Suave Boys at the Versace Menswear Show

Posted on June 21, 2011

Chace Crawford, Darren Criss, Ryan Kwanten and Zachary Quinto attended the Versace spring 2012 fashion show in Milan and – brace yourselves, poodles – WE HAVE NOT ONE CRITICAL THING TO SAY ABOUT ANY OF THEM. Crazy!

Okay, yes; hems. They’re problematic in some cases here. But we won’t dwell. They all look so sharp and put together. A lot of their cohorts, when they try to do the polished look, wind up looking like a trained circus animal in a performing suit or like they’re wearing underwear for the first time in years. These guys look polished, relaxed, and confident without looking douchey or like they’d rather be in board shorts and flip flops. We won’t shout out “WERQ!” to these testosterone-infused manly men, but — HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, sorry. That was kind of rude.

Anyway, good jobs, bros. Pat each other on the back in a masculine, possibly sporting team-derived show of solidarity. Or you can just hold each other tightly as if you’re about to start a kick line, like you’re currently doing. Whatever looks dudely, buds.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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