Taylor Swift Leaves the Gym Like a Star

Posted on April 29, 2014

Isn’t this how we all leave the gym, darlings?

Taylor-Swift-Modcloth-GOTS-VFPDGSKH-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (1)Taylor Swift is seen leaving the gym in New York City in a Modcloth ‘One Floral, All for One’ dress paired with green suede loafer-style kitten heels and an Elie Saab bag.

Taylor-Swift-Modcloth-GOTS-VFPDGSKH-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (2)

Taylor-Swift-Modcloth-GOTS-VFPDGSKH-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)

Taylor-Swift-Modcloth-GOTS-VFPDGSKH-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (4)

Taylor-Swift-Modcloth-GOTS-VFPDGSKH-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (5)

Do you think she worked out with that big honking thing clipped into her hair? Did she go to spin class with her lips that color? Did she hang that dress in the sauna while she worked out so it would be perfectly wrinkle-free? And how did she fit everything into that tiny little bag? Are her sneakers in there too? So many questions. One thing’s for sure: this chick can’t match for shit. Those shoes are adorable, but really distracting with that dress.




[Photo Credit: INFphoto.com]

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  • Adriana

    Several pops of color in that dress to choose from and she picks a green shoe that totally doesn’t go. Oh, Taylor…

    • decormaven

      True. I keep running the fashion calculator over that look; nowhere in any possible calculation did that shade of green turn up. Oh well, perhaps she’s using the same calculator that allows one to leave the gym sweat-free.

      • demidaemon

        Does that calculator include the “not-going in,” “Not working out,” or the “fake working out” function?

        • decormaven

          Ha ha! Those are the higher functions. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • demidaemon

            I could use one of those calculators. I would seriously gift it to everyone I know.

    • Imasewsure

      Yes I don’t get this at all… of course every single pair of shoes I own (except for the ones I play tennis in) are black… no problem matching my black, grey and more black wardrobe either! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sarah

      I just noticed the NAILS. They ALSO don’t go. With the look, or the shoe.

    • jtabz

      It’s sad, too, ’cause the shape of the shoe is super cute with that dress.

    • gigi kennedy

      I would bet my house the thought process behind the green shoes was “I’m wearing a flower dress. flowers have green stems.”

      • WaterGhost

        Genius. A slightly terrifying kind of genius, though.

  • @Biting Panda

    Guess she has a locker? So random.

    Great dress. Annoying accessories.

    • MartyBellerMask

      I’m reading on (just this post, not googling or anything) and the gym sounds pretty swanky. They probably have a concierge service to take care of the sweaty clothes & whatnot.

  • Lolo Andre

    NGL I wanna hang out with her for a day, she fascinates me

    • @Biting Panda

      She has a rotating roster of besties. Send in a video resume.

      • loser

        Lool ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Anna

      She seems a little bit nuts. I kinda think that anyone who’s super close to her for a decent amount of time, might start to contemplate murder/suicide.

    • melisaurus

      I’m so curious. Road trip?

  • thecitysleeps

    my only comment: this outfit and the gym: WHAT THE FUCK. PLEASE LEAVE.

    • bookish

      Exactly my response. This is the first time I’ve felt genuinely annoyed by her.

    • Oh God, thank you! Why won’t Taylor get the fuck out of NYC already. Just go! She didn’t work out. You don’t work out and look that great unless you have a hairstylist and makeup artist in that locker room – and if she did – she sucks. Just plain and simple Go away.

    • looklook

      I kind like this. It kinda reminds me of how people say Joan Crawford used to go to the grocery stores dressed to the nine, and I can’t stop imagining her doing all these workouts, sweat-free and still being able to maintain a perfect hair. If she wants to live that old Hollywood glamorous live, I 100% support her. Lol.

  • dmkava

    Is she on the Bowery? It must be that fancy new training center. *** Update*** It is the modelFit training center on Bowery and it is fancy!

    • alyce1213

      It’s the Chinatown Y at the Houston Street Center.

      • dmkava

        That’s not the Chinatown Y. She’s across the street from the Y if anything.I live right around the corner. Next to the entrance to the Y are Whole foods, an art gallery and a wine store.

        • alyce1213

          Yes, she is across the street from the Chinatown Y, which is in the Houston Street Center. I live here too. Probably her driver couldn’t pull over on the east side of Bowery, so he picked her up the the west side, across the street from the Chinatown Y, in front of the restaurant supply store. So?

          • dmkava

            Please see my update above. Thanks. If you need further proof, google it and streetview. The pics match. I highly doubt she would workout at the Y as compared to modelFit.

          • alyce1213

            Aha! You’re absolutely right, she’s at the corner of Rivington, not Houston. It did confound me to think she’d go to the Y, but I had no idea there WAS a fancy gym on the Bowery — modelFit! I have egg on my face.

          • dmkava

            Oh I only know about it because after reading a post about Terry Richardson’s old studio closing and this gym taking over. I would never have known otherwise, it’s so nondescript.

          • alyce1213

            Eeeuuw. Terry Richardson’s old studio. If the walls could talk.

          • SRQkitten

            Eeeuuw, for sure. If those walls could talk they’d probably be gagging.

          • SugarSnap108

            Ugh, ModelFit. I’ve heard of that place. Because models are such paragons of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Now, personally it takes a good hour after I go to the gym before my face stops shining like a particularly radiant toffee-apple so I can put makeup on. So either she has been in there a really long time, or she was just dropping off the bag with her stuff for later.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      With you on the whole ‘puce in the face’ post-gym-look.

    • Danielle

      And that’s only IF I have the energy/care to brush and dry my hair after a shower.

    • kmk05

      It makes me self-conscious to work out with people I know (i.e. from work). There’s a gym attached to my workplace with special rates, and I’ve never been just because people ‘go during lunch breaks’ or ‘meet in the morning’ and there’s no way I can look like a real human during and afterwards.

  • gayle

    Someone is auditioning for Call the Midwife… (if she ever actually turned up delivering babies I would riot)

  • Ashleigh

    Funny – I thought the shoe color was kind of cute with the dress, but not with matchy purse.

    • Annistella

      Im with you on that. I think the shoes are perfect with that dress – the shape and height of them is just retro vintage enough. The hitch is the almost matchy but not matchy matchy purse (you know what I mean).

  • amanda siegelson

    i have a question: for these types of “appearances” – do star handlers pass along the information about what they are wearing? where do the TLOs of this world get their info??? i is so confoosed…

    • EveEve

      Answer to first question: yes. Answer to second question: see answer to first question. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • amanda siegelson

        that’s so friggin’ weird in a ‘real life’ sort of way, dont’cha think??? oh celebrities – they’re really not “just like us”!

    • decormaven

      Think about it, though. It’s a completely different revenue stream outside of performance on stage/screen/air. The PR team figures “hey, the star is going out anyway, so why not make a buck wearing items for pay/promo?” Before you know it, the star has sold any semblance of privacy away, all for the shiny coin. The more “sold” they are, the higher the cost for maintaining their security/”privacy”/look. That’s why the dear uncles’ book is so fascinating- they’ve nailed this concept to a T.

      • amanda siegelson

        i get it – but this is the sort of thing that starts me questioning the whole ‘pole dance’ situation. that people who are making so much money in general make even more in this way makes me sad in the exact same way that ‘gift bags’ for showing up to awards shows makes me sad. and don’t even get me started about the whole idea of ‘awards shows’ for people who are already celebrated and entitled.
        i’ve known all this in a general sense – but i think i’m just in a very crabby mood… sorry everyone!

        • Come the revolution, they’ll be the first up against the wall.

        • decormaven

          You’re not crabby, you’re just recognizing the reality of it. It is what it is.

    • Kent Roby

      I’ve already alerted the paps to let them know what I shall be wearing while walking my dog Adam after work.

      • amanda siegelson

        hopefully they will tell us all about adam’s outfit as well!

        • Kent Roby

          He’ll be wearing a short red and white fur coat; it’s his signature look.

      • Qitkat

        Your dog’s name is Adam? That’s my oldest sons’s name. And we tried so hard to pick a name no one would name a dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Kent Roby

          My dogs have always been my “kids “, so I probably spend as much time coming up with their names as any expectant parent! I love human names for my furbabies; I also love last name /first names (also had Spencer and Tyler). My Adam is awesome, btw, so he’s not messing up your son’s good name!

          • Qitkat

            Give awesome Adam a snuggle from me ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a sweet collie named Maggie once, so I have no room to talk.

          • KinoEye

            Haha! Funny you should say that, because that’s my real name! I meet very few humans who share it, but many, many dogs. This little discussion is wonderfully circular.

  • Imasewsure

    Must be a nice gym since it obviously includes a hair and makeup chair (and a great big locker to hide your dress and your stylist in). Love the dress… like the shoes but not together

    • alyce1213

      It’s been identified as modelFIT, a very fancy gym with a very plain facade. I can only imagine the dressing rooms and luxury accommodations.

  • another_laura

    I adore those shoes, but with this? ugh. As for her leaving the gym looking like this? Girl, give it a rest, already.

  • R.A.

    How long was she in the changeroom for??

  • Sarah

    Glad ya’ll said that about the shoes because I was wondering if I missed something or my monitor was broken. They ARE distracting. She should give them to me.

    • Mary Lauer

      Or me! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Gatto Nero

    No twee little hat today, at least.
    For that I am grateful.

  • altalinda

    Nice that she can pick up some cutlery after working out. Oh NYC, I miss you.

    • ktr33

      Looks like she’s on the Bowery, shopping for wholesale restaurant supplies.

  • Donna Tabor

    I used to shower and gussy up at the gym when I was single, if I was going out after. I don’t see why this is such a shocker. It can happen.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Same here — back when I was serious about working out, I went in the morning before work and “prettied” myself up for work before I left the gym. It wasn’t a big deal .. there were always other women there doing the same thing. (Although I always drew the line at shaving my legs in the sink … you know who you are and just STOP.)

      • melisaurus

        Some gyms have showers, shave your legs in the shower!

  • jilly_d

    But seriously. Those shoes; I want them. Tay, they don’t go with your outfit, let me hold them.

    • Daisy Walker

      I’ll fight you for them! She obviously has no idea how to use them correctly.

  • marlie

    Wrong shoes, but I’d kill for that dress. And I have JUST the right shoes to wear with it, too.

    • Violentcello

      You don’t have to! It’s at Modcloth for a totally real-world price. Although I have to admit, it looks prettier here than in the crappy picture on their website.

      I don’t work for Modcloth, I swear. It’s just that I briefly considered buying the dress, but then I’d have bought a dress because I saw it on Taylor Swift and I couldn’t live with myself.

      • marlie

        I ended up looking it up too. Definitely a reasonable price, but still one that I can’t justify at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • ashtangajunkie

    “Taylor Swift Leaves the Gym…Where She Got a Smoothie and then Left to Go Shopping.”

    • Anna

      Ha, jinx! My thoughts exactly ๐Ÿ™‚

      ETA: Just saw another set of photos from this gym scenario where she’s carrying an Oscar de la Renta shopping bag. Hilarious. And good call!

  • Anna

    Contrived. Everything about this girl is so contrived.

    • butterflysunita

      Yes, please make her go away.

  • frannyprof

    So Talbot’s.

  • Anna

    I’m guessing she just popped in for a kale smoothie or whatever the hell it is they drink at the juice bar in the gym.

  • Glam Dixie

    Now was the time to pull out some cute flats.

  • BlairBear

    Those shoes are not doing nice things to her feet haha I could so pull those off . Not

  • sugarkane105

    It would have been so refreshing to see her in a t-shirt, some Nike shorts, a pair of running shoes and a ponytail. I guess maintaining her granny-chic image is very important to her.

  • HyacinthWild

    So in case there was any doubt Swifty is indeed “that girl” in full makeup at the gym.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    GREAT shoes. HORRIBLE deployment. does she choose accessories by random dart-throwing?

  • brown-eyed girl

    I must have those shoes. Since they don’t go withe dress, she won’t miss them, right?

  • Belvane

    I think my mother wore those exact shoes to a parent-teacher conference in 1968.

    • Lori

      Does she still have them and if so would she consider selling them to me?

  • Kent Roby

    I guess it’s passรฉ now to have your own gym and personal trainer? I just can’t keep up.

  • boweryboy

    The woman in the third photo looks like she’s thinking, “Bitch please. You know good and well all you did was walk in the gym to the other side and walked out the other door.”

    Feh. She annoys me to no end.

    • butterflysunita

      I love the “Bitch please” woman in the third photo! Would rather have a post on her.

    • demidaemon

      I do love her music, but, as a starlet, find her painfully annoying to the point of near self-mutilation (i.e. smacking my head against the nearest wall).

  • Cheryl

    I think it’s cute, it’s very her, but yeah, it doesn’t look like a coming from the gym outfit, unlike Madonna who was burdened like a pack animal after her workout. I totally get the burdened like a pack animal look, as adorable as this is, she looks like she worked out by ordering a juice and watching a her latest friend in Soulcycle class.

  • Wink

    I’m getting an ‘elementary school librarian’ vibe from this look. All wrong for a 24-year-old (unless you really are an elementary school librarian).

  • Kent Roby

    Seeing this just makes me love Reese even more.

  • Lex

    Oh thank gawd you concluded by slamming her shoes. That’s all I could think when I looked at these pictures– what was she thinking?! The shoes ruin the whole look, which otherwise is pretty cute

  • YoungSally

    Is her gym secreted in a restaurant supply place on the Bowery?

    • alyce1213

      See my post — it’s across the street.

      • YoungSally

        EWWW — Modelfit? never heard of it. Never hope to again…but at least it isn’t the Y — why ruin everything for the rest of us.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I’m just freaked out by the man in the last picture. It looks like someone else’s arm is where his right arm should be, and his right arm is where is left arm should be.

  • shnaggi

    Taylor’s thinking ,’I’m wearing a Floral pattern so obviously green suede is the shade nature picks to compliment roses hey look my feet are pretty leaves everyone!’ Taylor is such an ingenue.

  • alyce1213

    If she is, in fact, leaving the gym and not the restaurant supply store on Bowery, I’m astounded that the gym she goes to is the CHINATOWN Y! (not a fancy, exclusive club). Seriously, the gym’s across the street from these pictures, above the Whole Foods store that I go to.
    I think she looks nice.

    • tallgirl1204

      ooooh… inside scoop. Thanks!

      • alyce1213

        I’ve been corrected by Kitten dmkava – she’s coming out of modelFIT, which I didn’t even know was there, not the Y. Makes more sense now.

  • Lilithcat

    Yeah, sure, right. 15 minutes working out, two hours getting ready to leave the gym (which apparently has a hairdresser and make-up artist on staff).

  • Lori

    I am so glad that TLo commented on her lack of skill at matching. I thought I was going color blind or something because I couldn’t see why she was wearing those shoes with that dress. I’m glad to know the problem lies with her and not with me. It’s too bad, because I really like those shoes, but they don’t look right at all with that dress.

  • O’Brien

    I feel like those shoes (while I want them for my own closet) are supposed to be the grass from which the flowers of her dress grow? Maybe that’s what she was going for?

  • crash1212

    Do you suppose her makeup people consciously match the curve of her cat eye to the curve of her lips? If so…kudos.

  • Jacob Bowen

    No, TLo, it’s not how I leave the gym…my shoes are cuter and the heels are higher.

  • israel8491

    I want that dress. It’s adorable and modest. And also probably obscenely expensive… Damn.

    • SugarSnap108

      It’s not. It’s Modcloth, whose dresses are priced for normal people. Unfortunately, they’re also cheaply made.

  • cocohall

    Maybe she was looking to BUY the gym? So she can work out with her besties in private? She certainly has the money. This looks like a business deal about to happen, not a spin class. As such, I like it a lot if she would switch up the color of the shoes to blend with her dress. The hair ornament is too fussy for my tastes, but right in her wheelhouse.

  • CPK1

    Love the dress. Hate the shoes. With passion.

    • lobsterlen

      I love the shoes and hate the dress. We should mug her divvy up the spoils.

    • ktr33

      agree. I never want to see loafer pumps again.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    Tay, honey, you need a different pair of shoes. Just hand those over here to me.

    Those shoes need to be on my feet.

  • MW

    Tell me, where is this gym where they serve afternoon tea?

  • Sonia Perez

    What bothers me is her “try hard.” I have not seen one shot of her NOT dressed-up & perfectly accessorized in NYC. At least do a casual Friday.

    • alyce1213

      In all fairness, I’ve seen plenty of shots of her online in very casual gym wear, just not here.

  • ktr33

    I never want to see loafer-pumps again, ever. I don’t think she just worked out. Maybe she was in there buying the gym.

  • MilaXX

    Occasionally there is a gal in the gym who glams up like this in the locker room, but in general I think this is just a case of a celeb not wanting a bad pap walk picture. Still she’s doing this variation of the retro look a little too hard. She looks like an extra in Call the Midwife. It’s a scene where the gals go to hear Jimmy’s band play.

  • Samantha Irene

    I end up in full FACE at the gym all the time (and it usually doesn’t get too out of whack) as I generally gym after or mid workday (I can only get away with Yoga/pilates if it I must return to my desk though). So this is possibly explainable : lipstick is longlasting – so she had it on, perhaps her face doesn’t sweat hugely so she just needed a quick touch up of powder or some such, then she could have a quick rinse – or just throw on her little dress and head straight home to shower in private (managing to look totally finished even if she’s a bit sweaty underneath)….

    • semirose

      Yeah my gym (which is in my building) has tai chi and yoga classes at 1pm so I go to them a lot with full face and it normally stays intact. Now going to the 4pm spin class on the other hand…

      • Samantha Irene

        Nothing survives spin class

  • TwiddlyStun

    There’s a thing I’ve seen on the local news called Vegas Stiletto Fitness – a workout done in high heels. Sounds like something underwritten by the Physical Therapy Association to boost visits. Maybe her gym offers it? Those shoes don’t really look trashy enough for that, though.

  • KT

    Haha this bitch WOULD leave the gym looking like that. Ugh. And yes, I do think that she wore all of those silly affectations and probably didn’t even break a sweat.

    I have to admit though, this is a really cute look. God, that hurt.

  • Jen

    maybe she went in to renew her membership and then left…

  • Mothra

    She looks adorable but those shoes do not go with that dress. What was she thinking!? Although I do love the shoes.

  • LadyVimes

    I love this outfit. Shoes included (skipping the hair clip and purse). Now to determine if my (definitely) non-Tay-ness could still wear itโ€ฆ
    Also does “gym” mean “spa” in Celebrity Language?

  • Paula Pertile

    She just walked into the gym, and back out another door to do lunch somewhere, then back through the gym again to psyche us all.
    And, its one of those Mary Poppins bags.

  • tinyredlocks

    Shoes. WANT.

  • malarson2

    I’m just sick of it.

  • quiltrx

    She looks like an extra from Pearl Harbor.

    • L’Anne

      I was thinking she’s serving up Carabeth Godsee realness.

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald


  • FibonacciSequins

    Taylor seems to be living out a rom-com fantasy – lovely young woman living on her own in New York with a swanky apartment and huge wardrobe. She has everything but the love interest, apparently. So good for her. And I want those shoes.

    I don’t think she’s leaving the gym – she’s on The Bowery, where the restaurant supply stores are located. There are some trendy bars and restaurants on that stretch, but no gym that I’m aware of.

    ETA – I think the Chinatown Y is on that block, but I don’t see Taylor Swift going to the Y. Anyway, it’s on the east side of the street and I think she’s west side. *shrug*

  • Jessica Freeman

    This is exactly how I leave the gym. If by gym you mean the mall.

  • Mary Lauer

    Ohmigod, those shoes … WANT! Runs off to try to find them!!

  • carnush

    Yeah, I just really hate the way she dresses. But then I thought: that dress would look amazing on Christina Hendrix.

  • JaymeKay

    How come nobody says nuthin’ ’bout her penchant for combover hair dos? Does she have some sort of 666 tattoo on her forehead?

  • Jennifer Schiller

    Is The Gym a new hot hipster restaurant in Brooklyn? That’s the only explanation I can think of for this photo.

  • Alexis Wenceslao

    She looks well-put together.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Yet another dress I wore to a dance in the 70s. How strange.

  • largishbearishAtlish

    LOVE love love the shoes! non not NOT with that dress…maybe her stylist took to long in the sauna so she had to figure it out for herself? ๐Ÿ™

  • MannahattaMamma

    Adore those shoes. If I’d seen them in the locker room, I’d have stolen them while she was in the shower.

  • SylviaFowler

    She went to the gym so that she could be photographed walking out of it. She didn’t actually DO anything in the gym.

  • Pound of Salt

    This is bitchy, but her style is just too 2008 hipster

  • Michelle Gennari

    Seriously??? She’s leaving the gym? Unbelievable.

  • I think she’s a smart cookie knowing the Paparazzi are taking her photograph every time she walks out the door. Have you EVER seen her look schleppy?

  • Raspberry2012

    “Isnโ€™t this how we all leave the gym, darlings?”

    Uncles, I don’t even look this good going to work every day! Jeeze!

  • Deena

    I don’t agree with all y’all hatin’ on the shoes. Green is the complimentary colour of orange and she choose a very nice shade of it to do so. Would have been better if it were her purse that was green instead of her shoes as the relationship could have been drawn much better this way but that shade was really much better than the mint-coloured nail polish (I will give you guys that one).

    Oh and what the heck is a fashion calculator? Where can I buy one because once I’ve got it I’d probably jail break it so that this outfit would make sense on it. Not being funny, but I thought fashion about improvisation within a structure -a kind of experimentation making use of potentialities…

  • Melia Praditya

    Aww I wish my mother could’ve look at this picture back when I was in elementary school. This would’ve been great for PTA meetings.