WERQ: Kate Hudson in Versace

Posted on May 04, 2011

Kate Hudson attended the premiere of “Something Borrowed”  in Hollywood in a Versace dress and we’ve gotta say, girl nailed it.

PinWe originally had this one set up as an “In or Out,”  but she did such a good job here we switched formats at the last second and gave her equally-as-deserving of a WERQ co-star the In or Out treatment today. In other words, darlings, there was such an embarrassment of riches at this one film premiere, coming from two ladies who rarely give us cause to huzzah, that we were all kinds of confused and discombobulated. We took deep cleansing breaths and sipped mineral water until we could get a hold of ourselves.


PinVersace Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Hailey Clauson



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Kate’s not an awful dresser; just a really uneven one. She’s gotten better in recent years but not so much that the quality doesn’t fluctuate quite a bit. She wore something the other day to the Met Gala that we weakly praised as one of the better ways to dress when you’re as far along in your pregnancy as she is. We didn’t love the look; we just felt that she did all right and we weren’t going to harsh on a lady who hasn’t seen her feet in a good while. Well, we were wrong about that look, because THIS is one of the best maternity looks we think we’ve ever seen. Preggo or no, she looks flat out gorgeous here. Great hair and makeup and a beautiful, feminine dress. It’s a lovely shade of yellow. A bit too close to her hair color to satisfy our particular brand of OCD, but it looks good on her. We’d call this a WERQ even if she wasn’t pregnant, but when you consider there’s a little person inside her, kicking her and eating all her food, the fact that she looks this good is a WERQ++. We’re bowing here.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]


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