IN or OUT: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Posted on May 02, 2011

Jennifer Lopez attends EXTRA’s celebration of the release of her new album “Love?”  in Los Angeles in a Zuhair Murad jumpsuit and Louboutin shoes.

Zuhair Murad Fall 2011 Collection

In keeping with the theme set by her album title, we’ll just say “Sequined pleated jumpsuit?” Because really, what else can one say when faced with a sequined pleated jumpsuit?  Aside from “OHMIGOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS LOL?” but that would probably be a little rude.

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To be honest, given that we’re talking about J Lo, a sequined jumpsuit isn’t all that shocking a garment. There’s really only one aspect of it that grates on our nerves. Can you guess it, minions? Hair and makeup look stunning, as always. And a diva needs her sparkles, that can’t be denied. You might think it’s the hip bow that’s setting us off and truth be told, that’s an excellent guess, but as with so many other things, we can forgive a little hip bow from a diva. No, darlings. It’s the pleats. That’s where she starts losing us. She seems determined lately to do weird things around her lady area (sartorially speaking). In other words, she has a thing for pleats right around her crotch lately. Is she feeling bloated perhaps? Because darling, there are better ways to deal with a little water pooch, if that’s the case. It’s just so odd-looking; tight across the midsection and tight across the legs, but ballooning out all around her bits like she trapped a fart in there.



IN! She’s a diva and that means glitter clothes, bitches! Sparkle, J Lo, SPARKLE!

OUT! She looks like she’s wearing a disco ball on her hips!


Minion Opinion on Reese Witherspoon’s pin-cushion dress? OUT.


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