Beyonce for UK Harper’s Bazaar

Posted on August 05, 2011

If it’s not obvious by now, allow us to articulate: we think of celebrities as our own private little fashion dolls, complete with made-up histories and personalities. Far healthier than actually giving a crap what these drama queens are really like, we say. In that vein, our Beyonce doll just took one look at our Lea Michele doll’s spread for the U.S. version of Harper’s, sneered, pffted, and said “That little girl is gonna try and outdiva me? Gimme that dress,” and got that shit DONE.

Newsstand Cover in Gucci

Beyonce for UK Harper’s Bazaar September 2011 issue
Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski
Styled by Franck Benhamou

While she was at it, she did some diva name-dropping to secure her superior position:


On working with Lady Gaga: “She’s not afraid. I love that. She wanted me to do something crazy, and so I just rolled with it.”

On her friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow: “She pushes her boundaries all the time. You go to her house and she makes you feel like you never want to go home. She is what I strive to be one day.”

And then she worked that bod, gave good face, burned a hole in the lens, and stomped off the set on 6-inch platforms, her hips popping the whole way.

Subscriber’s Cover in Armani Privé

Armani Privé


Azzedine Alaïa


Our Lea doll was last seen crying.


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