Prada Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

Posted on June 23, 2011

The Prada fall 2011 ad campaign is colorful and crazy and pays special attention to the eye-popping shoes by making sure no one is photographed standing or walking while wearing them.

Clearly, these are shoes for when you want to lie down, but still look fabulous.

Those last pairs are really gorgeous, though. Not that we don’t appreciate the more cracktastic shoes in the collection, but you can tell the real sellers will be those simple pumps.

[Photo Credit: fashioncopius]

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  • Anonymous

    This is a totally HOT collection of things.  Beautiful art direction and photography, great clothes and accessories. And I’m not usually a shoe queen but dayum those rock.  Even the 40’s referenced leopard wedges, awesome, not stupid.  Bravo, Prada.

  • Dude I would do just about anything for those green snake-skin looking ankle strap ones. LUST

  • Love the pumps in the last pic and the socks in the 6th. I would totally rock those crazy socks, especially the burgundy and brown ones.

    What fun pictures. Though I find most the eye makeup terribly unflattering. But that’s okay, right, because it’s all about the shoes…?

    • They’re not socks. I’m fairly sure they’re attached to the shoe. Another Miuccia mistake.

      • Anonymous

        i disagree.  i thought so, too, at first, but i think it’s meant to be a visual trick.  the nude, dark green, and snakeskin are all fully attached boots (faux pumps).  the ankle straps, t-straps, and pumps are solo but the ankle straps got paired with socks to mimic the look of the other boots.  i think.  it’s hard to tell from just these pics, but there’s something about the way the socks wrinkle that betrays them as not-leather (like the other faux-pumps). oh! and the be-socked pumps don’t have the tell-tale “hidden” zipper on the inner ankle portion.

    • Megan Sullivan

      I didn’t even look at their faces until I read your comment. Haha.

  • That’s because nobody could stand or walk in (most of) them.  But I’m all over those last heels.  The rest are fug.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t ever wear any of them; I don’t wear heels of any kind. However, those last two are gorgeous to look at, and it’s refreshing to see shoes without platform soles.

  • LUST.

    Except for the animal print, but I’m sure I’ve already lost that battle.

  • Anonymous

    I’m DYING right now. Drooling beyond flash flood status. Oh to the God. Unf. 

    I wish I was a girl. I wish I could LIVE. IN. PRADA.

    When I die, I’m making them put those snakeskin heels on my cold stiff feet.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see the younger starlets wearing these closthes and shoes on the RC. Only the shoes in the last shot are for grownups.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well, these are shots of what women are supposed to do to put their shoes in the best light once their asses hit the ground.

  • Anonymous

    I WANT those pumps. Such shoe lust I’m actually rather breathless.

  • Love the last ones…. The others?  Not so much.  They’re all just sort of… not pretty.

  • Sara__B

    Bellissimo. I also appreciate that the models were not in danger or pain from actually trying to stand or walk in these amazing torture devices.

  • Veronica Diaz

    The last shoes are awesome. I wonder how soon before a nice knockoff is available at DSW?

  • Anonymous

    The first and last shoes are fantastic! The last pairs are seriously drool worthy. Granted, I’d never be able to stand much less walk in these puppies. I like the styling, too. It’s retro fun. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take a pair of those pumps in every color please.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite thing is the chin strap swim cap with fur. I want.

  • Monkey Toe

    Those wedges will sell, too.

  • Those wedges! Gasp!

  • Anonymous

    NICE shoes. 3rd photo – solid color wide straps with buttons and last photo – killer (if way teetery looking) pumps are best. The black & faux leopard wedges are perfect for young things going for a cartoon redux on the Olden Days on Hollywood Blvd.

    Is this the 2nd or 3rd year knee socks are trying to happen? Though if those are calf-height snakeskin look socks (rather than part of the shoes) in the 8th photo down, I like.

    Also *think* I like the pleated-skirt button down dresses.

    Not taken with any of the boots.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Prada.  Where are you without your Sasha P, hm? Hm? Where is that delicate clash of vulnerable youth and cool-eyed hedonist? Why do your funny little socks look so funny and little?

    Because you’re stuck with this fresh crop of loose-limbed, brooding sullens, that’s why, and not a one of them can stand in those gorgeous fucking heels.

    declarative flounce!

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    Would it have killed them to include ONE shot of the damn shoes straight on and level with the ground? On the other hand, as they are no doubt more for a single pair than I have likely spent on every shoe combined in my lifetime… likely just as well the photos make me twitch slightly and not truly long for them.

  • Anonymous

    The ads look funny shown back to back. Reminds me of the Far Side’s “Boneless Chicken Ranch” cartoon. I’m sure these pics wouldn’t look quite so odd  sprinkled throughout various magazines.

    The maroon boots in the 8th pic look like prosthetic limbs. Really creepy. I LOVE the green handbags, the leopard-heeled wedges, and the two-toned pumps shown last. Some of the funky spat-like boots remind of John Fluevog shoes, which I adore. I think I like Fluevog’s take on that style better, though.

    • Anonymous

      YES! Fluevog has been doing that weird elephant heel for awhile, and I love them. I have a pair of Guides that are incredibly comfortable even though they’re a 4″ platform.

  • Anonymous

    Since they couldn’t launch the bold socks with heels look, they tried heels that look like bold socks.

  • Anonymous

    I am distracted by the models, who look about 12!! Do they even have working papers from school?? How do photo shoots get away with using such young girls?? And one of them looks just like Mariel Hemingway looked – spooky!!

  • Anonymous

    Some shoes. Not for wearing, but for drooling over in one’s collection. And I see those small zippered clutches with the huge decorative buckled straps as a much-copied downscale accessory. Coming soon to a Target or Payless near you. I work in an elementary school and it’s amazing how quickly these glam fashion items show up on even very young girls (seven!) who love clothing and shoes. 


  • Anonymous

    Thanks, nancylee61, for identifying that the model whose face was driving me crazy is a Mariel Hemingway look-alike!  Now I’ll sleep easy!

    Most of the shoes are stupid-looking, overpriced designer fantasies, but the pumps in the last shot are WONDERFUL.

  • Love the open toed pumps.  Love the graphic print dresses.

  • Anonymous

    Those pumps are divine, I covet them.

  • MilaXX

    I’d rock those wedges with the leopard print as well.

  • i love the clonky heels, particularly the red & the pink ones. but some of them look like the reason they have the even the very young models sitting down is cos theyre almost thoroughly unwalkable.

    • margaret meyers

      And it could also be that that shoe is going to be hard for anyone without coltish 13 year-old legs to pull it off.  Did you see how young those sulky models are?

  • Love, love, love. Love the colours, love the textures, love the prints. It’s a lot easier to wear than the colourful stripes from the last season. Wearable and memorable.

  • margaret meyers

    I think that intersting pairing of knee socks with the heels will really catch on. That is very personalizable and DIY: interesting clunky shoe worn with maybe overlapping socks, or a girl could get out her sewing stuff and make Frankensocks herself.

  • Anonymous


    My god, I’d love to lay around in those cracktastic shoes. And then set them on the mantlepiece. To worship.

  • Very pretty.  However the one in the 8th picture reminds me of a specific orthotics… and so no one gets offended, Back in the 1970’s I wore shoe/leg orthotics due to a birth defect .    Way back when you had  shoes with the specific plastic orthotic  permanently attached to it and the orthotic part never “truly” matched the skin tone.   

  • I would have so rocked those pumps 25 years ago! I love the whole collection. My favorite t-shirt says “Life is short…..Buy the shoes!”

  • Anonymous

    Prada is doing knee socks again?

  • Anonymous

    Lovely photos, very creative.  But some of the models actually look their ages–which is 13 or 14. 

  • Love the hot pink Mary Janes.

  • Jill Roberts

    Someone went to Burning Man, in a good way.  It’s cracktastic. I love the clothes and the wacky sock shoe thingies.  The pumps and wedges not as much, but I think they’d look better in person.  If by in person, you mean on someone lying down.  Ouchie.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the green maxi clutch, LOVE the green shoes with blue checked knee highs.  i even am confused (in a good way) about the nude-shaft boots ~ i like the bottom part and wish they were JUST shoes, but i sort of enjoy the slightly creepy feel of the nude shaft (sounds dirty LOL).  another reason to dislike them:  racist.

  • Anonymous

    The first picture looks like the skinned Chewbacca and Wampa.  While I love me a mary jane, especially in a vibrant nubuck, I do not like the heels that are shaped like . . . elephant legs?  I would totally rock the leopard wedges on the right.  The last set of pumps are nice, but nothing groundbreaking.

  • Anonymous

    Why do models always look like soulless waifs? It’s getting kind of boring.

    The shoes are FANTASTIC though.

  • I think I just had a shoegasm, despite wincing at the height of most of them. 

  • Lisa

    This is gorgeous!  GORRRGEOUS!!!  I really love it all – the clothes, the shoes, the photo spread, all of it!

  • Anonymous

    OMG SHOES. But the models… do they speak Navi?