Revenge S1E12: Infamy

Posted on January 12, 2012

We’ll present your regularly scheduled Revenge review in a moment. First, some gloating.

WE CALLED IT, BITCHES. We can’t say WHAT we called because the first couple lines of a post show up on the front page and then we get all that dreary shrieking about spoilers. Suffice it to say, that very last revelation last night had us cheering just because we got it right. Of course half the people on the internet had the same theory, but still.

It was kind of refreshing, now that manic, frothing crazygay Tyler is off the board, to have Emily get her red Sharpie out and draw an X on yet another heretofore unrevealed accomplice to the framing of her father. This time it’s former investigative reporter Leo Treadwell, whose ethics were bought lock, stock, and barrel by the Graysons 15 years ago, the result of which has made him rich, caused him to change his name to Mason Treadwell, and, somewhat inexplicably, turned him into Elton John. Leo promised little Amanda Clarke all those years ago that he would exonerate her father and then turned around and wrote a damning book of lies about him, dictated to him by the Graysons, of course.  This causes Emily to narrow her eyes a lot, which is when you know shit is about to go down.

Also, Elton has one hard copy of his manuscript for his memoirs, which he typed on an old typewriter. Fauxmanda has  Chekhov’s lighter. Final act? Well, who didn’t see that one coming? “Bad girl,” indeed.

Fauxmanda continues her dirty little attention-seeking ways and comes up with a great way for Jack to make more money: sleaziness on tap! Jack is as dull-witted as anyone responsible for foisting Declan on the world would be, so he basically lets Fauxmanda jerk him around and make him do what she wants. Honestly, despite her coolness to the whole thing, we can’t imagine Emily enjoys seeing Jack with such a tacky little troublemaker.

But Fauxmanda has her uses and they’re still a bit obscure to us. Emily’s making sure everyone important knows that “Amanda Clarke” is in town and that includes making sure Elton Treadwell knows. There’s something a little disturbing and a little sad about Emily literally using Fauxmanda as a doll to voice her rage and her thoughts. “Get in his face, Amanda,” she whispers into her earpiece, and Fauxmanda snaps to, never hesitating to do exactly what Emily tells her; BE exactly who Emily tells her to be. She’s not a person of her own anymore; she’s a tool in Hamptons Batman’s war on those who done her wrong. Face it: Emily’s stone cold and more than a little emotionally damaged. She was practically forced into letting Nolan inside her circle but even then, she tends to still bark orders at him and keep him in the dark. We like that the show isn’t shying away from the disturbing parts of Emily’s personality. After all, Batman’s no fun as a character if he isn’t just a little fucked up.

But where is all this Fauxmanda business going? Is Emily so cold that she’ll serve her up as a sacrificial lamb to the Graysons? The one thing that came out of that staged interview with Elton Treadwell is that he’s now utterly convinced that she is Amanda Clarke, and that wasn’t something he or Victoria were entirely convinced of when they first met her. And by planting Chekhov’s Zippo at the scene of the arson, she’s effectively framing Fauxmanda for it. We think Fauxmanda’s a tacky little ho (and, oh yeah, a murderer) but we don’t think she quite deserves that, does she?

In other Hamptons news, all the patrons at Jack’s bar wear plaid shirts. Ever notice that? So “working class.” Also, the mere act of attempting to read causes Declan to pass out, which doesn’t surprise us at all, especially since he’s really mad at Charlotte for going to school and having homework. Victoria and Conrad are using Daniel as both pawn and weapon in their divorce war, and all this jockeying has had the unintended effect of convincing him to ask Emily to marry him. This is being left just a little vague: is Daniel really thinking of marrying her because he’s convinced she’s the one or is he doing it because he wants access to his trust fund and to secure control of his father’s company? Time will tell, but we can’t help thinking that all of this has been orchestrated by Hamptons Batman specifically to get Daniel to propose to a girl he’s only known a couple months. He hasn’t even popped the question but just look at all the crap that has befallen the Grayson family to get them to exactly this point.

And now that we’re at the bottom of the post we can say it out loud: Charlotte is Emily’s half sister. She hasn’t really figured in the main story at all up to this point, but now we’re curious to see what’s going to happen with her. Is Bandage-dress Batman so cold that she’ll continue her plans of revenge, even when it may destroy her own sister’s life?

Oh, yes. Yes she is. Stone cold.


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  • Susie Pamudji

    I had to laugh and totally thought about you guys when Victoria said, “No more bandage dresses.”

    • Yes! I was like “Somebody’s been reading the message boards.”

    • Anonymous

      Me, too!

    • Anonymous

      I did the same thing!

    • Anonymous

      I was just going to write the same thing. AMAZING. 

  • lilibetp

    I knew I shouldn’t have gone to bed early!  At least I taped it.

  • “the mere act of attempting to read causes Declan to pass out, which doesn’t surprise us at all”
    Quality shade. Love it. Mostly because I wish Declan was the one on the beach. 

    And I’m glad Nolan and Emily are reunited like Peaches and Herb. Their scenes are fun to watch. I sense he’s a little bored by being THAT rich, and he was glad to have a purpose again. Plus he wears clothes like nobody’s business. 

    Ashley was wearing a great reddish-orange dress in the epi (very Pantone Approved), but she’s losing at a game she doesn’t even realize she’s playing. That whole scene where she spilled the tea to Emanda about Daniel’s trust fund was lame, like homegirl couldn’t see that coming from a mile away. 

    • Libby Rhoman

      I do so love Nolan’s ensembles.  It reminds me of Ed Westwick’s crazed Easter bunny outfits in the first season or so of Gossip Girl.  But Nolan is so much more enjoyable as the anti-sociable billionaire, thanks to being so goofy as opposed to slimy. 

      Yeah, Ashley is getting dumb and boring.  They need to write her an awesome storyline or she needs to get auf’d.

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  • Anonymous

    As soon as they revealed that at the end last night I said to myself, “TLo nailed it.” I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. And hoping that Jack and Declan will disappear

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I like Jack! He’s, um, hot. I just wish they gave him something to do. They’re trying to make him simple and sweet in contrast to all the crazy but in the end it just makes him look dumb.

      We can get rid of Declan though. I hate when he tries to force the Long Island accent. Ends up sounding like a bad impression of a New Jersey housewife.

      • Jack is so short and square… Both Fauxamanda and Emily literally tower over him.  WEARING FLATS. 
        Declan at least has the teenage boy excuse and appeal.

      • Anonymous

        I think Jack will have something to do in the upcoming eps — I hope so anyway.   If Em is trying to frame Fauxmanda, it’s reasonable that Jack will be her alibi.  Knowing Fauxmanda is innocent will probably bring him on strong to her defense, thus pitting him (little will he know) against Emily.  It’s not *that* exciting a storyline, but it’s more than they’ve given him to do thus far!  

  • Anonymous

    I’m ok with Emily framing Fauxmanda for the arson for two reasons: (1) it’s better to go down for arson than murder and (2) I don’t think Faux will be arrested for it. Emily knows that her and Faux’s fingerprints are on file somewhere, thanks to their stints in juvy. If Faux gets arrested and is found to be Emily Thorne, Fauxmily’s cover is blown.

    No, my friends, the Hamptons Batman has something else in mind for Fauxmanda. The Zippo was placed there to send a message to Elton Treadwell and Victoria that Fauxmanda is not to be trifled with.

    • Anonymous

      Fauxmanda is in Atlantic City when the crime is committed.  I was wondering what that subplot was for.  If the police connect her to the lighter, she’s going to have an alibi and be hella mad at Emily.

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised that Fauxmanda didn’t know that David Clarke was innocent.  What did she think Emily was doing in Hamptonville? 

  • No question that Treadwell deserved having his ill-gotten riches go up in smoke, but still, I was going: “Emily!  Save the first editions!!”

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody else think Mason Treadwell was channeling Truman Capote?

    • Word.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. And/or Dominick Dunne.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking Tom Wolfe.

    • Anonymous

      In style, manner and genre.  Wit, not so much.

  • But Fauxmanda has an alibi, right? She went on that tacky trip to Atlantic City with Jack.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was just going to say.  If framing her was Emily’s intent, it will backfire.

      Also, Fauxmanda is clearly falling for Jack…hopefully she doesn’t have an oxytocin induced urge to be honest with him!

  • I like how Emily is stone cold.  She’s suffered a great deal of emotional trauma (and perhaps physical) from age 9 to age 18.  And her juvy experience only encouraged her to be more stone cold. 

    I do think her using Fauxamanda is bit much though. Fauxamanda is all but in love with her (perhaps is in love with her).  Killed for her, did everything for her.  But we see Emily isn’t exactly a rewarding or thankful type.  Both Nolan and Fauxamanda did a lot things for her but she treats them like crap.  She’s really emotionally damaged.

    Some people criticize Emily Van Camp for acting stiff and not a lot emotions.  But I think that is perfect for this role–Stone Cold. 

  • I just want to take the time to thank TLo for the recaps (and commentary, of course).  Like Ringer, I’m still really intrigued in terms of story, but again like Ringer, I just couldn’t watch the show anymore.

  • Anonymous

    “This causes Emily to narrow her eyes a lot, which is when you know shit is about to go down”

  • “Spineless seersucking dilettante. I haven’t been this disappointed since ‘The Phantom Menace.'” I love you, Nolan.

    • Anonymous

      Love that Nolan referenced Cyrano de Bergerac and Star Wars in the same episode!  Love Nolan.  Would doodle his name on my Trapper Keeper.

  • Anonymous

    Chekhov’s lighter.  You gentlemen are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    “Also, the mere act of attempting to read causes Declan to pass out, which doesn’t surprise us at all, especially since he’s really mad at Charlotte for going to school and having homework.”
    I think I sprained my eyes rolling them during those ridiculous scenes. My impatience with Declan’s scenes cutting into the real drama was off the charts.

    I enjoyed the episode, although I felt like the Mason Treadwell portion it was a bit too pat and predictable. All his talk about his beloved manual typewriter and having only one copy of his memoir manuscript all but telegraphed that said manuscript would be toast (ashes actually) by the end of the hour.

    And one minor nitpick — how did young Amanda manage to have a lighter in juvie or wherever she was?!

    • The lighter in juvie – hah, I noticed that too.  It would’ve been more realistic to have her shred it to bits.  But that might’ve taken more screen time, plus there’s a certain foreshadowing of the burning of Mason’s home … or was this scene after the house fire?  Can’t recall now.  Well, we’ll just call fire the leitmotif of the episode.

      • frances rossi

        It was a box of matches but bygones because that wouldn’ve been allowed either. And yes, that scene was before the house fire to foretell that. Pretty funny.

    • Anonymous

      She wasn’t in juvie, she was in a foster home. When Treadwell was interviewing her in the flashback, he referred to her foster parents. It apparently took place prior to the Graysons making sure she got put away. The flashback was before the fire, yes, but I saw the fire coming as soon as the “single copy” reveal.

      • Anonymous

        Foster home = house = you can find matches if you really want to.  The writers are at least adhering to some boundaries.  (Actual sensitivity and durability of wireless cameras and vulnerability of corporate databases and actual storage of juvie records aside…)

  • MilaXX

    I’m still undecided as to who wins in the dumb man contest, Daniel or Jack. No matter, it’s fun to watch both of them being played like puppets on a string. I have no doubt Emily manipulated all of this so as to gain controlling interesting in Grayson Enterprises. What better way to bring down the Grayson’s on every level.

  • Anonymous

    It really really bugged me that she was walking around with a heavily annotated copy of the book implicating her dad and then drew a big red X on the author’s face. Way to implicate yourself, should anyone suspect you. Does this girl not watch Dexter? Helloooooo. She needs to learn how to be a real serial killer.

  • Anonymous

    “This causes Emily to narrow her eyes a lot, which is when you know shit is about to go down.”

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    Love this show to bits  but have to say this recap was even better that the programme itself thanks to just this line “the result of which has made him rich, caused him to change his name to Mason Treadwell, and, somewhat inexplicably, turned him into Elton John.”

    Ah cheers for the belly laugh TLo.

  • Anonymous

    …”the mere act of attempting to read causes Declan to pass out”…Effing brilliant! Hubs wondered what had me laughing. Just picturing the scene, heheeeee.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it really matters, because you happened on the much more appropriate “Elton” moniker for Treadwell, but his name when first interviewing Amanda as a little girl was Leo, not Louis.

    Even the parts that could be the most cringe-worthy on any other show are so extremely watchable here. It’s really amazing how good it is.

  • Anonymous

    I just realized, thanks to rereading this post, that Emily calls Fauxmanda “Amanda” when she tells her to get in Treadwell’s face.  She calls her doppelganger by her own forsaken name, when no one (except I guess Nolan) can even hear her do it.  It’s like she’s talking to herself through someone else.  Shudder.

  • Anonymous

    I have a theory that this show is not all that is going to be which will be a surefire classic Nighttime soap. Here’s what I think: First of all…Facts: We know Victoria is a liar.  She “lost” a baby. Didn’t say she miscarried or aborted.  She “lost” a baby which means she could have had the baby and gave it up for adoption as spite to Conrad.  Fact: We don’t know ANYTHING about Emily’s mother.  Could be anyone…could be…Victoria ? 
    What I suspect is this:I suspect Emily’s ultimate revenge is to steal Grayson’s Global through her marriage to Daniel because of “equitable assets” through her marriage to Daniel which you know she’ll ask for a divorce almost immediately. However, I suspect Emily is NOT David Clarke’s daughter.  I think she’s Conrad’s daughter either through Victoria or another woman.  I also suspect if Victoria truly loved Daniel; what if the possibility that Daniel and Charlotte are truly siblings but not Conrad’s – David’s! Think of it this way: Daniel tries to be strong but has no spine, drive, or ruthlessness that Emily has displayed. Charlotte’s the same way but I think she has more of a drive from her mother and can be a formidable force to deal with once she gets older and grows cajones.