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Posted on August 03, 2011

When one is about to reach a milestone or accomplish something noteworthy, it behooves one to pause for a moment, breathe, and reflect upon the path that took them to this point.

We didn’t actually reach a milestone or accomplish anything noteworthy; we just thought that made a better opening than ‘TWENTY DESIGNERS ASSESSED IN 6 DAYS, BITCHES! HOLLA!”

Also, this: It’s always a ton of work for us that first week, because the show’s usually been off the air for at least 6 months and we’re out of practice getting the right screencaps and coming up with something to say about every single entry. Usually, we’re limping to the finish line. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing this so long or maybe it’s because we don’t have “jobs” to distract us from blogging anymore, or maybe this is a fun cast, but we had no problem zipping through all 16 looks in 6 days.
We like her stuff, even if she seems strangely focused on selling the linings. We’re sensing a high drama quotient for this one, although to be fair, she was drama-free for this episode.

That’s a decent amount of material and the color and print are very workable…

… so this does not bode well for future efforts.

The thing with the buttons is interesting, but wasted on such a plain dress.

As far as we can tell, this dress is all sheet, with her pajamas only being used for minor trim effects. Other designers relied on their sheets too much, but at least some of them made interesting or really cute garments. This is as plain as it gets and you have to figure she’s as well-rested and focused as she’s ever going to be in this competition and this was her answer to the stated goal of “wowing the judges.”

Prediction: She’ll notice soon that she can’t bring it the way some of the others can and that’s when the drama’s going to take center stage.

We were divided on her rack samples. Lo thought a lot of her stuff looked tacky and T thought that, bad fabric choices aside, a lot of her stuff was very much on trend.

One thing’s for sure: she wears cute little tennis dresses to bed.

But this is what she turns them into.

She didn’t have a lot of choice but to use the sheet extensively, but we think her instincts were a little bad here.

First off, dye the fabric. Yes, the colors and dye jobs this week were mostly drab and runny, but the better ones at least partially obscured the fact that they were big ol’ sheets. Credit where it’s due: the pants aren’t bad, all things considered.

The top is kind of interesting but again, too white, too bedsheet-y. It’s by no means a great or even memorable entry, but she made some interesting choices here. Not necessarily a contender, but worth keeping our eyes on.


Blonde Kenley, or Blenley, really made a splash with her “you need a privileged pretty girl” and “Are you guys speaking foreign?” comments. There’s something sort of drearily amusing about a blonde rolling her eyes at all the dumb blonde shit she has to put up with, while at the same time confirming to the world exactly why she deserves to be saddled with the stereotype. Not that we think she’s dumb so much as she’s, well, what she says she is: privileged, with the lack of curiosity that often goes hand in hand with that.

Here’s what we don’t get: she went to bed wearing an entire ensemble of pretty, usable fabrics.

Which she then inexplicably turned into ugly, unusable ones.

Why use that pretty print for the lining? That makes no sense and it smells like bad instincts to us.

The top and shrug are no great shakes, either from a design or style perspective.

And while the pants are decent enough, the dye job is drab and the novelty of sheet pants have more than worn off at this point. Not her fault that so many decided to go that route, but we wonder why someone in the sheet pants brigade didn’t look around the workroom at all the other sheet pants and make a course correction. Eight previous seasons have hammered home the point that an endless array of sleeveless cocktail dresses will bore the judges, so we’re thinking this crowd will be all about pants, sleeves, and separates as a way to stand out. Of course, if everyone else is doing the same thing, then you’re not really standing out.

DONE! Week One down and blogged into submission! See you in the T LOunge! Peace out, girl scouts!

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/mylifetimecom – Screencaps:]

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