PR: Cecilia, Olivier and Joshua

Posted on August 02, 2011

Penultimate premiere episode dress-rip, darlings! We’re in the home stretch. Don’t falter in your bitchery now.
We’ll give Cecilia credit for two things:

1) She had some interesting clothes on her rack, indicating the strong point of view the judges value; and

2)She brought the drama and bitchiness before she even got cast. Keep your eyes on this one, minions.

She didn’t have much to work with, really. She lucked out in that, unlike a lot of the others, she was wearing a bright, adaptable color.

This look might not be perfect, but it’s very statement-making and memorable. What really caused us to sit up and take notice of her talents…

… is that we really can’t tell what was made out of what in this design. It’s like she magically transformed all of her materials into something more usable. Or she cheated. But the latter seems extremely unlikely, unless she smuggled in fabrics under her shirt and then hypnotized the entire cast and crew not to question where it came from.

So, no on the cheating; yes on the magical transformation.

As for the look itself, it’s colorful, EXTREMELY well executed, and pretty of-the-moment stylish. We like how shaped everything is. Too many of the entries kind of hung off the model, inadvertently pointing out how cheap or inappropriate to the task the fabrics were.

We’re not quite sure what she was going for with the skirt, but we’re going to assume this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. From the front it looks like she has a kangaroo pouch and from the back it just looks badly fitted. Still, the look overall was interesting and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be one of the contenders.

The judges, as we’ve said before, definitely pay more attention to the interesting-looking designers who dress stylishly. That’s not meant to take anything away from Precious Moment’s designs, but the conversation in this scene was as much about him and his personal style as it was about his work.

We’d say he had a decent amount of material to work with but he’s such a precious wee thing that we’re thinking his clothes all came to about half a yard of fabric, total.

It’s a decent enough idea, reasonably well executed.

Okay, we’re not exactly ecstatic over this design.

Not because it’s bad; it’s actually quite good. The very idea of making a suit was fairly original. The basic design elements and proportions are good.

It’s just that it’s all in that boring Calvin Klein-esque minimal style and we really don’t think that’s the way to go on what is essentially a fashion game show. People who made it to the end and eventually won did so because they could make dramatic clothes with definitive points of view.

And while we realize he was limited by his materials, a paper-thin jacket with sweatpant-heavy sleeves is more than a little odd. We suspect Precious Moments is more about adhering to a strict aesthetic than he is about practical concerns or doing something exciting. A decent entry, but it’s easy to see why it passed by without comment.

Miss Clinique Counter here is either going to be wildly entertaining or teeth-gnashingly obnoxious. Guess which prediction we’re leaning towards?

WERQ that shit, girl!

We were a bit disappointed. We thought he had a huge leg up on his competitors because the combination of hair care products and extensive bronzing led us to believe that his sheets must be a veritable Pucci print of smeared colors.

Instead we got a surprisingly boring look out of it.

It looks like he made the top out of his shorts and then the skirt out of his tank top. We approve.

But that weird patch of light blue on the waist band serves no point and draws the eye directly to that area.

And while we give him some credit for an interesting vest, it seems a little overthought considering how simple the other two pieces are. It also doesn’t quite feel like it goes with the rest of the outfit.

And finally, the styling here was terrible. That’s the one area we would have assumed a flashy queen like him would excel. So far, you’re all talk, Miss Brow Waxing.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/mylifetimecom – Screencaps:]

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