In or Out: Dominic Cooper

Posted on August 03, 2011

Aw, we feel a little bad. This guy makes the effort to dandy himself up – something that fills us with joy and hope for the future, since so few men in the public eye make the same effort – and this’ll be the second time in a month we’re going to bitch at him for it.

Dominic Cooper at the UK Premiere of “The Devils Double” at Vue West End.

He really likes those grey shoes, doesn’t he?

He looks like one of the dancers on the Corny Collins show in Hairspray. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we think there are a few issues with the dismount, so to speak. Great hair, great jacket and tie, but those pants are making us a little nauseous, especially paired with the light-colored shoes. This is going to sound awfully hypocritical coming from two bitches who always complain about lack of color in red carpet looks, but there are three distinctly different shades of blue in one ensemble and that’s a bit too much. We actually like the shoes, but the pants really need to be switched out for something darker and less… blue. We suppose a charcoal grey is called for here. Perhaps a boring alternative, but we’re pretty comfortable saying powder blue dress pants should be very rarely deployed.  Also, congratulations on your youthful, slim body, but your dress shirts are too tight.


IN! I’d dance the Twist with THAT any time!

OUT! Someone get this boy a color wheel!

Dianna Agron’s badly accessorized L.A. chic look got an OUT, but the voting is still open on Jennifer Hudson’s dishtowel dress, so get bitchy, bitches.

[Photo Credit:Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

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