In or Out: Kelly Rowland in Twenty8Twelve

Posted on June 01, 2011

Darlings! TWO I/O posts in one day! OUTRAGEOUS! But we can explain. Which we will now do as if we were bit players in a 1930s gangster movie. Why? Bored. You see…

So Lorenzo says to Tom, he says, “Tom, did you see those pictures of that dame Kelly Rowland all the way over in England wearing that top by Twenty8Twelve?” Tom says, “No,” he says, “Say, why do you ask? Is she a dish? A looker? A tomato?” So Lorenzo, he says, “Tom, she is a dish, looker, tomato. We can make it our WERQ entry for the day, see? Wait’ll you get a load of the pins on this doll!” And then Tom says, “Show me the goods.”

Kelly Rowland attends the Birmingham auditions of X Factor at LG Arena in England.

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So Tom says, “Oh.” And then he says, “Say, are you on the up and up?” And Lorenzo, he’s all annoyed-like now, so he says, “Oh, here we go. Look at that choice bit of calico! ” And then Tom, he says, “Aw, applesauce!”  So Lorenzo says, “Go chase yourself!”

The end.

It’s like this: Lorenzo thinks the top is fabulous and her bod looks amazing. Tom agrees on that. But Tom isn’t crazy about the spy girl hair and doesn’t think that kind of heavy-looking skirt goes all that well with the top. Plus: platforms with ankle straps. In short, Tom thinks it’s a great top being done a disservice by some bad detailing.


IN! Girl looks HOT. You are so right, Lorenzo!

OUT! She looks AWKWARD. If you can’t say anything nice, sit next to me, Tom!

It’s far too early to be tallying the results of Kylie’s walking away dress. The minions need time to form opinions, after all.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Anonymous

    IN IN IN for the repartee and the 1940’s movie dialogue between you two. OUT OUT OUT for the tomato in the terrible clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tom on this one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tom. The skirt looks a bit heavy with that shirt. And I’m not too crazy about the choice of shoes. The whole thing looks unbalanced.

  • Did it shrink in the wash? Out. 

  • *VOMIT* How was this forever21 disaster even CONSIDERED for an in?  That top looks like it’s on sale for five dollars in the ‘vintage’ section of the store.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. This is hoochie-wear at its finest.

    • Anonymous

      And seriously, only teenagers should wear half shirts.  LAME!

  • Anonymous

    Out due to the spray paint abs.

  • In. Love the top, okay with the skirt, love the ankle straps. Agree that the hair is pretty bad, she looks like she borrowed Barbie’s weave.

  • OMG OUT. SO OUT. Yeah her body is bangin’ but we don’t need to see all of it.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Awkward. All of it. Like one of those kid board books where you mix up the top, middle and bottom of the pages to make crazy unholy animal amalgamations.

  • Beautiful woman – bad outfit – OUT

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Tom. Skirt too bulky, shoes are just ugly. Don’t love the heavy bangs.

    But I gotta say, is that really enough for an OUT? Or is it maybe because I’m old, and can’t shake the feeling that there are infinitesimally few events at which grown women should be wearing belly-baring see-through tops, most especially with heels.  Teenagers? Well, o.k. But fully functioning adult women with careers and accountants? 

    Yeah. She’s OUT because I’m old.

  • OUT.

  • Dreadful, cheap looking mall-like clothes in bumblebee colors. OUT.

  • Anonymous


    Seriously, you’re both in love with a yellow lace crop top over a visible black bra? Drink much?

  • I think she looks awesome.  But then again, I like ankle straps.  Sue me.

  • Anonymous

    Ah horsefeathers Tom…I gotta side with Lo! She sure is a swell looking dame!

    Hate the wig (so I agree with Tom on that point)…but the rest is working! Normally I’m no fan of belly shirts on somewhat mature women…but dang if she’s not an exception to that this time! The skirt looks cute and flirty in the side shot of her, hand in pocket, as she does a quick twirl, while on the phone.

  • Yikes. This is pretty horrific.

  • Jillian Kroos

    I know she’s at most thirty and if I had those abs I’d wear that top to go grocery shopping, but I feel like she’s trying to convince someone to cast her as a new transfer student at McKinley High and new rival to Rachel Berry as star of New Directions. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Rotten Tomato award! Ab showing at awards shows is an auto “OUT”.

  • Anonymous

    I think the top is adorable but the skirt kind-of weighs it down. And the shoes are all wrong. To me, the top looks casual/summer, so I’d rather have seen it with a denim skirt and sandals (but that’s not red carpety.)


  • My eyes hurt…..Yellow shouldnt be used that way…Im sorry im with Tom in this one. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    If I had a skinny-minx body like hers I’d show it off like that too. I don’t mind the platform ankle straps. Hate the heavy hair though. Overall IN.

    • I do have a skinny body, and I knew I was too old to show it off like that when I hit about 21. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s spelled cherce: “Cherce bit of calico.”

    (Great post!)

  • Joyce VG

    OUT. I wish I liked Kelly Rowland more, I just find her to be a bad judge (X Factor really??) who wears hoochie clothes.

    • MilaXX

      see also JLo

  • scottyf

    Hey Tom! What’s ya crust on Kelly, see? Dollface is a snazzy canary that’s togged to the bricks, see!
    Stop bumpin’ your gums; have some hooch and admit she’s a sweet patootie!

  • Anonymous

    K-Ro’s outfit is an IN from me, but only just.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    The shoes and skirt are cute… the belly shirt is just too much.  Yes, dear you are skinny and probably train constantly but the belly shirt?  This would have been an in if she had chosen a better top.  Even the same color… just the lacey see through thing she is wearing, makes it an OUT! 

  • Tom’s right. I think Kelly’s adorable regardless, but other than the top, which is not helped by the visible black bra, the rest of the outfit is just weird. The skirt, the “hair,” the shoes…just not good. 

  • Christine Marie

    Out. Partially because I agree and partially because I like the caption much better. 

  • Looks fine to me … IN.  I mean its only X Factor. 

  • Out. It’s the baby-doll/clown makeup that bothers me most of all. 

  • Barbara Bundy

    She must have paid a visit to the Senior Center craft fair and picked up a acrylic crocheted doll top and stuffed it in a black plastic garbage bag. Nice of her to support the elders but it makes a terrible outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I always liked her. I do love the top but I think it would’ve been adorable with a pair of shorts. I dunno though. I kinda like the hard/soft aspect of it. I’m amongst few, but IN.

  • Tom, let’s sit somewhere and be bitchy together. I’ve recently upset a friend by explaining that Christina Aguilera now looks like an aging Miss Piggy impersonator (thereby crushing his l’il straight boy fantasies) so I could do with someone to chat to.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Black bra, yellow crocheted whatever top. Terrible skirt with buttons and pockets. Did I mention “out?”

  • OUT! I don’t know why but when I saw that picture I immediately thougt she looked like a spice girl! And giiiiiiiiiiirl that can’t be good.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I get what you mean! When I saw the yellow top it reminded me of the tops Mel B used to wear at the height of their fame. When I was a huge Spice Girls fan (and a teenager) I had a very similar top to Kelly’s in purple because I thought it was like something Mel B would wear.

  • Anonymous

    Lerve your attempt at ganster movie dialogue, guys, lame as it kind of was….

    As to the substance of the matter, I love this look from the waist up and only mildly dislike from the waist down.  By my math, that’s an IN.


    I come from a land of trashy dressers, I’ve seen enough stomach flesh to last me my entire life.

  • Ew. Out.

  • OUTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy_J

    Lorenzo, I tried, I really did, to like this but I just can’t.  Tom, sit next to me and we can be bitchy together.

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  • I may be put in the stocks or even tarred and feathered for this, but I think she looks great. Don’t love the hair, but I actually like the outfit. The shirt does get worse the closer you get to it, but the overall impression is what counts, right? And hey, if I had her body, I’d be showing it off too.
    I know, I know, you’ll hate me…but, giving this one an IN.
    Tom, you can still sit next to me.

  • OUT.

  • OUT.  This is a mess…..almost a WERQ?  Wow….

  • OUT. Love the top, and props to her for rocking the steel abs, but the skirt and shoes belong to a different outfit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Really? No. Out.

  • margaret meyers

    Walking Manga Look? 
    Don’t be hypnotized by her shiny black eyes and Japanese nymph hair.  This outfit is not working.  OUT.

  • You can’t be serious??..she is wearing a cropped yellow doily!…OUT!!!

  • up with pod people

    Repartee was indeed excellent. CanNOT get behind a red carpet croptop, though. A classic case of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

  • Anonymous

    Cute. I don’t mind the straps. I do mind the wig. But, IN.

  • Like the top (it’s demure slutty, which I find fascinating), hate the rest.  Is that a CARGO SKIRT? Nooooo.  And I absolutely loathe platform pumps.  I’m more over them than TLo are over nude shoes.  So I guess she’s an OUT. 

    Points to you for the witty repartee, though!  You two never fail to make me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a question on this? It’s an out for the top alone. If it goes for more than $9.99 at Rainbow, she got ripped off.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fun and sexy and her bod is, indeed, amazing. IN.

  • Anonymous

    When a woman turns 30, as Kelly has, it’s time for her to stop buying tops at Wet Seal. She looks ridiculous.

    Also, somewhere there is a sad, bald Barbie. Because Kelly stole her wig.

  • aimee_parrott

    That tears it! 

    A big IN for the hilarious dialogue.  And (sorry, Lorenzo, don’t hate me!) a big OUT for that catastrophe of an outfit.  The top is sort of cute (I agree with Lorenzo there, at least) but the skirt is ugly, the shoes are disastrous, and the hair is screamingly bad.

  • Anonymous

    Argh, I don’t like the top either, it looks like cheap polyester lace from JoAnn’s Fabrics to me, like she made it out of the leftover material from her Easter basket or something. Those shoes are awful, the hair is awful, and while she’s got an amazing body, the wig needs to go too.

  • Umm. I actually like the skirt and hate the top. Don’t mind the hair, meh on the shoes. I hate the top enough that I’m giving it an out.

  • Hilary Sain

    she looks smokin!  the skirt isn’t perfect but its the best she’s got.  IN. 

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like a tornado watch to make grown men talk like Jimmy Cagney.
    That doesn’t make any sense but clearly you both started drinking the moment the weather alert came on.
    I am rather stunned by the minions reaction. It’s Kelly Rowland. It’s ‘X’ factor audtions. Think JLo light. I love it. Totally ‘In.’ She somehow manages to make a midi look a  little classy and at least her ass isn’t hanging out. She looks cute.

  • Agreeing with Tom.

  • Out.  Even though her body does look amazing.

  • Aly Light

    I think she looks like she’s wearing a shredded bumblebee costume. OUT, and boys, I don’t know what you’re thinking.

  • Looks like she was split in half and each half dressed differently. I don’t think they quite mesh

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I have no idea how old she is, but this gives the impression of being too young for her age.  I think what’s really annoying me is the way her hair is obscuring her face and seems to be weighing her down.

  • aussiegal77

    I’m so confused by that dialogue.  I have no idea what was just said except that I know that outfit is hideous.  OUT.


  • OUT.

  • OUT!

  • Out.

  • Valerie Owens

    Love her head and her bod. The rest is out.

  • MilaXX

    IN, I don’t like the shoes, but I think the rest of the outfit is cute. makeup and accessories are cute.  I also think those are shorts or the skirt has shorts built into it. Look at the side view on the second slideshow pic.

  • Anonymous

    Am I allowed to hate the top too?

  • It just isn’t working for me. OUT.

  • Those shoes are hiddy.  Otherwise, an OK outfit.  Not a WERQ, mind you, but merely an IN.

  • Lisa

    Out. Everything just looks weird together.

  • someone likes this? really?

    this is los angeles, mind, but if one wanders down the street from me to the bodega, the market, the 99c store, the junior college, the bus stop, the burrito stand, the microbrew beer bar, the liquor store, the headshop, the porn store, the el pollo loco, the fetish shop or a few miles west to, ah, the strut–or a few miles wester to the actual university {cla}–i guar-un-tee one will find @ least one person wearing something as close to identical to this as is conceptually possible. i caNOT begin to imagine why someone who doesnt feel compelled to shop @ forever 21 is wearing it.

    ps. the hair is nice, i wore it for twenty years. in fact i occasionally got it cut into my head @ the yellow balloon.

    • Anonymous

      yep- we live “wester” and this outfit is common- just go to In and Out and you’ll see it!

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m trying to figure out how to dis this midriff revealing top after loving Halle Berrys’ midriff revealing dress the other day.  Halle wore the FAB Halston dress to an event winning an award for fragrance “REVEALED” – that made sense and the dress was fabulous.  This yellow little schmata is just trashy and is worn for no other reason than to show off her bod.  I get that, it’s a great bod.  But this is just hooker wear.

  • Kathleen B

    out! sorry L but I do not think she looks good

  • Anonymous

    OUT. If you crop the pic, she looks good, but the whole look together is too disjointed.

  • Anonymous

    def in!

  • Anonymous

    woulda looked better with black pants. 
    hate the hair
    out 🙁

  • Michelle Prahl

    Crop tops died in 1995. And they need to stay there. FOREVER. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh my. So OUT!

  • Sara__B

    When I was a kid, I had a book where each page was cut into three strips, and you could create silly people by mixing up, say, the policeman head with the clown body and the ballerina legs. Kelly looks like the result of a similar mix-up — her hair style, top, skirt, and shoes belong to four different outfits. OUT.

  • She looks like an anime chick.  OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    Awful. At a certain age, the only time you wear a midriff top should be to belly dance. Also, somewhere, a horse’s backside is very, very cold. OUT.

  • Out. She looks like a Bratz doll.

  • IN!

  • in

  • Ksagun13

    Love your 40’s repartee, hate her outfit (especially the hair) but I would kill for that body.  So. Jealous.  

  • Anonymous

    I do not like it at all.  I like them all separate but not together.

  • Anonymous

    wow, I’m not usually this much in disagreement with the herd. Top’s cute, shoes are fierce, skirt balances them out and the black bra is just perfect with the black skirt. It’s only an Xfactor audition, not a red carpet event. IN

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Don’t try this at home kids. Unless your sixteen and vying for attention. I wish she would choose a different hair style, this is not flattering on her.

  • Anonymous

    Her whole look doesn’t quite come together, but I like the top and appreciate her not looking like everyone else. I know that’s not much to write home about but still. IN. 

  • ooh.  out.  and i’m not even sure about the shirt by itself.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Lorenzo — IN — but just marginally.  Kelly is trying my patience here…

  • Anonymous

    That skirt is hurting my brain and for the life of me I cannot figure out why.  I mean I know you said heavy and I see that but there is something else that is just giving me shingles….OUT.

  • Out.Out.A hundred times OUT! She looks like an extra in a Mariah Carey video – circa 1997

  • There is no way in hell I think this qualifies for WERQ and I can’t say I’m a fan of the individual pieces. However, for some reason, it seems to be more than the sum of its parts. KRow is pulling it off. For that, I’ll give it an IN. 

  • Not loving her look, but def. like you two makin’ with the smart talk

  • Alexandria Nichandros

    You are so right, Lorenzo!

  • Anonymous

    team Tom….OUT

  • Alexandria Nichandros

    i disagree that the skirt IS heavy. it is not heavy looking. it floats in the breeze for cryin out Oprah. and I LOVE ankle straps. are there women who should not wear them, yes. but this is true of many things. what IS ya’lls problem with ankle staps anyway? is it possible that you are so old that you cannot stand the sight of ankle straps because, like many of us, you hate that which was ubiquitous when you were young?

  • Gotta go with Tom on this one.  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    “See bitches…I’m STILL skinnier than Jennifer Hudson AND  Beyonce!”

  • Anonymous

    If you can’t wear something fun when you’re young and hot, then when? The biddy police should put away their whistles. She’s cute, cute, cute.


  •  Love the idea of you guys chomping down on some damp cigars and pulling yr fedoras over your eyes — but good god!! The crop top is hideous and the balance with the skirt is way off! ew ew ew. I do like the yellow on her, but the design of the whole outfit is a thumbs down for me.

  • sonictofu

    The shoes.  my eyes.

  • In! I think she looks great. Different shoes may have been wise, though.

  • Anonymous

    She does have an amazing body. However the outfit is hideous. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Very cheap for me. It doesn’t look expensive at all with that skirt. Might have been better to pair a pair of Trousers for HIP HOP DANCE.
    Agree with Tom definitely.

  • Anonymous

    “heavy-looking skirt”    It looks like lightweight, flowy silk to me, not heavy. I think the top looks cheap (like Forever 21), and the skirt would look better with something else on top. The shoes are just awful, but not because they’re ankle straps —  I just don’t get the hooved look and never will. She’s very pretty, and maybe a little softness (wave) in her hair would look better.

  • OUT. I’m sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to give anyone in a knitted yet see-through midriff top in the middle of the day an in, no matter how gorgeous she maybe be. That’s a bathing suit cover up, not an outfit.

  • Anonymous

    IN I think if you made your living as a sexy pop/rb singer gyrating next to Beyonce in midriff baring bling outfits, you can still remind people of that on the red carpet especially at a pop music related event like X factor auditions. 
    So I don’t mind the belly baring. At all. it looks cute on her. 

    I do think the skirt is a little off. It looks like it wants to be shorter and flare out but if it did, the outfit would look so much more twee and most definitely out. So…I don’t know what alternative would make the top work… I don’t mind the shoes…who made you guys kings over which straps can be worn on shoes??? hmmm…? Oh the bitter kittens did? oh. right… ;p

  • Elizabeth Winer

    Out.  Bad hair, bad outfit.

  • Ted Kane

    Ankle straps are only a problem for people who have to worry about looking shorter because of them.  Ms. Rowland does not have that problem.  She looks great here, and attempts to nitpick away that great look are misguided.  In.

  • OUT – the outfit is interesting and cute, but doesn’t work with her body type or age. And hate the hair.

  • OUT!  That top screams tacky.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, but I sure love your dialogue!

  • Anonymous

    She reminds me of when I was thirteen and tried to look sexy, minus the heels. She looks pretty different from when she co-hosted that fashion show with Issac. 

  • Anonymous

    Top is cute.  Skirt is not.  OUT

  • It’s a great top and a great body being done disservice by FUGLY shoes and an unfortunate skirt. The skirt itself is not so bad, but the shoes are SO UGLY, I really don’t understand why people seem to love platforms so much please stop making platform shoes they’re just big and clumsy and awkward and not at all sophisticated (a little hidden platform is already, because it’s HIDDEN).

  • suzq

    She is so OUT!  She looks like she got dressed in the closet of a 16 year old girl.  The skirt looks cheap, with its crooked buttons and droopy pockets.  The top is cute, but with the skirt, it makes it look like she went to the mall and pulled both pieces off the rack at Deb. 

  • OUT. Midriffs and ankle straps.

  • Haley Buchanan

    OUT.  It looks like a craft project – like someone crocheted half a blouse, sewed weird buttons half-assedly on a skirt, then just got bored and gave up.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  A silly outfit and risible hair.

  • IN, I wanted to hate it but the longer i look at it the more it love it

  • Anonymous

    Out.. the top reminds me of the slutty girls in 10th grade.

  • Anonymous

    Out!! So out!!!

  • IN. Great top, and I am fine with the skirt and the shoes. Not so keen on the spygirl hair, but definitely an IN on this one.

  • girl looks fabulous. and i love the lingo.

  • Anonymous

    I know the consensus has already been declared, but I’m with Lorenzo, IN. I actually like all of it except for the heavy bangs.

  • androidanon

    backup singer is a backup singer is a backup singer … NEXT!

  • Anonymous

    What the….! All kinds of wrong.

  • OUT. Black bra under yellow lace. Seriously. 

  • Patricia Biswanger


  • Lorenzo no, just no. OUT!

  • Top: kitchen curtains 1974
    Bottom: bedazzled waitress apron
    Overall: So OUT