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Posted on November 21, 2013

AHS+S3E7+2Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga in FX’s American Horror Story: Coven


It’s funny what you wind up obsessing over. Of all the things going on in last night’s episode – and there was a whole hell of a lot going on –  we couldn’t help but focus on one question: Just how did Zoe re-attach that tongue? Sure, we saw her read a spell and do some … things, but how did she ever learn to do that since there hasn’t been one scene depicting any of these young witches actually being taught anything? That may be one of the biggest problems with this season; its reluctance to truly explore the world of witchcraft. These witches, unfortunately, are pretty much from the Samantha Stephens school of Hollywood Witchcraft where you wave your hand, say something that rhymes or something in Latin, and whatever the plot needs to happen, happens. Witches with no training suddenly become nearly all-powerful because that’s where the story needs to go, and witches with extremely useful powers are shuffled off-stage because they’d end the story in a second if they actually used them (Nan, the mind-reading, and now apparently invisible member of the coven, who couldn’t tell that Fiona murdered Madison or that Cordelia’s husband was a witch-hunter).

And while this might seem, at first glance, to be merely a criticism of stylistic choices, we think Zoe re-attaching that tongue is an action that sums up how poorly written this season is. Think about it: what would season one have been like if the ghosts had all been largely undefined and we didn’t know much about how they work or what their motivations were? What would season 2 have been like if the denizens of Briarcliffe were as vaguely written as the members of the coven this season ? Although granted, the aliens take the prize for least developed concept in the history of the show. But “Coven” is in the title this year, so we would assume the show would take some time to develop the idea of witchcraft in this world. Most magic-based stories have to do that on some level. Everything from Harry Potter to Bewitched had ground rules for their magic. There’s a little more effort put in to showing how Voodoo works, but even then, it’s not particularly consistent or enlightening. It just makes for a great visual to spill goat blood on Sarah Paulson’s crotch or have Angela Bassett levitate.

Having said that, Denis O’Hare was deliciously creepy in the scene where he spoke for the first time in 40 years. Once again, the show works only because it has an amazingly talented cast who can make you forget how badly written it is. Similarly, it was fun (for a bit) to watch the great Danny Huston and Jessica Lange practically lick their lines of dialogue off each other’s body, but their scenes seemed to drag on a bit too long and felt like an attempt to shoehorn some sort of connection between Fiona, the outgoing Supreme and Zoe, the Supreme Apparent.  “Sex with monsters” is a defining characteristic of witchcraft, according to many of the world’s cultures and myths, so we got Fiona sleeping with a ghost and Zoe having a threeway with a Frankenstein’s monster and a zombie. We actually like that the story went freaky all of a sudden, but that was mostly because this was a pretty dull episode, otherwise. And we’re saying that about the one episode with the most plot advancement this season.

But we get it. Or at least we think we do. These are the kinds of “setting up the pieces on the board” scenes that really should have played out in the first several episodes of the show, but since so much time was spent on great visuals and giving great actors room to really knock one out to the cheap seats (which is nothing to complain about, we might add), the pacing and storytelling is suffering, and we’re stuck with a lot of quick movement by a lot of characters, with little time to explore the whys. Cordelia is murderous,  Zoe actually murders someone, Queenie betrays the coven and Delphine. Why? Because that’s what needs to happen for the next thing they’re planning to have happen.

Having said that, we are actually happy with the direction the story’s going in. We have a sneaking suspicion that, much like her previous two AHS characters, we’ll be seeing at least a little bit of redemption for Fiona down the line. When the Axe Man admitted he knocked over that cabinet, we wonder what else he may have done to protect her and whether or not it was really Fiona who slit Madison’s throat. And we’ve been waiting all along for Queenie and Laveau to have their first scene together and it did not disappoint. What’s so wonderful about Angela Bassett’s performance is not only that it taps into a fearsome rage and displays it gloriously, but it also gives her quiet, intense moments where she’s capable of hypnotizing anyone who’s listening to her. You seriously can’t take your eyes off her. In an ensemble as ridiculously talented as this one, she’s doing the best work. Although much credit has to be given to Kathy Bates, even if her character’s arc is fairly deeply disturbing. The immortal racist torturer is getting a redemption arc and the angry black lady is largely being positioned as a villain. Or as one of them, anyway. It’s tough to tell what the writing wants us to believe but that’s probably by design. Whatever we think we know about the characters and the direction the story’s heading is likely to be completely upended before this is all over. Could you have predicted Sister Jude’s sad and peaceful death scene given how she was acting in the first half of last season? It’s that unpredictability that helps us get past things like poor pacing or shallow writing. We’re in it for the long haul because we know it’s going to surprise us. And besides, there hasn’t been a season of this show yet where the writing didn’t disappoint, especially around the middle of the season.

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  • Eric Stott

    Seeing Spaulding get murdered by Zoe (satisfying!) reminded me that we’ll most probably start seeing the body count rise – but this season there’s an even greater chance they won’t remain dead long.

    • BayTampaBay

      I still have the strange feeling that Zoe is NOT the supreme because it just seems too obvious.

      • Eric Stott

        I still think it could be Nan.

        • tereliz

          I hope so, but Misty seems like the next likely candidate.

          • Inspector_Gidget

            Living for a scene where Misty lays waste to the entire house, to the tune of “Tusk.”

    • boweryboy

      I know, right? My partner was all “Why bother killing him? Some one is going to bring him back alive before you know it.”

      • tereliz

        Yeah, the deaths (has any important character stayed dead yet? Other than Bastien, who I’m just assuming is dead because he’s just a blinking bull head?) have struck me as being wholly unsatisfying for that reason.

  • TrixieConQueso

    I agree (AGAIN!) with this review of Coven. BUTT. Let me be the first to take it to a more shallow level, and say, “More hot Kyle ass please.”

    • Nikko Viquiera

      dat ass.

    • Euripides Trousers, You Pay Fo

      No, no. Cordelia’s husband, please.

  • tereliz

    Was that an YSL dress young Fiona put on in the mirror scene in the 70s Axeman flashback? This just reaffirms the “diva paper doll” mood the show has been resting on since episode one for me. The characters do what needs to be done for the sake of the plot, and nothing feels organic. The cast is great, don’t get me wrong, but the plot feels so forced.

    Cordelia finds out about Madison, AND Fiona and then disappears for most of the rest of the episode so that Zoe can do some more unsupervised witchcraft/murder/necrophelia? Queenie suddenly decides to go to the woman whose minotaur boyfriend gored her after she tried to seduce him? MYRTLE kept the tongue? Fiona meets the ghost of her dreams who turns up just in time to help pit her against the rest of the Salem witches when she knows Laveau is trying to destroy them…

    Zoe had some killer boots in this episode, though, the ones with the buckles? (eta, she’s wearing them with her pleather overalls in the above pic) Awesome.

  • notterriblybitter

    I always figured Fiona didn’t kill Madison; Fiona looked more shocked then Madison when it happened. I assumed it was supposed to be ironic that she would ultimately take the blame for something she didn’t do and get away with everything that she did do. (Why didn’t Zoe ask Spaulding if Fiona killed Anna-Leigh before she killed him? Inquiring minds want to know.) Anyway, we know that some witches have the power of mind control so I assumed that someone (Nan?) made her do it but it makes more sense that the Axeman did it.

  • I’m pretty much fine with everything (in a “whatever, this show doesnt make sense anyway” kind of way), EXCEPT LaLaurie’s redemption. I mean, seriously.

    • Sobaika

      SERIOUSLY. And the buddy story building between Queenie and LaLaurie is flat out unbelievable.

    • Inspector_Gidget

      No kidding. Indulge in racist murder and body mutilation, bathe in the blood of virgins, and it’s all good if you feel a little remorse.a century later.

      • tereliz

        Her whole “it was a different world…” speech rang a little false. There were plenty of people who owned other human beings when Lalaurie lived who didn’t torture them, so don’t blame it on the time, lady.

        LOL, now I’m laughing picturing Lalaurie chained up in her cage being forced to watch “A Different World.” Wouldn’t she just love Whitley? 😉

        • Sobaika

          I hate the ‘they were of their time’ argument. Abolitionists were of the same time and found a way to be human beings. And Lalaurie’s crimes were detested by her contemporaries, she was run out of town.

          • muzan-e

            Late to the party here, but: the moment she spouted that line was the make-or-break moment for me. I couldn’t have continued watching the show if a character was able to accept that line from her. That said, I am absolutely certain that they gave it to her just to remind us of how hollow, if not outright despicable, it’s been every time a real-life person simpered it.

        • IRL, when LaLaurie’s contemporaries – white, racist, slave-owning contemporaries – found out what she’s been doing, they were so upset she had to flee the country. “Of their time” my ass.

          • tereliz

            And that wasn’t the first time her neighbors expressed their distaste with the way she treated her slaves. The previous year, after the girl “fell” from the balcony into the courtyard (she was said to have been young, a pre-teen, even), the rest of the Lalaurie slaves were taken away from them following an investigation. Of course, the Lalaurie’s friends and family bought most of them back, only for Marie-Delphine to torture them and get caught again, as the story goes.

            But the neighbors were either decent people or else they feared the memory of the Haitian Revolution, which was only 30 years ago, and slaves and free POC outnumbered whites two to one. Then there were the “Americans” moving in upriver, and the French Creoles had to show a consolidated front.

        • All_Hail_Great_Satin

          Her “different time/different world” speech struck me as extremely weird. Does Lalaurie actually believe that EVERYONE in the antebellum south engaged in brutal torture, murder and baby-killing? Are we expected to believe that it was the norm for slaveowners to use their slaves’ blood as face cream? Obviously historically inaccurate and fairly offensive, but also just goofy as hell.

          • muzan-e

            Didn’t that come up at some point during the very first episodes? I seem to remember a crowd with torches come to her door, with the implication that at least some of them were her white neighbours, outraged at what they’d discovered about her.

          • H3ff

            I think that was Marie Laureau and the black community.

    • Claudia

      I was just saying to Hubs…I’m not sure how much time has passed, but she just all of a sudden regrets being the horrible person she always was? Why? If she was “of her time” surely that would have a little more staying power. He suggested she was afraid of Fiona, but even then she’d just be biting her tongue, right?

    • Ms_flyover

      So much of the credit for this needs to be given to Kathy Bates. She has a unique talent to switch from totally in control to totally vulnerable in a heartbeat (in any role – this is just another example.) In someone else’s hands, there would be no sympathy for LaLaurie possible, but Kathy Bates makes you second guess yourself on how you feel about her.

      In short, this echoes everything else that has been said about the show – the writing may be uneven, but damn… the acting.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Not only is Zoe suddenly an expert in attaching tongues, but she’s also a hardass who knows what she’s doing in general. Makes me laugh that a couple of episodes ago she was quiet, introverted, didn’t know what she was doing and wasn’t particularly interested in learning magic either. Unless they reveal that Marie Laveau gave her a brain transplant, that’s quite a character 180!

    Still fun to watch for the batshit crazy scenes. Too bad those scenes don’t string together well.

  • Julie Parr

    I so do not want Marie Leveau to be the villian. I want all the witches to join forces across the racial divide. Why make the black people the evil ones? That’s just all wrong on so many levels.

    • Eric Stott

      I think that Queenie is the bridge for that – Marie has had a fixed idea for so long that all she’s running on is hate.

      • muzan-e

        And Zoe might be sympathetic, but she’s also leaning pretty damn sociopathic at this point.

    • SpillinTea

      Why would we expect a show written by Ryan Murphy to be any different? Other than Nene Leakes, has he EVER done right by a Black character?

  • marlie

    Re: “sex with monsters,” don’t forget Minotaur sex. Or just weird sex between Cordelia and her hubby when they were trying to get pregnant.

    As for Zoe, the only part that didn’t really seem to make sense to me is that all of a sudden she’s so confident. That bugged me a little more than her suddenly knowing how to use her power.

    And the description about Angela Bassett’s character & her rage… SPOT ON.

  • SeppiChicago

    I really do love that Angela Bassett sees Jessica Lange all weepy and drunk and thinks, “Well this scenery ain’t gonna chew itself, Sobby!” She is the best thing about this season, hands down. I think Gabourey is very underrated this season too – last week she was the only one to tell Zoe to fucking THINK before she does something, in that case – summoning an ax murder and last night she held her own with Laveau and her hate gumbo.

    I assumed that Zoe read the spell for a book, because remember how she suddenly found the Ouija board spell last week? I really like how Axeman’s tipping of the bookcase makes everything done in a show of magical dominance suspect. Who can say who has done what?

    I agree that the seduction scene got a little too Cinemax After Hours there. Danny Houston is smoking, though. SMOKING. I’m happy Zoe can get her freak on and not kill anyone. It’s a win/win.

    • boweryboy

      It makes me wonder if Fiona really is the Supreme or if it was just the Axeman doing things for her.

      • BayTampaBay

        Good plot point. I never thought of that one.

      • All_Hail_Great_Satin

        I dunno, she didn’t live in that house for her entire life. And Axeman couldn’t leave the house for almost a century.

        • boweryboy

          I could be remembering incorrectly, but wasn’t Fiona estranged from her daughter and the coven for a long time? So would she really have a need for magic outside of the coven? Just throwing it out there as pretty much anything goes with this show.

          • All_Hail_Great_Satin

            I always thought that she spent the majority of her life using her powers irresponsibly to get whatever she wanted. But now that I think about it, they never explicitly say that. It just seems consistent with her character.

          • fogharty

            She did kill the doctor and that energized her for a bit. Kinda like Marie and her bloody beauty treatment. So Fiona did have some powers outside the house.

            Anyone else notice the dramatic chord that was played every time Fiona pulled out another tuft of hair?

    • Sobaika

      Danny Houston is magnetic to watch but I can do without more soliloquies about how he started loving a girl as his daughter and then as a woman…

      • In a show that is designed to mess with your mind, and cross every line ever drawn, that has been the creepiest thing, just after Kyle’s mom.

    • Euripides Trousers, You Pay Fo

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that got weird whiffs of Zalman King-iness from the scenes between Fiona and the Axe-man. Hyperactive sax score, much?

  • boweryboy

    The only two problems I have with this season so far is there are no set ground rules for the witchcraft. I agree that the show is lacking in developing the idea of witchcraft in this world, and that the magic is done only to furhter the plot.

    And I hate how wildly inconsistent Zoe is. First she’s going to kill Kyle, but when Kyle tries to kill himself she stops him. I was all, “Girl, he’s going to do the job for you. Let him!”

    Other than that, it’s still one of the most entertaining hours of television currently on the air.

    • marlie

      YES. That part with Kyle made no sense to me either.

      • tereliz

        Ugh, right? Girl, when he takes the gun from you and sticks it in his mouth, let him pull the trigger.

        And as lame as the Garden District Security District (yes, there are two uses of the word district. I’m not making this up) is, they’d have had a car there in a matter of minutes once the bible-thumping next-door neighbor heard that gunshot that went through the conservatory roof.

        • boweryboy

          Yeah, but Zoe could offer them something to drink, spit in it, and make them all forget.

      • BayTampaBay

        Kyle is a “Chekov’s Gun” as far as the story goes. Will be intersesting tio see what part of the plot pivots around him.

        • Tom Robinson

          Snaps to Chekov’s Gun reference. Here’s to hoping the writers deploy this correctly.

    • Euripides Trousers, You Pay Fo

      I never expected it to be a procedural, so I’ve been alright with that aspect of the plot. That would have made the season much too heavy with exposition.

  • MilaXX

    I’m just waiting for episode 10 when Stevie Nicks appears.

    • tereliz

      Oh. My. God. Y’all.

      My coworker just told me that Kathy Bates is HERE IN THE BUILDING!!


      • MilaXX

        I hope you get at least a sighting, if not a photo!

        • tereliz

          No such luck!! This place is like a maze so I had no idea where to even start to look. About to go drill my other coworker who took her around. 😉

      • boweryboy

        What do you do for a living to be so lucky, if you mind my asking?

        • tereliz

          Photographer at a museum/research center. It would be the best job but sometimes the quarter is just too much trouble.

          • GinAndPopcorn

            When is “Take a Bitter Kitten to Work Day” and how might I apply? Your job sounds amazing, and I do love your contributions here. My great-grandmother was born in New Orleans, and there are a few stories that have been passed along, nothing involving witchcraft, just talk of opium, pirates, and a “boarding house” that was run by her mother. So yes, I am loving the setting and history information!

          • boweryboy


    • BayTampaBay

      There is set phoot at “thewrap”.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    I think you pointed out exactly what’s frustrated me the most about this season: the lack of explaining what a witch is, how they learn to use powers, etc. It seems like overnight Zoe has gained the power to find any spell she needs. Is that an actual power, or just lazy writing? The show would be far more interesting if it would actually explore the characters as witches. I think deep down I really wanted the show to be a bit more like The Craft.

    The sooner they resolve the story with the ax murderer ghost the better. I nearly fell asleep each time. Is Fiona really that desperate that she can’t find someone who 1)isn’t a ghost (or some sort of ghost creature); 2)isn’t an ax murderer?

    • H3ff

      I assume it’s only when Zoe uses her vajayjay that her power comes to play.

  • Daktari100

    Queenie’s betrayal of Delphine would have had more of an effect, at least on me, if we could gave a rat’s ass about what happens to Delphine. The character is guilty of so much that was so vile, I just find it impossible to get past, and she is beyond redemption, not matter how sorry she says she is. I simply don’t trust her and don’t need to hear about it.

  • Tricia

    I love your reviews of this show, because it takes my scattered thoughts & conflicting feelings on this season and presents them cohesively. Coven is definitely the weakest of the three AHS seasons, writing-wise. A lot of things just don’t make sense- i.e., wasn’t Zoe the one to stop Queenie & Nan from killing Spaulding initially? And she can’t work up the courage to put zombie Kyle out of his misery, but she can then stab Spaulding to death after he reveals that he DIDN’T kill Madison? (I really hope they somehow bring Denis O’Hare back for more, but that’s kinda besides the point.)

    *sigh* Like you said, I’m in it for the long haul, but I’m skeptical.

    Also, Angela Bassett is one of the fiercest bitches out there. You can tell she’s having so much fun with this role.

  • Raven

    it makes sense to me that queenie would feel a little bad? like a tiny bit. she’s been thrown a lot of mixed signals and she’s young. queenie may have truly felt that because delphine was her “slave” and that she had been being so nice, she was better. i believe queenie is realizing otherwise!

    she shouldn’t forgive her because delphine hasn’t suffered enough, she’s going to experience what it’s really like now. and i’m glad queenie did not seem to hesitate once she was inside the salon.

    that right there was a good move on the show’s part. but now you become afraid with what’s been shown of the next episode…

    a loooot of people were calling queenie a bitch and that she was a terrible person. i…want to say i’m surprised but sadly, i’m not :(.

    as for the tongue bit, i thought cordelia sent zoe off to start tearing shit up? that’s the feeling i got from this conversation. you know it would be better if zoe said something about it in the flashback of uncovering the tongue but i feel like her snooping around in the closet? right after cordelia said they where going to kill fiona? cordelia must have been telling her things!

    missing nan….tho. hope she’s just going on a ton of dates with that handsome boy.

    did like the open conversation that madison had with zoe over kyle. i was worried about love triangles but that was….refreshing! throw in the line where madison makes note that zoe brought her back paired with bringing back things you “care about”….let me read into it too much. hahha! i was a fan of the idea that misty had a tiny thing for zoe but that’s been squished. give me this undead polyamory relationship please where there’s no “you stole my man!” quibbles.

    • Eric Stott

      I think Queenie is going to wise up that Marie will use her as a tool, and if Queenie starts to assert herself she’ll go straight to being a rival.

      • Raven

        yea. marie does have a clear end game. a pretty strong one. we know she’s willing to take out members of her own if they get in the way!

        poor queenie. she’s in the middle of a moral storm. i believe she can save delphine, but that doesn’t mean she’ll have to forgive her. and for delphine, it’ll be a real step towards a believable redemption…in a way.

        i hope she asserts herself. so far everybody has been stringing her along!

        • ShaoLinKitten

          But why save Delphine? Delphine never showed one scrap of mercy to any of her slaves or her daughters. She’s a sociopathic monster. I felt no sympathy for her and I hope Queenie doesn’t cave in and forgive her. That redemption arc is BS.

          • Raven

            i’d rather she not do it either, buuuuuut they’re hinting at it with her caving and feeding her in the preview. i don’t want it to happen, i’d rather delphine…die? or it appears she was using queenie, etc. her redemption arc IS stupid. but apparently working well enough that aside from here, all i’ve seen is people complaining that queenie was a jerk to bring delphine in.

            at least if she saves her, i hope she does not forgive her and immediately dumps her ass somewhere. at least if delphine gets put through what she put others through it’ll be better than her making weepy noises and being sad about retellings. 🙁 but i’m not even positive THAT will happen.

            it’s just pointing to queenie saving her and going back. queenie has no friends, has no close friends, the only person she’s been really talking to has been delphine. paired with the fact marie may be using her.

            i liked that queenie brought delphine in and seemed really assertive and confident in her desicion to do so. i was actually impressed! but i’m kind of a negative nancy on the subject. in a perfect world she’d leave delphine and also she’d stop…being written in to these situations where everybody is manipulating her for once.

  • Tracy Hutchinson

    I love you boys, but you are not seeing this series right. This was THE BEST “mirror mirror on the wall” episode yet. The episode even ended with a reflection of all the mirror scenes before and in a word by Angela Bassett’s character: “beautiful”.

    • Sobaika

      I got the reference and it was a nice way of bookkending the episode but that still didn’t make it any less uneven.

    • tereliz

      Honestly, I’d be happier if the symbolism was a little less the focus and instead they made an attempt at cohesive storytelling. Symbolism is easy. Good storytelling, finishing an entire arc in a season’s worth of episodes, is more of a challenge. I don’t think anyone is out of line for wanting more depth and nuance, more cohesive character development, out of this show. (Not that I’m saying that you’re saying that they are. 😀 )

      • Tracy Hutchinson

        I certainly agree that more depth and nuance would be more than welcome, yet I felt that the mirror/reflection elements, from beginning to end, added some interesting layers to the characters. I was particularly keen on the clouded image of Madison to Zoe’s clarity in the bathroom scene. I enjoyed Fiona working through multiple images of herself as witch, wife/mother, whore and I was curious if that little skeleton at the bottom of the mirror – the first time we see Kyle – was a foreshadowing (or perhaps just a little amusement) rather than a reflection of his undead situation. The skeleton’s corset made it look muscular and it did have cornrows, after all. 😉

  • jjtxgrrl

    I’m so tired of Frankenstein Kyle!!!! Ugh. What’s the point? Where is it going???

    And the 3way is just way way way unbelievable. That whole stretch in the middle of this episode with Kyle was just pointless and annoying. Flash cards? Is she going to teach him or shoot him? Then suddenly he’s got the gun? Oh YAWN. And zombie or not, Blondie wouldn’t have a 3way…. now that I think of it, neither would Zoe.

    I consider Queenie’s acting boring at best. Never any variation.

    On upside axeman and Fiona scenes were lovely and tense.

    I can accept nonsense from AHS….but bad pointless boring nonsense. No thanks.

    • Danielle

      Ugh, the flashcards. I’m pretty sure that when Kyle threw them down and said, “stupid,” he was talking about the cards, not himself.

  • boweryboy

    I just read that Ryan Murphy confirmed Stevie Nicks will appear in the Janaury 8 episode (???!!!).

  • Syzygy

    Zoe has the ability to magically find the right book and turn to the right page without reading them as demonstrated in the episode where she freed the Axeman. Duh!

  • PeaceBang

    I’m tuning into “AHS” with zero expectations now. It’s just irritating and frustrating fun. All I want in life is to see a drag queen do a couple of Angela Bassett’s scenes: preferably starting with the one where she tells off Delia’s hubby. Because that was some timeless, priceless camp right there.

  • Blueathena623

    I don’t think the writers are setting up Delphine for a redemption arc. Actually, I think the writers are doing exactly the opposite — every time we might start caring for her a little, we get another example of her atrocities. Cute scene with fast food? She murdered babies. And after telling the story, she didn’t apologize for it, just made more excuses. She likes putting on shows and acting, as we have seen in flashbacks. She has tried to cozy up with Fiona (at the zombie burning, and it was so awkward and obvious I cringed for her), and now she’s sucking up to Queenie, with all her talk about true friends. She’s using them. She couldn’t give two figs for any of them until the Minotaur showed up and she realized Marie was still after her, and then all of a sudden she’s friends with everyone.

    Watching this episode I kept thinking about what y’all said about how the writers talk about it being a season about “strong” women, and yet so much of it centers around boys. Are we looking at a Zoe vs. Madison show down where they use their awesome witch powers to . . . fight over a boy?

    • NinjaCate

      I think you’re spot on about the “strong woman” trope and it’s why I’m beginning to hate the term. These women aren’t strong to me. They’re powerful. There’s a difference.

    • Danielle

      I don’t think they’re doing a redemption for Delphine either. I think the reason they keep showing those horrific flashbacks (what she did to the baby and her own daughters) because they don’t want us to forget just how much of a monster she is, who deserves the worst that anyone can give her.

      Also, I thought it was kind of funny that she has to spend however much time getting tortured and imprisoned wearing that ridiculous tiger t-shirt.

      • Blueathena623

        Exactly. It is no coincidence that after the episode where she talks about her daughters with Fiona and mentions how she loved them, even the ugly one, the next episode we get to see exactly how she treated her daughters.

        That tiger shirt is interesting because 3 characters have worn tiger shirts — Madison, Queenie, and now Delphine. And they are very similar looking tigers.

    • RectPropagation

      Good lord, I hope the show has proven you right and I’ll see it by the time I catch up to the current episode. I agree that if the show wanted us to feel sorry for Delphine then they’d stop showing her atrocities but then they didn’t give Queenie a reason to betray the coven. It made me think that they didn’t give her a good motive to do it because they wanted her to be ‘wrong’ for turning Delphine over.

  • Lea Setegn

    Anyone read this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story about the show? It gives all kinds of praise to the storytelling and the strength of the plots. *rolls eyes*