In or Out/WERQ: Dianna Agron

Posted on August 02, 2011

It’s a historic moment here at T Lo Worldwide Style Consulting, Ltd. You see, our bitchcups runneth over and we have two distinct looks from the same actress worn within days of each other – and we have opinions about BOTH LOOKS.  Can you feel the excitement, darlings? Brace yourselves.


LOOK #1:

Dianna Agron attends the Ella Moss 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in West Hollywood in an Ella Moss dress.

Okay, it’s obviously a casual event and clearly an Ella Moss dress was called for, so the dress is a decent, if not particularly exciting choice. Wouldn’t have been our choice, but the good thing about it is it’s easily styled and can be dressed up or down. She chose “down.” We’re not gonna ding her for not wearing enough jewelry because neither the event nor the dress really called for it. One simple statement-making necklace and a kickass pair of shoes is all the look really needs. What a shame she picked a necklace that looks like it came out of a vending machine and shoes that look like they were bought at an estate sale.  And sexy, tousled, JBF hair is a fine thing when it’s done well. This hair looks like she got out of the shower and let it air-dry while she got dressed. Not a crime by any means, but even a casual red carpet event calls for a little more work than that.


IN! She looks casual, young, and totally L.A. chic, you cranky east coasters!

OUT! She looks like a senior citizen on a bus trip to Atlantic City!

We sadly concluded that, despite her beauty and the opportunities coming her way right now, she’s always been something of a boring dresser; too demure and too mature.

But then, a funny thing happened…


LOOK #2:

Dianna Agron arrives for the “Late Show With David Letterman” at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City in a Stella McCartney dress.

Stella McCartney Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Sara Blomqvist (VIVA)

Yow! Dominatrix in Minnie Mouse’s fuck-me pumps! Now THAT’S more like it, girl! She still looks like a sweet good girl (which appears to be important to her) from the neck up, but she’s all “You’ve been a very bad boy” from the neck down – and she does it without looking remotely slutty or too exposed. This is a look that required no more than what you’re seeing here; jewelry would have just been distracting. It’s all about the dress, the body in the dress, and the shoes. A striking, sexy, potentially game-changing look for her. You WERQ that shit, girl.


In other IN/OUT news, there was extensive discussion of Jessica Alba’s star-spangled pregnant snowman look, but we think the final vote came down to OUT, no matter how pregnant she is.

[Photo Credit: Buckner/Wireimage, WENN,]

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