American Horror Story: Smoldering Children

Posted on December 08, 2011

We’d like to be all smug (we LIVE for being smug), but let’s face it: half the internet figured out the twist in this episode. We weren’t the only ones and we doubt we were even close to being the first. But what made the reveal so interesting was the way it was revealed: almost matter-of-factly. In fact, long before Violet figured it out, the creators made sure that we, the audience did. The scene of Violet running out the front door only to immediately come in the back was both very effective and a nice way to wink at the audience, saying, “WE know what’s going on here, don’t we?” in that classic horror-story manner, as we wait for our dim-witted protagonists to figure out what’s been obvious for a while.

And speaking of dim-witted, Ben Harmon, current front runner in both the “Worst Husband and Father in the World” AND “Worst Psychiatrist in the World” sweepstakes, slowly starts to realize that hey, things are a little …  funny in this house and maybe I shouldn’t have had my wife committed. Also, sweetie, could you please go to school some time this month? Mkay, thanks. Say, what’s that smell? And why are there flies all over the house?

Oh, Ben. You’re only really of use to us when you’re naked.

Viv was mostly sidelined this week, but at least Ben got to tell her the most devastating news of her life right after telling her he’s sorry for calling her crazy. Next time, say it with flowers, Ben.

This was another of Constance’s episodes and we’re quite fine with that. Once again we have to wonder how the hell they’re going to sustain this story with all the crazy shit they’ve thrown at the wall. We were able to suspend our disbelief that Constance could go mostly unobserved by the police even though the pile of dead bodies at her door is massive. But once you bring the police in and reveal that they’ve always been suspicious of her, well, it kinda falls apart for us. The shit floating around her past is so great in volume that you’d have to be the dumbest cop on the planet to let her just slip through your fingers like that. Constance works when she exhibits an almost supernatural ability to walk around doing whatever the fuck she wants. When you bring the police into it, any result that doesn’t end with her in handcuffs is a little hard to swallow.

HAHAHAHAHA!! We’re complaining about plausibility! With THIS show! We obviously didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Anyway, if Jessica Lange doesn’t get an Emmy out of this role, we’re flying out to Hollywood and burning it to the ground in protest. Who’s with us? Somewhere up in heaven, Bette Davis smiles and murmurs “Attagirl” every time Jessica tears the scenery apart.

In other news, it appears Burned Larry is written out of the story, which makes us a little sad. He’s been great in every scene, but watching him and Constance go at it is like watching an old school battle rap, only instead of two rappers bragging at each other, you’ve got two actors gleefully trying to out-act each other. They have insane chemistry together and we’re kind of sad to see him go.

As for the late, not-yet-lamented Violet, we give the creators a lot of credit for going in this direction. Then again, killing off your teenage protagonist can’t be seen as all that risky once you wrote the scene where her dead boyfriend raped her mother. If anything, it’s almost a let down. We admit, there was a part of us that was wondering right up until we saw her dead body if there was going to be some way for the writers to get out of this with some sort of “She’s ALIVE!” twist. One thing’s for sure. We CAN’T WAIT for Violet to meet Hayden. That out to be a blast and a half.

Oh, and two final WTF moments:

1) Where’s the exterminator’s van? Ben didn’t notice that he disappeared? Then again, Ben didn’t notice that both his girlfriend and his daughter are dead, so we’re not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer.

2)We’re supposed to believe that Tate walked into a busy public office, dumped gasoline on a man and set him on fire, and then sauntered out in full view of everyone?

Writers, please.


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  • Ben

    I thought this is hands down the best episode of the season. The predictable twist was extremely well-done, because of the writer (who isn’t Ryan or Brad, thank god) and the really great acting by both actors (Violet & Tate). And Jessica Lange was a massive bitch in this episode. I love her. 

  • Anonymous

    I will meet you at LAX if Jessica Lange doesn’t get an Emmy, carrying my pitchfork and torch!  Last night was just one more for the Emmy reel. 

    • Anonymous

      She will get the Emmy because she’s very good and because the television academy always rewards movie stars that do TV.

  • muzan-e

    We’re supposed to believe that Tate walked into a busy public office, dumped gasoline on a man and set him on fire, and then sauntered out in full view of everyone?

    I’m pretty sure that we’re not. The show’s made a season-long tradition of showing us flashbacks that amounted to wishful thinking, useful falsehoods and outright delusions. They’ve scattered reality here and there in the mix, but if anything that’s only heightened the madness! *g*  Speaking of which…

    … a nice way to wink at the audience, saying, “WE know what’s going on here, don’t we?” in that classic horror-story manner

    Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes. And in fact that’s what I’ve loved most about the show: writers that know their genre inside and out, all the way back to the old classics, and really understand what makes horror work as entertainment.

    And as horror. A man who has his wife committed, visits her specifically to whisper despicable things in her ear, and hasn’t yet realised that his own daughter is sixteen days dead? There’s the real monster at the heart of the story. Countered by the mass-murderer playing cards with his daughter in the attic, still tearstained because he’d been so desperate to save her life.

    • Terence Ng

      It’s amazing how I feel played by the protagonists. I’ve wanted Moira to get justice and the school kids, but the moment Constance is grilled, I want her to be freed and when Tate helps Violet come to terms, I forget after all of this that he’s still an unrepentant psychopathic murdering rapist.

  • Alas, they had to write Larry out as he’s due to re-inhabit Russel Edgington, insane and delightful Vampire King back over on True Blood. I, too, have immensely enjoyed watching Denis O’Hare and Jessica Lange go at it. They are delightful!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I read an interview with Denis O’Hare (granted, this was a few weeks ago) and he said he’d be able to do both considering their filming schedules don’t overlap. 

      I’m hoping they sneak him back in – maybe Ben will visit Larry in jail and demand to know what the shit is going on in that house. Assuming Ben ever realizes that the house is a problem.

    • Melanie Cozad

      Duh. I knew that actor looked familiar but I hadn’t checked to see where else I’d seen him. I am too late giddy with glee that Larry is Russel Edgington.

      • I recognize him primarily from the 7000 episodes of Law & Order that he’s done. In one episode, he did a turn as a schizophrenic that was absolutely devastating. He’s also shown up as a judge in a few episodes of The Good Wife. The man works all the time, and he’s tremendously talented.

        I hope this wasn’t the last we’ve seen of Larry. He’s a great character, and O’Hare does a terrific job.

        • The schizophrenic lawyer who didn’t want to take his meds and rejected his sister’s help, then tried to represent himself at trial? Yeah, he was great in that.

          • That’s the one. It’s so good, and I’ve seen it a few times. But it’s so sad that I don’t think I can ever watch it again.

        • Anonymous

          He also played a developmentally challenged rapist on L&O. That one was really sad too.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    The young lady playing Violet is a great little actress. For all its wackiness, the reason this show works its because it has a fantastic ensemble, with Lange at the helm.

    I’m also sad to see Larry go. But at least we’ll see the actor again on True Blood. He’s fantastic.

    • Anonymous


    • Taissa is amazing also. I’d be surprised if she isn’t at least nominated for some awards. 

  • My suspension of disbelief is already stretched to the breaking point by the fact that over a dozen people have met horrible deaths in unrelated incidents in that house, among them a famed mass murderer, and the only person who seems to have put the pieces together is the guy who runs the Murder House tour.

    Fortunately I don’t need to suspend my disbelief to enjoy what’s going on. 

  • Leonardo Alves

    I didn’t get the dinner scene in the beginning. Addie in 1994 was the same age and looks as when she died! Wasn’t she a “normal” character (ok, there’s no such thing in this show).

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Those with Downs Syndrome generally look much younger. It was probably easier to get the actress back again than recast for a 5 minute scene. 

      On a random note, I thought it was sort of sweet that Tate said she was a smart girl. At lease someone in that house treated her better than Constance babbling on about deformities and mongoloids.

      • Anonymous

        In my imagination Tate and Addie were the cutest of siblings.

        • Terence Ng

          Which makes Addie’s fear of him after knowing what he did even more interesting. I was so thrilled to see Addie back, even in a flashback. She’s so awesome. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    In fact, long before Violet figured it out, the creators made sure that we, the audience did.

    I think you give the writers too much credit. Ryan Murphy flat out said that he told the writers two episodes after the pill incident that Violet was dead. They were clueless. Unlike the audience.

    Murphy may know what’s going on, but I’m not sure the rest of the team does.

    Add this one to the WTF moments: Ben’s towel staying on while he’s vigorously struggling with Rubber Man. Dude must have velcro attached to his body.

    Poor Violet. Spending eternity as a teenager really must be hell.

    • BerlinerNYC

      If I were that towel, he would have to have it surgically removed.

    • Lori

      Ryan Murphy, in his weekly interview with EW, said deliciously they almost called the episode “The Case of the Magic Towel.” 

    • Terence Ng

      I thought that too! At first I thought he had somehow managed to put pants on before going to the mirror, but then I realized: towel.

      You know, given the brazen nudity of the pilot, now would be a decent time for some peen-less, full-body, nude male fighting ala Eastern Promises.

      • Anonymous

        Or Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in Women in Love….

        • Terence Ng

          AGREED. McDermott is the best I’m going to get on this show short of Patrick, so hasn’t been naked yet. (Though actually, I’d take Patrick clothed over naked, guiltily, but furiously, masturbating Ben.)

          • muzan-e

            Oh. My. God.  That was not only one of the most awful things I’ve seen on television, and not only one of the show’s scariest moments (really! aurgh!), but also the one thing most responsible for my husband refusing to watch the thing.

            ‘The thing’ being the show, that is. Not the towel. And certainly not McDermott’s – 


    • Anonymous

      Ryan Murphy said he wanted to call that scene “The Case of the Magical Towel”.  ETA: Sorry! Didn’t see that this was already posted.

  • Mary McClelland

    Uhhh…. NO ONE has noticed the disgusting stench of a decaying corpse on the property? Hello? I for sure didn’t expect Constance to miss that one! I guess she has been sort of indisposed this episode. Also, I CANNOT wait until Constance encounters Hayden over the Travis thing.

    • “Ditto” to everything you said. How could anyone miss that, even Ben Harmon, Dumbest Man in the Entire World.

      Hayden had better run once Constance finds out she murdered Travis. If it’s possible to kill a ghost in AHS’s universe, Constance will find out how, probably by talking to “Sara Paulson – Medium”. I mean, she knows about the Pope’s Secret Box. Could there be anything she doesn’t know?

  • BerlinerNYC

    Nothing in the show comes off as radically unbelievable on the show’s on terms, in a way that would take me out of it. I could totally imagine a scenario in an office, an environment where one does not frequently experience immolations, in which everyone’s attention was focused on the shocking event and its victim, rather than apprehending the perp like it’s a cop show.

    As for Constance, I wonder if the house has played a role in making sure she doesn’t go down. She’s the only former owner of the house we have seen alive and unscarred (physically) in the present day. Everyone else is dead or a ghost or Larry or unaccounted for (like the dentist who killed the Black Dahlia). Maybe the attraction is two-way: it’s not just Constance desperate to somehow live in the house again, but the house has an investment in her too, which is why she’s been able to live right next door and never ultimately be charged with any of her various crimes.

    The weekly interview in Entertainment Weekly says that Quinto and Lange have a 3-page throwdown coming up (at the actors’ request). I can’t wait.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      At the actors’ request?? I CAN’T WAIT.

    • muzan-e

      … Quinto and Lange have a 3-page throwdown…

      Entitled, I hope, “There Will Be Blood.”

      • Terence Ng

        I’m sorry, even though I respect the Chad character, Constance wins hands down.

  • I don’t think Larry is quite written out. He could contrive an escape from prison and die in the house. Now that his wife has shown him a little forgiveness I think he’d like to be with her and the girls.

    • Anonymous

      When did she forgive him? She flatout told him that what happened to the family wasn’t Constance’s fault, but his; methinks she might still be a little testy. Mind you, I would tell her that burning your daughters alive because your husband is an adulterer and you don’t want to move to Ohio might be on the unforgivable side also…..

      • Yeah, I could see setting my HUSBAND on fire for that — hey, I warned him before we got married;) — but not the kids.

        • Yes. Good point, Shannon (and serenity now). Larry has his own actual crimes to pay for, but if we’re comparing just him (pre-burned) and Mrs. Larry, she’s a hell of a lot more guilty than he is.

          • She was plenty mad at him to set herself and the kids on fire, but it was because he dumped her for Constance. It seems as if last night’s show was the first time she’s talked to him since she died. They’ve both got an attachment to the girls (it’s the most sympathetic Larry has been yet) and his wife probably has a bit of pity on him since he’s close to death. Both of them are feeling some remorse for their respective crimes, but Larry is confessing to try and gain sympathy from Constance. If he manages to die in the house he’s going to pursue her after death.

            The girls seemed very sweet- it seems as if some spirits lead a fairly benign existence in the house.

      • Mary McClelland

        I’m guessing the house had something to do with that… remember it supposedly plays on people’s weak points, etc. 

        • Anonymous

          Sure, but the same argument can be made that the house had something to do with Mr. Burning Man committing adultery. Adultery vs. burning your kids up alive? That still leaves the Missus with not a lot of room to get all self-righteous, house or no house….

    • Anonymous

      Ryan Murphy confirmed on that Larry is now gone.

  • Anonymous

    Love Jessica Lange!  How disgustingly cool was it that Larry’s wife’s face was still sizzling & smoking like hot embers!

    • Anonymous

      I particularly liked that little touch.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, okay, I’ll admit that I was one of the few dimwits who thought Violet was still alive.  Why?  Because they were practically broadcasting in a big neon sign “VIOLET ISN’T LEAVING THE HOUSE – SHE’S DEAD!” and that seemed so cheap and obvious that I assumed it had to be a red herring.  Now I’ve learned my lesson with this show, there are no red herrings, if it’s cheap and obvious it must be true.

    Don’t try to make sense of anything ever on this crazy show, it will only make your brain hurt! How did Tate saunter off to commit a school massacre after setting Larry on fire in plain view in his office?  I dunno – maybe it was Burn An Accountant Friday where he worked so nobody thought anything of it.  How did someone as painfully stupid as Ben become a doctor?  Maybe he got a mail in diploma – draw Binky and get a medical license!  See, ask a stupid question…

    While I agree that Jessica Lange is deserving of an Emmy for sure, I also think she has stiff competition from Taissa Farmiga.  She gave an amazing, heartbreaking performance that actually made me cry during a show that is so preposterous I should only be laughing.  Really, if AHS were badly acted it would be truly awful but the performers bring the whole show to a level greatness that it almost doesn’t deserve.

    • A.

      I agree, I think it will be a toss up between both Lange and Farmiga, both will most definitely be nommed at the very least. 

  • Lori

    I just don’t understand the comments that Ryan Murphy is throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.  Everything is so carefully chosen, whether it’s the shots paying homage to horror films from Hitchock to “The Shining” to Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” to the cultural references (last night’s reference to Brigadoon was spot on) to the real-life crimes and the very rules of the house.  It all makes such sense, and like any great horror movie is alternately funny and horrifying, moreso when the audience knows what is coming

  • Mom O

    I’m so confused (so what else is new). Why do some of the dead/undead look uninjured (Tate, Travis, Hayden), yet others (the little girls & their mother) look as they did when they died?

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I think the ghosts exert a certain level of control over how they appear. The mother said the girls never come out, and it must be awful to be a kid burned alive by your depressed mother. They aren’t quite aware they’re dead (like Nora) and appear as the last time they were alive. Hayden and Travis seem to have figured out the rules of the house and can change their clothes, don’t have their wounds, etc.

  • Anonymous

    So you find the Walking Dead a hot mess and THIS is fine television???  This is the walking taco of television – everything thrown in and none of it that original or very well done.  Weird.

    • I think with Ryan Murphy at the helm, we don’t really expect quality television from AHS, and they aren’t really shooting for it. Here, all the shitballs crazy that goes down doesn’t make sense, sure, but it’s pretty damned entertaining.

      Walking Dead has more to live up to, because they’re aiming higher. If they substituted all the long theme-defining talks between Hershel and Ranger Rick with more horse-chewing zombies, it might get more of a pass. Which isn’t to say it would be better, by any stretch, but it leaves you with less to talk about. Sort of like white bread vs. wheat bread- one is better for you, but harder and longer to digest. The other is, well, white bread.

    • “So you find the Walking Dead a hot mess and THIS is fine television???”

      No and no.

      But it was fun watching you put words in our mouths! Do it again!

      • Didn’t it hurt?  I find it’s never comfortable when my mouth moves for other people’s words….

      • Can’t we just love things BECAUSE they are a hot mess?  After all, we love Jennifer Lopez!  😉

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to see you butt hurt but you have been trashing WD all season, yet this mess seems to get a pass.  It isn’t written any better, acted any better or shot any better.  I get the ‘hot mess train wreck’ but why the CONSTANT pissing on WD?

        • Sobaika Mirza

          Because you don’t react to salmon in white wine sauce the same way you would a fried Oreo.

        • “The constant pissing on WD?”

          And we’re the butthurt ones?

          • Anonymous

            Apparently I poked a very sensitive butt hurt nerve of yours – its your blog after all, too bad you cant be as clever in your replies to me as your fans/commenters – THEY have brought up some good arguements.  Smell ya later. 

          • k, bye!

        • Oh, but it IS written, acted, and shot better.  It’s not high art, but it’s fantastic for what it is.  Walking Dead (obviously a butt hurt nerve of yours, oh the poetry) is not even in the same league, because honestly, I hate every single character on that show and think they should all be dead because they do stupid things and behave unrealistically.  On AHS, I love to hate the characters and relish watching them do stupid crap and behaving unrealistically because the writers EMBRACE the absurdity, and it’s so much FUN… and the characters are all already dead!  😉  It’s the difference between watching an action movie that takes itself deadly seriously and comes off cheesy, and watching a telenovela that is cheesy on purpose.  One is cringe-worthy, the other is glorious, creamy Velveeta.

          PS– I could have summed up the difference for you in three words and left it at that: JESSICA LANGE, BITCH!

    • desiree jacobs

      i’ve had some really well done tacos.

  • Terence Ng

    I was okay with the episode. It was interesting how quickly Constance’s invulnerability tarnishes once she moves out of the house microcosm. She’s powerless in the Armenian’s realm and equally powerless in the police’s realm, just coming off as a batty, racist woman. Let’s face it: she would have been fucked if Larry hadn’t taken the fall for the crime. It’s fascinating to see here in these two lights: One in which her headstrong willpower gives her an unquestionable power and one in which it renders her powerless and into a joke.

    The thing that impressed me the most was how Larry had no interest in lying to Travis. I would have rolled my eyes if their conversation had tried to weave in spite and jealousy, but nope. Travis asks  Larry how she took his death and why she hasn’t come to see him and he tells him the basic truth: she took it hard and she’s probably not ready, rather than something more cliche like lying and saying she didn’t care all that much.

    The fact that we all knew about Violet really harshed the episode. I get they played with it beforehand with the house, but if you saw it coming from the flies (if not the preview before), then it was a tedious practice in getting there. It leaves everything else regarding Violet pretty boring in the sense that now we know that the Harmons aren’t leaving the house. They’re basically there unless something happens that frees all the ghosts, and then it’s bye-bye Violet, Tate, and the other ghosts. And without them, there’s no Constance, and does anyone really want to watch a show about Ben and Vivien’s terrible relationship and their one-good, one-evil twins? (silence).

    I think the only thing that really bothered me about this episode is that it’s one that should have come before “Spooky Little Girl”. You can’t drop a serious bomb at the end of the last episode (“This baby will cause the end of the world”) and then expect the audience to not compare it to the relatively more trivial concerns of “My lover’s dead” “I’m validating your rape story” and “Violet’s dead”. The earth. is going. to end. Priorities, people.

    • Mary McClelland

      I too loved the juxtaposition of Constance but was bitterly disappointed by the obviousness of Violet’s death. Although the scene when she saw her dead body lying there was brilliant. There were some real messes in the plot this episode and some extreme disappointments, but those two things stood out for me. I keep waiting for the Constance vs. Hayden war once Constance realizes Hayden has killed Travis out of boredom and spite. Those two are cut from the same cloth.

      I am SO hopeful the Harmons are out next season. I think that will really kill the show if it just keeps on being about this annoying couple and not about a variety of people occupying the house and their experiences with the inhabitants within.

  • Amy

    I know Violet loves Tate but did anyone else think when he said “things will be the same…the two of us together,” that her pause would end with a soft/sarcastically happy/get me the hell out of here kinda “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay” and a “your rationale scares the heck out of me” smile?

    I agree…major props to Jessica Lange but I am also a sucker for Denis O’Hare (Larry).  That man can turn in an amazing performance.

    • Terence Ng

      I didn’t feel a lot of pity for her when Tate told her Ben was looking at boarding schools. Her whole woe is me pity party fell flat for me considering that she aided in the “sending away” of her own mother for her own equally selfish reasons. And given the amount of time since Viv was institutionalized, Violet, despite her hint of guilt, still had no interest in resolving the issue and speaking the truth. Her time was better spent playing chess and cards with her dead boyfriend, apparently. And even at the end of the episode, when she’s accepted her own death, she STILL hasn’t shown any thought for the fact that her mom is falsely institutionalized in an insane asylum. So how bad can you feel for her being sent away when she invokes her mother, who was sent away primarily because her daughter stabbed her in the back?

      I was so relieved when she exhibited a rare hint of good sense and tried to sneak away from Tate and escape.

      • Amy

        I do agree, Violet is certainly in a grey area when it comes morality and though her tearful discovery was moving, she dug her own grave with Tate (bad pun intended).

        • Anonymous

          I think Violet’s emotions and reactions are influenced by the fact that she is DEAD.

  • Sarah Tyrchniewicz

    Actually the thought of “Larry? OMG he’s on fire!” is enough of a thought to paralyze the average office worker into inaction or to run the other direction rather than think “Who set Larry on fire?” or “Get that kid!” Plus if you walk into a place like Tate did, you might get noticed but probably not stopped. The aforementioned shock of Larry on fire would probably mean he’d be forgotten long enough to get out of the building. So I’ll defend the writers on that one. I do think it is interesting, however, that the ghosts can decide to appear to each other and that Hayden didn’t start harassing or using Violet to harass her idiot father yet.

    • He walked in WITH A BIG METAL DRUM OF GASOLINE!  Who could miss or forget that, esp when someone goes on fire!  Seriously.  That scene was high impact, but is actually pretty stupid when you spend even a second thinking about it.

      • The entire show is pretty stupid when you spend even one second thinking about it. That’s what makes it so great.

        • TRUTH!  I need to keep reminding myself not too deeply about anything WRT to this show.

  • Sarah Tyrchniewicz

    Actually the thought of “Larry? OMG he’s on fire!” is enough of a thought to paralyze the average office worker into inaction or to run the other direction rather than think “Who set Larry on fire?” or “Get that kid!” Plus if you walk into a place like Tate did, you might get noticed but probably not stopped. The aforementioned shock of Larry on fire would probably mean he’d be forgotten long enough to get out of the building. So I’ll defend the writers on that one. I do think it is interesting, however, that the ghosts can decide to appear to each other and that Hayden didn’t start harassing or using Violet to harass her idiot father yet.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone saw Cabaret back in 1998 or so with Alan Cumming (I didn’t see Natasha Richardson as Sally, I saw Jennifer Jason Leigh), Denis O’Hare played the Nazi.  He has that gorgeous tenor voice that sang Tomorrow Belongs to Me and he also played sax in the Kit Kat Band.  One of the most wonderful performances I’ve ever seen live.  I became a giant fan.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Oh wow! Cabaret’s one of my favorites but I’ve never seen it on stage. I didn’t know he was in the revival, I’m going to try and find a recording of him singing it.

  • If Lange doesn’t get that Emmy, I’m with you! I’ve got my gasoline ready, Tate style!

  • Anonymous

    Even though it can be a bit ridiculous at times, I’m absolutely obsessed with this show. And I agree, Jessica Lange def deserves an Emmy for this, she’s mesmerizing to watch.

  • Anonymous


  • I don’t buy it that Violet committed suicide despite Tate’s best efforts to save her.  A point was made that Violet doesn’t remember dying.  She asks Tate if he remembers his own death, and he says, “No…” but we know he lied about knowing he was dead just to placate her.  I’m sure he’s lying now too, and that he had a hand in her death.  When she finds that out, and what he did to her mother, then the horror movie shit REALLY starts: she is stuck for eternity with a raping, murdering monster who is in love with her…

    • Terence Ng

      I’m amazed she hasn’t figured out that she’s also stuck with the crazy ass bitch who helped her father cheat on her mom and terrorized her mother into a frenzy and two of the people who broke in and tried to kill them in a reverence ritual.

      • I think Tate has protected her from all that, actually.  He seems to be the house’s enforcer, and all the other ghosts count on him.  He can shelter Violet from the other nasty ghosts.  She stays in her room with him all the time, so that has kept her from a confrontation with Hayden or her would-be murderers.  I think once she realizes she’s stuck in there with them, she is going to get really desperate to either get out or get them out.  GHOST POWER STRUGGLE!

        • Terence Ng

          Oh, that explains the trailer for the next episode where Violet asks Constance how to get rid of ghosts.

          • Which will add a whole ‘nother level to the murder quotient: murdering people one more time who were already murdered.  Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a ridiculous thought given the ridiculousness of this show in general, but I wonder what the ghosts do all day. Do they just hang out in the basement? Do they sleep or something?  Being trapped in the Murder House must be soooo boring. Hopefully they at least caught the shower scene from this episode.

    • Mary McClelland

       wondered that too. Violet seemed a little excited to learn she was trapped there forever and I was thinking oh god, to never leave the house for a cup of coffee. I would be bored in a day. How did that girl not have a desire to leave the hosue for two weeks and didn’t even know it wasn’t possible for her to leave. UGH

  • esssacckllly– and NO ONE (not even the “cops”) waltzing through chez Harmon has noticed the titanic stench of decomp yet?  I live in a 200+ year old house, and when the odd wee little mousie dies in the wall (having escaped mortally wounded from one of our cats), YOU KNOW ABOUT IT, in like a WEEK.   It’s positively eye-watering.  I cannot imagine what it must be like with a human being decomposing in a crawl space less than 4 feet below the floor of “Dr. Harmon’s” office.

    Never mind the exterminator’s van.  What did Tate do with the exterminator’s BODY?

    Though I did like what Constance did to cheating sack o’ crap hubby…doghs*t indeed.  Brilliant.

    • Mary McClelland

      Ok – that’s what I thought. I live in a 100 y-old house and the musty dank dampness of the basement brings up a lot of rank smells. That oversight on the part of the writers severely annoyed me. 

  • So, I have a question. Didn’t Violet recently meet with the HS girl who they dragged in the basement to scare. I’m pretty sure that Violet did this while she was “home” from school. Does this mean that the HS girl is also dead?

    • Anonymous

      Violet met with Leah right before she took the pills.  It was Leah who gave them to her.  I think that was the last time Violet was in a scene outside of the house.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always loved Jessica Lange and boy was she born to play this role. Love you guys for the Bette Davis shout out. I’m with you on the trip to Hollywood should Emmy voters not do the right thing.

  • I have to read TLo before I watch the episode. I’m too scared otherwise.

  • Mason Lavin

    Okay, I admit I was pissed that Violet didn’t just smack the holy hell out of Tate. I guess I buy that he  tried to save her life, but failed. But, um, go get her dad and call 911? If they can touch things in the house, why didn’t he hit the alarm button?  The one Vivian used a million times.  Okay, okay, dead, confused, emotionally unstable ghost teenager–not the most for logic, but still. Even at 16, I’d have had the “oh, hell no, puppy love does NOT overcome the fact that I’m dead and you didn’t tell me and now I’m stuck here with a bunch of crazy dead people…” I hope she ends up totally hating and destroying Tate. But I will say, the actor makes him weirdly sympathetic and plausible. 

  • Jessica Lange is the Queen Bee!

  • I just don’t understand why Tate hid the body like he did. The boy knows how to bury bodies, we’ve seen it before. So why leave Violet out to rot and be noticed? He said he never wanted her or parents to find out so why just leave the body out in a crawlspace? This just bothered me because the murder of the exterminator felt pointless. 

  • Also, Jessica Lange is the only person who can get away with “the colored section”. that was a great moment.

  • And Frances Conroy better get an Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Drama.

  • Julius DeAngelus

    great writeup guys…and hilarious as usual…laughing out loud about the “what’s that smell and why are there flies all over my house” line…classic.