Laura Dern Gives Vivienne Westwood a Shot at the “Big Little Lies” Premiere

Posted on February 09, 2017




Oof. Miss Laura, we’re afraid this one might better be left for the Ph.D-level dress-wearers. Not that you don’t have skills yourself, but we’re thinking the only ladies who can make a frock like this one work are the kinds of ladies that tend to have words like “legendary,” “iconic,” and “supermodel” listed after their names, which tend to be one word, like “Iman,” or “Naomi.”



And even then, we’re not sure this thing could be made to work.



Call us crazy, but we don’t hate it as much as we could or should. The colors look good on her and the bodice is kind of interesting, if  little unresolved. The skirt needs a total edit, though. A pencil skirt with a slit might seem a little expected, but it’s the only thing in our mind’s eye that makes it work.

And kudos to her for picking something like this. She turned the difficulty setting up to maximum and deserves a little credit for doing so, even if she didn’t manage to slay the final boss, so to speak.

Also? We watched the first three episodes of “Big Little Lies” and we’re loving it. Reese Witherspoon found the role of a lifetime and if there’s not an Emmy nom at the end of all this for her, then the world has lost all meaning. Also: the costumes are TO DIE. We’ll have more to say down the road.


Style Credits:
Vivienne Westwood Maroon Crepe Corseted Dress with Pink Silk Satin Contrast from the Fall 2016 Collection

[Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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