Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen on the Set of “Brooklyn”

Posted on May 23, 2014

Get your period costume porn right here, darlings. This one’s a treat for the eyes.


Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (1)Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen film scenes for their new movie “Brooklyn” at Coney Island.

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Saoirse-Ronan-Emory-Cohen-On-Set-Brooklyn-Tom-LOrenzo-Site-TLO (7)

Her outfit is ADORABLE, down to the bag and shoes. You could tweak it just slightly and it’d be perfect for today.  It all looks perfectly period-appropriate. Love the bathing suit too. It’s jarring to see people behind her in modern dress. That’s always a sign that they got the historic details pretty close.

A film about Irish immigrants in Brooklyn in the 1950s? That’ll be required viewing in Tom’s family.  That is Tom’s family. These look like old family photos to him.



[Photo Credit: Eric Kowalsky/PacificCoastNews]

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  • Sophie

    Love the picture with the glasses and the hand. And I want that kind of swimsuit.

    • Esther Williams has similar swimsuits.

      • Anne Elise

        I have an Esther Williams swimsuit. It changed my life. Get one.

        • Aidan B

          I just ordered one and it’s on its way!! Can’t. Wait.

      • Sophie

        Thanks! I don’t need a swimsuit often enough to justify the prices, but it’s nice to know where I can find one.

        • Amykl

          You can get one at,. Look for the Catalina brand, $32.
          Dont ask me how I know this.

          • Sophie

            I’m afraid they don’t ship to where I live. But thanks for the suggestion! And I’m sure other Bitter Kittens will use the tip.

          • kfarrel3

            Modcloth has retro swimsuits like that too! They’re a little on the expensive side, but they last FOREVUH. I’ve got three and they’re all fabulous.

  • @Biting Panda

    I need every single thing. Now. Yesterday, even. Gimme!!

  • Danielle

    I’ll take it all, please. The swimsuit? I’ll wear it out of the store, thanks.

  • gabbilevy

    That skirt is something i would have coveted, hard, during my vintage skirt phase. I still love it, even if it’d be awfully out of place in my closet now.

  • His pants are spot on perfect. The color, the fit, and the exact bagginess that predominated.

    • Nathan

      Those are almost exactly the pants I wore when I performed in West Side Story. He pulls off the high waist well too.

  • Ginger

    I want that skirt SO BAD.

  • Jessica Freeman

    I love it all. Wants that skirt.

  • KinoEye

    Skirt? Get in my closet. And my kingdom for that swimsuit. I’ve been looking at ones just like it for summer.

    And he’s too adorable with the rolled shirt sleeves and wide pants.

    • Modcloth, darling! Get there!

    • Esther Williams! Fantastic swimsuits.

  • Oh I love it all, especially the glasses and the little basket bag!

    • MilaXX

      I have a pair of glasses I added a tint to that I got from zennioptical that look very similar. If any of you are zennioptical shoppers model #625616 and they only cost $29.95 plus an additional $4.95 the tint and $4.95 shipping. That’s prescription sunglasses for under $40.

    • smayper

      Me too! Everything in her outfit works for my coloring…in fact, I have a cardigan that exact color. I love the way that era treated women with hips. Yay.

  • marlie

    She looks adorable. And I totally want the whole outfit.

  • RutGot

    I would wear that entire outfit, as is, tomorrow.

  • Kathy

    I’m curious. Wouldn’t she have matched that sweater exactly to the green in the skirt? Or maybe it wasn’t that easy to find matching pieces in the 50s.

    • littlemac8

      In the 50″s we wore dyed to match. That was the thing to have: a straight skirt (read pencil skirt) and a matching cashmere crew neck pullover or cardigan! I know from vast experience1

  • I would totally wear that swimsuit.

  • Kate Andrews

    They could be hipsters from today’s Brooklyn! Very cute.

  • SewingSiren

    Love Coney Island. I went there all the time when I lived in NYC.

  • Anna

    Oh, life could be a dream, sweetheart.

    Not much else to say but love it all, full stop. Even love the print on his bathing suit.

    • teensmom99

      I think my father still has those swim trunks. He’s from the school where a man doesn’t need new clothes if his old ones are still in good enough shape, thank you. He used to wear his suits first for fancy occasions, then they’d be downgraded for work and then they’d be downgraded for gardening.

      • Anna

        Ha, reminds me of that Seinfeld quote: “I have never seen an old person in a new bathing suit in my entire life. I don’t know where they get their bathing suits, but my father has bathing suits from other centuries.”

        • teensmom99

          Lol. How do I not remember that?

      • formerlyAnon

        Your father = the men on my mother’s side. My dad’s side trended a bit more to the clothes horse.

  • teensmom99

    In addition to loving the clothes, I love that everything fits her the way it would have in the 1950s. She doesn’t have the kind of muscles that someone in the 50s wouldn’t have had. She just looks so authentic!

  • Alyssa

    I want that skirt, cardigan, and swimsuit!

    • FibonacciSequins

      I want all that plus the bag but more than anything, the shoes.

  • majorbedhead

    Like all the others have said, I want that outfit and the swimsuit. Love, love, love.

    I’d also like some of that cotton candy, please.

  • Perfection.

  • luludexter

    I love everything about this! Coincidentally I’m reading this book right now; didn’t realize it was being made into a movie.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      How is the book?

      • shirab

        If I may weigh in, it is a lovely book. Quietly written with very well-drawn characters and a plot that isn’t Thrilling but is compelling nonetheless. I had no idea it was being made into a movie. The main character’s love interest is supposed to be from a close-knit Italian American family. Not sure this guy looks like what I had pictured, but Ronan couldn’t be better cast as the Irish girl hoping to do well on her own in New York.

        The book, as I recall, devotes many lines to what people wear and why, so if the movie is true to that aspect of the original there should be plenty of fun costume-gazing when it comes out.

        • anneshirley

          Yes! The book is lovely. And agreed with the casting choice for Tony– he looks more Irish or WASPY than Italian. I’ll reserve judgment though.

          • breathlss79

            In the book, Toibin describes Tony as “lighter” than his family. So this is consistent.

  • Very cute – the purse is so much like the one Dita vT was carrying in the airport yesterday!

    • Kayceed

      Yes! I love that Miss Dita is faithful to mid-century style guidelines – straw bags for summer (fine weave for city, coarse weave for country).

  • I keep looking at his swim trunks hoping it’s a cabana set. That would make it uber-perfect.

  • gayle

    loved the book, very excited for this movie!

  • Sam Smith

    She is perfect, he doesn’t look Italian enough for the book.

  • anneshirley

    Is this based on the Colm Toibin novel? It’s wonderful, a great read. And these photos look like perfection.

  • jilly_d

    That bathing suit – I wants it.

  • Patricia Groves Dobrowski

    Add me to the list of those coveting that outfit. Every bit of it.

  • This is being called “period costume” now? Oh god. Are 1980’s looks period as well? I feel old.

    • Sixty years ago and thirty years ago? Yeah, that’s definitely period costume.

      • P M

        Well, that does it. I’m definitely not young anymore.

    • formerlyAnon

      It’s o.k., dear. Here’s a nice glass of water, I’ll pat your hand if you want. We’re only old on the outside.

  • VicD

    That skirt needs to GET IN MY CLOSET NOW. Her eyes are so beautiful and the colors of the sweater and the swimsuit really accent them.

  • Ginmaru

    I agree with everyone….I love the skirt and bathing suit.

    You know, it is a three day weekend and I have some border print fabric in my stash. I think I am going to try to make that skirt. The bathing suit is beyond my skills right now.

  • MilaXX

    I would swap those shoes for a modern ballet flat or wedge and wear it today!

  • formerlyAnon

    Yup. Yuppity yup. You could pull my aunts and grandmothers right out of the family album in that look.

    ETA: (My uncles wore sharper shirts. At least in photos. Except for photos of them in their military uniforms, cop uniforms or wedding suits.)

  • Great book too! I teach it in my freshmen literature class.This is just about as I would have imagined Eilis and Tony to look. The beach scene (and the previous one, when she buys the swimsuit and a female colleague “helps” her try it on) is such a pivotal scene in the book too! Will be interesting to see how they portray it (I also have Theories about Eilis’s attraction to the ocean and her feeling of comfort and confidence at the liminal space of the water’s edge).

  • KiP07

    If you told me she was in head to toe Dolce and Gabbana from a recent collection I would almost believe it–that is how cute and current this looks. In fact, the only reason I would doubt it is that there aren’t a bunch of extraneous knick knacks tacked onto her. Also, that hair color looks amazing on her, especially in the fifth picture.

  • I would wear all of that today, outfit and swimsuit. Just make the skirt above the knee and I’m golden. j’adore.

  • Bad Idea Jeans

    That boy is bringing Young Andrew McCarthy boyish cuteness and I am loving it!

    • Pseusie

      That boy is Dreadful Leo from Smash. I cannot get over how different he looks here!

  • Qitkat

    You know who would love this skirt? Kenley Collins. Also me. Her entire outfit is as charming as it gets for a fifties casual look.

  • In love. I want all of it.

  • Tanya Wade

    I want that bathing suit. Simple, great color, would look good on a lot of body types. Want.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I would definitely wear her outfit, love the shoes and they look comfy. I find it interesting that women’s swimwear has gotten smaller over the years, while men’s swimwear has gotten larger. Let’s bring back those boy swim trunks soon.

  • decormaven

    Talbots had a similar skirt about 3-4 years ago. Love the costuming for all of this!

  • Maya

    skirts like these need to make a comeback!

  • Lori

    I want her outfit. I even have shoes that would go with it.

  • frannyprof

    I love this so much! I covet that skirt and bathing costume (can we please bring back bathing costumes? And swim caps with little flowery embellisments?).

  • aahlife

    I love that she also has a 50’s body – not cut and tanned – gives a heightened authentic sense of that time.

    • Agreed – I don’t know if she gained weight for the role or just ’cause, but the way she’s filling out the costumes really helps sell them as period. She looks gorgeous in that green bathing suit.

  • Pound of Salt

    The elastic on his trunks looks ready to give.
    Very excited for this movie, I loved the book!!

  • BLauD

    Covet it all. Please send it this way, Saoirse dear.

  • P M

    I want that straw bag!

  • Mona_Visa

    I love the pallor, the clothes, the tiny nips. These really do look like family photos.

  • CJHogan

    FYI: The book by Colm Tóibín is fabulous and offers lots great period clothes opportunities since she works in a department store.

  • Jennifer Bober

    Okay, for serious period costume porn for me, you need to go back at least a hundred years. This is period costume soft porn for me.

    That said, I WANT those sunglasses! The looks are just adorable.

    • malarson2

      I just bought those sunglasses. Nordstrom Rack.

      • Jennifer Bober

        Sweet! I’ll go look for them.

  • Resl

    That skirt … I want it now!

  • lundibleu

    Wow, who knew Saoirse would suit the 50s style so well? And why, hello Mr Emory Cohen.

  • I had to check and it’s based on Colm Toibin’s wonderful book! It’s less about Irish immigrants though and more about one single Irish immigrant, her family back in Ireland and Italian immigrants play an important role too.

  • Beth Reed

    They filmed some of this down the street from me in Montreal. My husband pulled me down to the set because he had ridden by on the bus… and was convinced a Jewish deli had opened up in our neighborhood. He wanted to go to lunch. Um… didn’t notice the Packards lining curb? We were hustled away by security.

  • demidaemon

    WOW. She just looks great in everything.

    His pants scare me, though I know they are historically accurate. His swimsuit style, however, needs to come back pronto.

  • that is just about the cutest little basket purse in the world.

  • kat89

    My mother came to America (NYC) from Ireland in the 1950s also. Sounds like it’s her story too, and looks like a lot of her photos from that time. I’ll be checking this one out too.

  • altalinda

    I like that they’ve picked actors with period physiques and pasty complexions, not the Hollywood version of buffness.

  • Genevieve

    Oh god I want it all. And I’m so glad they’re making a film of this; it’s a lovely book that sticks with you.