Bottega Veneta Resort 2012 Collection

Posted on June 01, 2011

Summer is officially going on outside our windows, which are currently firmly closed as we contribute to the hole in the ozone layer (to the annoyance of our cats, who are having their squirrel and pigeon stalking activities severely curtailed by the weather). Since the sun is shining and the AC is buzzing, we’re in the perfect mood for this collection of sunny, breezy, minimalist looks.

“Resort,” much like “Fall,” Spring,” and “Plus-Sized,” means something entirely different to fashion people than it does to the rest of the world. Or at least, it means something different to each designer who produces a resort collection. It’s, in essence, a meaningless term meant to stand in for “Summer” because there is no official summer season in fashion, much like “fall” means “winter” and “pre-fall” means “fall.” Are you getting it now? Basically, fashion people make up any old silly shit that pops into their heads. Why are we going off on this annoying tangent? Because this is unquestionably a resort collection; not just a collection of summer clothes for rich skinny girls. With the bright colors, simple lines and safari-inspired looks, a lot of this looks tailor-made for yacht-jumping on the Riviera or shopping in the UAE. We’re not loving the heavily belted dresses (who wants to wear a big honking leather belt in hot weather?) but the rest of it is divine. We’ll meet you on the Promenade Deck for cocktails, darling.


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