Paz de La Huerta for Joe’s Jeans

Posted on July 07, 2011

There just isn’t enough Paz de la Huerta in the world, you guys. From a bitchy fashion blogger’s perspective, she’s pure gold on a silver platter under a diamond dome. Our week is made if we come across just one picture of her stumbling down a red carpet, mouth agape and eyes at half mast; with either her butt or her boobs the center of attention.

But alas, Paz just hasn’t been making the rounds as much as she should, possibly because bitchy fashion bloggers might say entirely accurate things about how she looks. Whatever the reason, we’re just happy to see her again and pleasantly surprised that she looks pretty great.

She’s the new face of Joe’s Jeans for their fall ad campaign celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary. The press release fairy tells us that  creative director Joe Dahan chose Paz de la Huerta “for her sultry nature and untamed beauty,” and that the campaign was photographed by Tao Ruspoli, in an homage to Fellini.

We ask you, is this not the best use of her kind of look? She looks great; the pictures are eye-catching and just weird enough to suit her.

[Photo Credit: Joe Dahan via]

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