In or Out: Jennifer Hudson in Lela Rose

Posted on August 02, 2011

Weight Watchers shill – and the latest celebrity to sadly sell the idea that happiness has something to do with dress size – Jennifer Hudson stepped out in a dress that requires closer examination.

Jennifer Hudson attends the 12th annual Art For Life Benefit Gala at Russell Simmons’ estate in East Hampton, NY in a Lela Rose dress.

Lela Rose Fall 2011 Collection

It’s interesting, but perhaps a bit too much dress for one person to handle. Let’s start with the detailing before we get to the dress. Hair, makeup, and jewelry all look great. We like the very subtle pops of color in the latter.  The shoes are a little hard to see because she’s standing on grass, but they look like an animal print. We approve. Even with a lot going on, that dress is still pretty colorless. Jewelry with some color and shoes with some oomph were the right way to go.

Now. Here’s what we’re gonna say and we hope it doesn’t get us in trouble. In pre-defense of ourselves, we’re going to remind people that we said the exact same thing about Mila Kunis’ Black Swan dress in Moscow. Namely this: darker-skinned girls need to try on dresses with sheer netting to make sure it still looks like the same dress the light-skinned model is wearing. We’re not saying darker-skinned girls can’t wear dresses where the netting becomes visible against their skin; just that they should be aware of it and know that the dress might look significantly different on them.

There are so many elements to this dress; too many, really. When J Hud puts it on and suddenly there’s an additional visual tier at the bustline, that’s when it all becomes too much. It doesn’t help that for some reason, the skirt on her looks like she’s got dirty dishtowels tucked into her waist band. We don’t know why it was arranged that way in comparison to the runway look, but it’s not an improvement. If we were her stylists, we’d have had that skirt slightly altered to be a little more streamlined, thereby cancelling out some of the “noise” of the dress. The neckline and visible netting is fine, but something’s gotta go here and to our eyes, it’s the skirt that needs some work.


IN! What a head-turning look! Girl looks FIERCE!


OUT! That dress looks like an unraveled shower puff.

Voting on Dianna Agron’s downscale hippy look is still open.

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