Jon Hamm at the “Million Dollar Arm” World Premiere

Posted on May 09, 2014

It’s time for a slice of Hamm.

Who gives a shit if that’s a lousy pun? Look:

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Jon Hamm attends the premiere of “Million Dollar Arm” at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Jon-Hamm-Million-Dollar-Arm-Premiere-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (6)

Damn, he looks good.  Serving up hair and a well-earned smugness.

Quibble time, because that’s why you love us: We’ll let him slide on the 5 o’clock shadow because he apparently has to shave twice a day. Not loving the knit tie here any more than we did on Aaron Taylor-Johnson. We like knit ties, but they always struck us as a much more casual kind of tie; the kind you wear with a corduroy blazer and jeans.




[Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata/, Janice Ogata/, Xclusive/PacificCoastNews]

    • duckgirlie

      i see he’s started wearing underwear on the red carpet again

      • Karen Belgrad

        My eyes still go directly to his …. hamm.

        • Stacy C

          Mine too! First thing I always do when I see a pic of him.. check if he’s wearing underwear. lol

        • Kent Roby

          Whenever he had flashbacks to his childhood on Mad Men, I’d giggle thinking about the appropriateness of him playing “big” Dick!

        • Kent Roby

          That’s his million dollar “arm”.

      • Jeremy Thomas Porta

        Yeah but you can still see the bulge, thank god. He is such a dreamboat…and those eyes!!! /sigh

    • Onika K Morris-Alleyne

      He probably shaved and the shadow grew on the limo ride over

    • GoAwayKardash

      I volunteer to remove the offending knit tie.

      • random_poster

        Your posting name is divine. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Jeremy Thomas Porta

        I didn’t even see that there was a tie…

      • Judih1

        Love your posting name too! You can remove his tie, I will remove his pants

    • Noah

      I actually kind of like the knit tie here. Visual interest to a monochromatic look without being distracting.

      Also, I’ll take two slices of Hamm, thank you very much.

    • Mr. J.

      Is there anything better than a good-lookin’ guy? Case in point.

      • Anna

        A good-lookin’ guy in a suit.

        • t bell

          A good-lookin’ guy without a suit.

          • demidaemon

            A good-looking guy getting out of a suit!

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              In one’s presence, but that goes without saying.

        • marlie

          A good looking guy in a good looking suit.

        • Shawn EH

          A good looking guy in only that vest!

    • FibonacciSequins

      I was going to give him a “Lawdy” until I saw the knit tie. Have to downgrade to a “Mmmmm”.

    • @Biting Panda

      I think a gentleman should carry his phone in his inside jacket pocket. I loathe seeing it in a front pocket.

      • The Versatile Chef

        You were looking at the phone?

        • @Biting Panda

          Adjacently speaking.

      • demidaemon

        I will take your advice to heart. :)

      • MartyBellerMask

        I volunteer to remove said phone.

      • suzq

        That’s not a phone. He’s just happy to see you.

    • vahtel


    • another_laura

      Who is the knit tie producer who is foisting this fug on us lately? I have never liked them. Harumph.

      But thanks for the Hamm, guys….

    • Anna

      The 3-piece suit reminds me of my dad, but damn, Jon Hamm looks good.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser


    • Alicia

      Hamm & cheese. What a grin!

      • Kent Roby

        Sponsored by Subway, no less! I would gladly break my vegetarian diet for a big slab of Hamm!

    • Belvane

      That is a handsome, handsome man. He deserves a better tie, and I’d be happy to pick one out for him.

    • laura

      That is one delicious slice of Hamm. I agree about the knit tie.

    • Kate

      I don’t mind the knit tie – at least the blacks match.

      • Kent Roby

        I like the tie, too. Men have so few options for variety; I don’t think we need eliminate all non-silk ties from the mix, especially with a plain black suit and white shirt.

    • AlexisPayne

      Yessssssss, thank you T and Lo I think we all needed this

    • Boop

      Oh dear me. I need to go lie down and fan myself. He’s perfection.

    • decormaven

      Glorious! Please let Don Draper have a big ol’ smile like this before S7 ends and I will die happy.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      This made me feel like an octogenarian in the vein of Stadtler and Waldorf, because it made me shout “What is that, a knit tie?!” I have seen the future. I can always get behind a vest, though.

      • Lori

        I’ll sit in the balcony and heckle with you. He looks fabulous, but that tie was not the way to go.

        • LesYeuxHiboux

          Fabulous. I’ll bring snacks.

          • Lori

            I’ll sneak in the wine. It’ll be great.

    • Aidan B

      Dang. Best he’s looked in a while!

    • Mothra

      That first picture he looks like he’s got a few sweet potatoes in that there crotchal area.

      • ShaoLinKitten

        Well, it is Sausage Friday.

    • Fuchsiaforever

      Thank you!!!! Hamm- perfect dessert after Shake Shack meal!!! Enjoying the rainy evening now!

    • lunchcoma

      THAT, gentlemen, is how you work a room. So much better than smirking with your hands in your pockets.

      • siriuslover

        Right?!? That last pictures is ah-mazing! I’m not a huge Hamm girl (I know, that sounds awkward), but dang, he looks irresistible in that last shot–everyone wants to BE HIM AND DO HIM!

      • portlandmermaid

        He does a come hither look very, very well

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      I’ll take that Hamm, in fact I’ll have seconds. No quibbles here, he’s truly dreamy.

    • Wendy

      I was offered tickets to the baseball game he’ll be attending Sunday night with the real-life pitching prospect portrayed in this movie . . . but I turned them down because I’d miss Mad Men. *sad trombone noise*

      • marlie

        What?! That’s what TiVo and OnDemand are for!

        • Wendy

          I didn’t find out until yesterday that he’ll be there! I go to Pirates games about twice a month, so at the time it seemed totally inconsequential to turn down my friend’s offer when I was chomping at the bit for the new season to start. Lesson learned, I guess?

    • CommentsByKatie

      Hot damn. I didn’t think he was strikingly handsome in the early days, but he’s winning me over lately. That last picture? Wow. Tie? What tie?

    • marlie

      He looks pretty great! I’ve decided that I really don’t like knit ties, so Hamm should just take it off.

      • Anne Meek White

        I don’t like suits either…

        • AnnaleighBelle

          Pants are overrated.

          • MishaFoomin

            Lena Dunham thinks so.

    • PaigeA

      I don’t love the knit tie but he still looks perfect.

    • Anne Meek White

      Holy schnikeys. If I wasn’t in love before.

    • Tanya Wade

      I love the knit tie, and am thankful for Sausage Friday.

    • malarson2

      When Lunchcoma says that he knows how to work a room, I think that’s the major thing I got from these pics (other than the ‘is that a cell phone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?’ moment). Because of all The Bros that have been on here this week – A-TJ, RyRen, BCoop – none of them has even a SLICE of the ease, sense of self, or grace of this man. And I don’t think you can dress a certain way to get it. I think he has it and whatever he wears just emphasizes it. You know who I think is working on getting these qualities? Don Draper. It’s not a coincidence.

      • malarson2

        PS – Is that tie really knit? Because when I look at it very closely it’s giving me ROPE vibes. And I’ll just let you do whatever you want with that one…

      • AnnaleighBelle

        He seems to really not take himself too seriously, which is why he is such a great comedian, I think.

        • malarson2

          My God his first appearance on SNL – Sergio! – not to mention 30 Rock, were so very funny. In fact that’s what made me catch up, and then become loyal to, Mad Men. I’d love to see someone write a part for him that would normally go to Paul Rudd or someone similar.

          • AnnaleighBelle

            On SNL – Hamm and Buble (Ham and Bubbly) where he’s keeping Micheal Buble hostage. He and Alec Baldwin and Justin Timberlake should just chuck it all and join SNL permanently.

            • malarson2

              LOVE that skit. It’s referenced so much in my household. And Buble is funny in it, too! I’m totally down for the cast you suggest. In fact, it would probably also be a good move for each of their careers, too. Something out of left field for each of them. Someone get their agents on the phone!!

    • Mazenderan

      That last photo………..

    • e jerry powell

      Slim-cut slacks and underwear!

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      He’s going to be in my neck of the woods tomorrow (accepting an award at his high school). I think the tickets are sold out, but I’m going to be on high Hamm-alert just in case he’s wandering around town.

      • Wendy

        He’ll be promoting the movie at the baseball game here in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Last month I turned down a pair of tickets to the game, so perhaps I’ll just happen to be hanging out in the part of the city where the ballpark is that day — also on high Hamm-alert. (HAMMDAR? Like RADAR?)

        • Angela_the_Librarian

          Hammdar! I love it. Of course if I actually ever saw him I would probably freeze up and babble like a moron.

    • demidaemon

      Nicely done, Mr. Hamm. Loving the hair situation. This may be his first appearance where he makes me swoon over him. Mmmhmm.

    • enchanted216

      I love a man who has to shave twice a day. He’s hot!

    • AnnaleighBelle

      That’s some updated Donald Draper realness going on right there. The five-o’clock shadow adds a touch of dissolute attractiveness.

    • understateddiva

      That’s some extremely good hair.

      • AnnaleighBelle

        Baldwin level good hair.

    • siriuslover

      He does have great hair and he looks really really happy! Are T and Lo going to see the film?

    • Man Dala

      Yas Gawd! Huge bulge, as usual. I think that “a million dollar arm” will soon become an euphemism for his peen.

    • appliquer

      Oh. My. And that last, over-the-shoulder picture!

    • Wee Beastie

      Gotta love a movie whose title is an apt double entendre.

    • crash1212

      That last picture is everything. Made my Friday. Have a great weekend boys!

    • Judy_J

      It’s the trousers…..

    • Shawn EH

      All-time winner of sausage Friday!

    • Josefina Madariaga Suárez

      I should complain about the pants pulling across the crotch area because of that cellphone, but really, how can I?

    • ShaoLinKitten

      Is anyone else seeing his face in the close up as yellow? Under the stubble? Is that just shitty make up or it is a trick of my monitor?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’d take a slice of this Hamm anytime. Another fine addition to Sausage Friday.

    • barbiefish

      Slice of hamm? That’s more like a ham hock in those trousers. Agree with your thumbs down on the knit tie.

    • MilaXX

      Agree about the knit tie, otherwise he looks pretty decent,

    • Snoskred

      No wonder they don’t let him smile on the show.. the sheer star power expelled at an event like this would be nothing compared to the worlds colliding explosions if he smiled like this into millions of households at once.. This is an incredibly handsome man.. :)

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Beautiful. Including the tie and the hint of shadow. Thanks, Guys!

    • Bill Curtis

      Tie? He’s wearing a tie? Between that face and the…rest, I never noticed a tie.

    • CT14

      Please tell me knit ties are not coming back. It brings bad 80s flashbacks.

      • BluesD

        Of the two knit ties that showed up here on Friday, Hamm’s is better.

    • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxqyz

      he went commando!

    • KinoEye

      The fact that he has to shave twice a day is just unspeakably hot. He is bursting with testosterone… And looks like he’s about to burst out of those pants. Yes.

    • Sally

      He still could have shaved.

    • Malibufire

      The boys in St. Louis never looked like this when I was growing up there…

    • Babyboomer59

      Thank you TLo for posting these and thank you God for giving us the Hamm!

    • Babyboomer59

      Did anyone else catch him on Jimmy Kimmel? They showed his prom picture
      His date also ended up a successful actress. No awkward photo for them!

    • MartyBellerMask

      Knit ties are for Adam Scott only. :)

    • Constant Cat

      3 piece suit on a FINE piece o’ Hamm. Love that smile and vest combo!

    • alliekat9090

      This guy and Clooney are the only two men in Hollywood who look like…….well , MEN.

    • MichelleRafter

      The all black suit and tie makes him look like the world’s hottest mortician.

    • Orange Girl

      I almost can’t look at him. He’s that handsome.

    • unbornfawn

      I also have to quibble with the fact that the knot needs to be adjusted. What is it with this generation of men and ties?

    • PeggyOC

      No one but Jr. High School math teachers should wear knit ties.

    • Joanna

      He really is the epitome of handsome.

    • Danielle

      Jury’s out on the knit tie, but I love his smug-ass smirk.

    • mommyca

      seriously, I particularly do not like (or understand) baseball but I need to see this movie… I’m taking my 9-yo with me, since it’s a Disney movie, would that be OK? :)

      • Trist

        Ha, you don’t actually need to know a n y t h i n g about baseball, because the movie isn’t really about baseball at all. But it’s a sweet movie, with an ending you’ll figure out about fifteen minutes in, and your 9 year old kid will likely love it – our 10 year old did.

    • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

      I don’t forgive the five o’clock shadow when he knows he’s going to be photographed on the red carpet for his movie’s premiere. Ugh.

    • EEKstl

      Is it hot in here?

    • Fred Vaughn

      Sexy and mostly on point… especially his SMILE.

    • Boop

      You know those moments when you’ve had a hard day, and you just want to take a break and look at a picture of your dog, or your boyfriend, or Jon Hamm? Yeah. That. Sigh….

    • Dick In A Bog

      My GOD he looks so much younger out and about than he does in the latest season of mad men.

    • FranklyMyDear

      Good grief. That’s a handsome man. I kind of like the knit tie, it adds texture. Also… there’s a phone in his pocket AND he looks happy to see me