Michelle Obama in Halston at the W.H. Correspondents Dinner

Posted on May 02, 2011

Can we just say how fabulous it is that our First Lady can pull off ten pounds of jewelry and bedhead?

Halston Fall 2008 Collection/Model: Georgina Stojilkovic

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That is not a color we would have chosen for her. If someone held this dress up to us and asked “Shelley O?” we’d reject it on the grounds that the color of the dress wouldn’t be set off against her skin tone. Well shut our mouths, Shelley. This looks gorgeous against her skin. Shows how much a couple of white boys know. We also LOVELOVELOVE the jewelry she’s wearing here. It’s sexy and showy while still being fabulous and appropriate. We’re not supercrazy about the way this sits across her midsection (or maybe it’s just the size of the panel), but it’s more than made up for by what her shoulders look like with that neckline, which is, in a word, gorgeous. It’s a sexy, look-at-me kind of look that manages to look appropriate and not attention-seeking. In fact, the slightly downplayed color may play a part in that. This exact same dress in red or black might have looked like a bit much for a First Lady.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, style.com]

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