family, and the ethical concerns that swirl around both. It’s always something with this crew.



Will that be enough opinions to tide you over until next week, darlings? We hope so, because it’s all about you. You listening to us. For which we sincerely thank you once again.


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