Cannes Watch: “This Must Be The Place” Premiere

Posted on May 21, 2011

Darlings, we’ll be honest: a host of factors has made this Pain Week in the T Lo household and we’re cranky and popping a succession of pills. That’s the thing about being a gay blogging couple. Some days you’re Grey Gardens and some days you’re Valley of the Dolls (but every once in a while you get to be Carrie Bradshaw). Anyway, we need sunlight, sinus medication, ice cream and naps (not necessarily in that order), but we couldn’t let our precious unborn fawns go a day without something to judge. The title says it all: film premiere, Cannes. Let’s do this.

Rosario Dawson in Roberto Cavalli

We like the view better from the back. Too much visual foofaraw on the front.

Courtney Love

Oh, for God’s sake. Someone wrap her up and send her back.

Claudia Schiffer in Dolce & Gabbana

Everything is wrong here. For one, we’re looking at Claudia Schiffer. Don’t get Lorenzo started on her. For another, that dress is just ugly. We have a tendency to not like lace (although we’ll forgive a lot if it’s black), but there’s just too many peplums and ruffles and … tiers to this thing. Top it off with a necklace that really doesn’t go and pointy-toed shoes that add yet another distracting visual element and the lady looks a right mess.

Faye Dunaway

We kind of love this. She looks comfortable, chic, and oh so very “south of France.” That top is cute and we like that she belted it, which gives her some shape. We would have recommended black pants because a black/navy combination is a little more stylish and because light pants don’t always photograph well.

Eve Hewson in Chanel

Good God. Chanel is not supposed to look that sloppy. And there are way too many elements surrounding her boobs. It all looks like some sort of suspension rigging to keep them in place.

Gwen Stefani in Armani Privé

We’re not sure why, but this is just not doing it for us. That cutout seems oddly placed and the multiple bows imply multiple sets of boobs.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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