In or Out: Christina Hendricks in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on June 19, 2011

Darlings, before the barbecuing and beaching and churching and whatever else you have planned for this lovely summer Sunday begins, you simply must schedule some time for bitchery. Most doctors agree that people aren’t offering enough opinions and that everyone should have a Recommended Daily Allowance of bitching. And what better way to get those bitchjuices flowing than by criticizing a celebrity for wearing something you don’t approve of? If we didn’t have celebrities with shitty taste, why, we’d all get sick from all our opinions backing up, unexpressed. Just another way that celebrities help make our lives better in ways big and small. In that sense, Christina here is really doing God’s work today:

Christina Hendricks at the “Drive” Gala Premiere during the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.

We’ve tried being polite, but we’re sorry; this has to be said.

Girl, what the fuck.

We’ve asked this exact question about her before, but it bears repeating: Who leaves the house thinking this looks good on them? Who looks in the mirror one last time before leaving, sees this, and says – knowing that her picture will be taken, mind you – “I’m good to go?” Who says, “For tonight’s gala event, I want to look like a spinster in 1930!” Who does that to her hair? Deliberately? Most important of all – WHO WEARS PEACH RUFFLES, KITTENS?

Ignoring the heinous hair and ruffles, we’re stuck looking at that jacket. It looks fine from the front, but any gal who’s been carrying those mammaries around for a while should have known that the side view was going to be less-than flattering. Also, she really needs to stop with the lingerie-inspired looks. It’s getting old. We just don’t get it. It took January Jones a good while, but she’s mostly figured out how to present herself in modern clothes, while still maximizing her retro good looks. We realize that Christina, by virtue of not having the kind of body the fashion and style worlds tend to account for, doesn’t always have the options someone like Barbie-sized J. Jones does, but still: simple, clean lines and bold colors. It’s not hard. She needs to let go of her fondness for things like ruffles and lace because it just doesn’t suit her at all.

And to be perfectly blunt, she needs to stop doing her own hair for public appearances. It’s just not cutting it, honey.


IN! She looks like she’s ready to spank me with her ruler and I’m TOTALLY INTO that!


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  • Amanda Semrick

    Out.  If for no other reason than it looks like a ruffled clam is exploding out of her chest.

    • Best. Comment. Ever.

      I love Christina, she’s a beauty. But I cringe whenever I see an al fresco head shot, because I fear what a full-length photo will reveal.

      Honey, you don’t need to dress vintage, but please consult Janie Bryant on your contemporary choices: she knows how to dress you, and apprently you dont.

      • Speaking of vintage, it’s a little Alfred-Lord-Tennyson’s-secretary-chic, isn’t it? I am ambivalent, but will say OUT because she isn’t wearing a Cameo of Elizabeth Barret Browning.

    • On second (or third) thought: that blouse is a bit Judy Chicago/Georgia O’Keefe vajayjay, if you get my (shudder) drift.

  • Yeah, it’s an out. But that skirt could be saved, just paired with a sleeker top (preferably white) and then with some colourful accessories. Call me girl!

    • I agree – the skirt could work with different separates.

      As for the vote: I’d let her spank me with a ruler, but not in that getup. OUT!

  • Is she wearing even a swatch of makeup? She looks like she’s applying for a job in the Addams Family Secretarial Pool. OUT.

    • Addams Family Secretarial Pool is EXACTLY right !!  TLo could not have put it more aptly.  Perfect!

    • Even better than the ruffled clam comment.

  • OUT. Damn it, I really wan’t her to be IN, but.. no. Just no.

  • OUT. That’s just sad. And I like her so much, too. Make me want to grab my gays and girlfriends and caravan to LA. We’ll get her good and soused and show her a thing or two about fashion. Honestly, she and I have very similar body types and I would never wear this. Maybe the skirt but never peach ruffles. All that black is not good for her coloring either. She’a a lovely girl. If she’d just let here hair down and wear a simple silhouette that skims her curves rather than pads them. ::shakes head:: ::adds a WTF::

    • Anonymous

      I get the feeling she wants to look … skinny, or slender, or … I don’t know, that she’s forcing something she’s not, and it’s really hard to fathom why.

  • Anonymous

    OUT for the Dr Zoidberg inspired camisole.

  • Susan Foster

    I’m not even bothering to rate the outfit;  OUT solely on the hair!

  • I thought I was going to like it from the thumbnail, then I saw…everything…and whatever those flaps are on her chest should be censored for indecent exposure.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure tuxedo lapels aren’t supposed to do look like a topographic map of a mountain road. Also, she attempted hipster messy updo hair and failed miserably. And as bad as the ruffles, the fit of the jacket, and the peach are, it’s that Colonel Sanders bow that really pisses me off for some reason. I have no idea why, but that is just the final straw.

    Oh, Out!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  An intervention must happen.

  • I like the clutch? And I like the buttons? Either the jacket or the skirt could be saved in a different pairing.

    Oh dear. Out.

  • i would pay a lot of money to have a complexion like hers.

  • Anonymous


    Why does she think she needs ruffles on her chest?  Ruffles won’t distract us from the rest of the hideousness.

  • Well.  All I can say is that I like the purse.  Otherwise, OUT.

  • OUT I actually don’t mind the hairstyle. It could be paired with something summery, floaty, romantic and make sense in that context. That lace get up is gross, tough.

  • Out because of the clashy ugly ruffle.

  • Anonymous

    Is she attempting to channel her inner Steampunk chic?  Its really not working.  With a Va Va Voom figure like her’s, all that buttoned up, ruffle bedecked stuff is just clouding the issue.  Girl could be rockin’ some figure skimming emerald dress cut to THERE.  The fact that even without makeup and in her own hairstyle she manages to look this good points up how gorgeous she actually is.  Just a bit here and there on the face, and let down those hot red locks babe.

    • Crystal Thomas

      Girl *has rocked the emerald dress cut to there-

      I realize one doesn’t surround one’s self with quite the handlers for the LA Film Festival like one would for the Emmys, but even her driver could tell her to rip off the peachy clam whilst in the back seat on the way. The outfit would be better with the girls falling out than suffocating under mounds of rayon.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for forwarding the shot of Christina doing what comes naturally, (or should, at least)  Christina, don’t hide those babes. Let them get some air!  Besides its part of why the straight boys are mad for you, honey.

  • So out. Those boobs don’t need ruffles!! I like the makeup though. 

  • A couple of shots make it look almost salvageable (the hair and the hem are the worst parts), but the profile clinches it. Out.

  • It’s a definite out. Although I like her makeup. She looks younger and fresher. That black is too much of a stark contrast to her beautiful pale skin tone. She should never wear jackets period. I’m not even going to dignify the other part of the outfit by commenting on it.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a whole lotta look. Between the Miss Kitty blouse and the Half-Princess-Leia hair , moving down to the lace- gah! OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Oh! I posted “half Leia” before I saw your post, Gorge.  xo  

  • Anonymous

    *Sigh* I’m so torn. Coming from a girl who has a love for ruffles and lace and all things vintage (as well as being a good size or two larger than Christina, here), I think you guys are quite harsh on her. I’m going to have to defend my big-breasted, vintage-loving sister here. She clearly favors these types of looks and I don’t think she should have to forget that completely because it “doesn’t suit her.” Though, personally, I think it does. The problem is that she just isn’t picking the right pieces. She may have a really pretty look (like this one, which I actually like, but it needs some tweaking), but it just isn’t flattering to her figure, particularly from the side. I think the front looks good, but the bottom line is, this belongs on someone else. She needs to find a stylist that can find her vintage-inspired looks that work on someone with such large breasts. Because she clearly doesn’t know how to work with them. The ruffles all the way up to the neck really don’t work with such a huge bust….But I do have to throw in a bit of support for the peach ruffle because I’ve sported quite a few peachy ruffles with great success. Also, while I do think she could pull off vintage hairstyles, this one just doesn’t look polished. 
    I know it will barely count because everyone else will vote her out, but I’m going to have to throw her a bone and giver her an IN. I just pray the rest of you don’t beat the lace out of her.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to agree with you. I think it’s ridiculous to tell someone they can’t wear something they clearly love because you don’t think it suits them. And people are always trying to pigeonhole her into dressing like her character. What if she hates the way Joan dresses? I’m always told I should dress the same way since we have the same figure, and I hate that 60’s retro look. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I’d much rather someone wear an outfit we all think is hideous but that they personally love than them wear an outfit the general public thinks is great but that they personally do not like.

      I’m impressed she managed to find a jacket that almost fits. I’m a 32G with narrow shoulders, all of my jackets have to be purchased and altered within an inch of their lives, but I refuse to give up my love of military inspired jackets just because I have tits.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with the defense of the jacket but the reason I went with out is largely because she *didn’t* get the jacket sufficiently altered.  She could, and should, look awesome in the somewhat period silhouette she seems to be approaching here if color, proportion and fit flattered her coloring & top-heavy hourglass shape. But she looks stuffed into the jacket, the strange combo of severe color and fussy lace/fussy ruffles take the look in the middle-aged battle ax direction, IMO.

        She should find a good period stage costumer who can apply the tricks of color & proportion to modern dress.

      • Anonymous

        I’m the exact same way with jackets and blazers (particularly military jackets and peacoats, which I also adore). They’re always a massive pain for me because I have ridiculously broad shoulders and a large bust with a much smaller waist, so my stomach and bust are two completely different sizes. Just by looking at her body, I think that’s what tends to happen to Christina. But I think this jacket fits her just about perfectly. It’s quite flattering and it accentuates her waist very well. I think the only thing that throws it off is the ruffles. They’re accentuating her bust too much and throwing her proportions off, particularly from the side. But I’d kill to find a lace blazer like that that looks half as good on me. Honestly, the more I look at this outfit, the more I’m liking it. And she clearly likes it too.

    • Anonymous

      I agree too. I don’t think this works on her at all, but I don’t think anyone should have to completely ditch their preferences to suit anyone else. Especially just to suit the taste of critics. Now fine, the ruffles, the hair, the jacket shape – none of them suiting her or doing her any favours. Fair enough and worthy of some criticism. But the lace… that’s down to taste. Some people like it, some people don’t. She clearly does, so fine.  I do too, the skirt is fine. Basically, I’d rather see personal choices even with the mistakes. Better that than the same predictable role call of dresses from stylists.

    • Karen Philp

      I think she is so beautiful and this outfit (peach ruffles included) would look great on the right person. I think she looks good from the front (I don’t even mind the hair)  Her hair and eyes really pop with these colours and I think the peach ruffles bring out the colour in her cheeks. The side view is intense BUT in the previous Christina post she got a WERQ for her hips. Why not a WERQ for her bust? Albeit she isn’t entirely looking proportionate but kind of top heavy. I’m sticking in Anonymoth and giver her an IN.

  • What a gross miscalculation. First of all, she needs to just ditch the blazer. The whole thing is just waaaay too fussy, from the ruffles, to the bow, to the lace hem and lace all over every friggin’ thing!!! YUCK. A bigger girl should know this–no little straps, no ditsy tiny prints, no fuss. She really needs to hire Janie Bryant as her stylist full time.

  • Donna Stamey

    She is so beautiful, and I love her….but no. No, no, no, no and no.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Ooooh… as I scrolled down an involuntary “oh dear!” escaped my lips.  A regretful ‘out’.

  • AudraR

    Ugh, so out!

  • Anonymous

    oh god no!

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the hair, but dear god. Woman, what the hell is wrong with you?! You’re sex-on-a-stick gorgeous, but the terrible wardrobe is actually diminishing my attraction towards you. There are plenty of women out there who manage to dress similar bodies flatteringly (is that a word?) on a smaller budget. This is pissing me off to a unnatural and iirational degree. And the Zoidberg-redux (thanks Itchy) ruffles are sort of disgustingly fleshy looking, no?

  • Anonymous

    But TLo, I like her hair like that!  [/whine]  But seriously, the rest is hiddeous.

  • Anonymous

    That shirt is fit only for burning. And she needs to just say no to lace period until she hooks up with some gays who 1) know their business and 2) are not afraid to say no to her.

  • Out.

    I like that little clutch, but it really does not go with that outfit.

  • Anonymous

    A definite out.

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    Out. Look, I understand where she is coming from – personally, I’m built like a Valkyrie on holiday (6’2, a natural – god help me – 36F-G, and rocking the big boobs/hits small waist thing) so I get how hard it is.

    But here’s the thing she refuses to grasp… twee only works on sprites and elves. It’s a blow, but one all of us on the Monroe side of the path have to accept, embrace, and learn to work with at some point. I swear… the woman needs to find not her own team of gays, but some flat out hard core drag divas to take her in hand. It was a tad traumatic for me – but it did wonders. NO RUFFLY PIECES OF NONSENSE.

    Time to let the dream die of being tiny, elfin, and wee. Just because you can shoehorn into the clothes- doesn’t mean they work.

    • Anonymous

      As someone rocking your same proportions, I have to say I love the phrase “built like a valkyrie on holiday”. It is so hard to give up on the pretty little frippery, especially with ModCloth advertising cute whatsits everywhere.

      • S. Jenna Lutz

        The phrase originally came about when I was still working Ren Faires – there is a group shot of myself and 2 friends looking like a picture out of “Girls Gone Medieval” where we were all rocking custom chainmail bikini tops, headed out for an after party. My than boyfriend (now husband) told me later he didn’t know if he should be aroused or afraid and simply settled for keeping the picture on his phone to show all his friends his Valkyrie Gal. And I feel you on the ModCloth ads. I always have those moments of “That would look so GREAT!…. on anyone other than me.”

        Sorry. Slightly bitter. Tried to make use of a bra sale at the mall AT the store for larger women – only to be told they don’t carry ANYTHING over a DDD. So back to ordering my clothes online!

  • Anonymous

    As a small woman with generous mammaries, I can tell you ruffles in the chestal area are never a good idea, especially when popping out of the neckline of a jacket. Out, out, out.

  • Huge OUT.

  • Out. This is what one wears to Colonel Sanders’ funeral…. 

  • Anonymous

    Can I vote OUT and still think that she looks like she’s ready to spank me with a ruler (and I’m totally into that)?  I was totally prepared to go with an “out” until you told me that was the “in” option…

  • Anonymous

    Out. Picture a Mother of the Groom who really, really disapproves of the bride, her parents, her family, and anyone else who would defile his pristineness. 

    And add a goiter.

  • Sara__B

    Out. As usual. TLo, I wish you’d show us pictures of the lovely Miss Hendricks only when she wears something that fits and flatters. It’s depressing to see her looking lousy on the red carpet again and again and again and…

  • Anonymous

    If we didn’t have celebrities with shitty taste, why, we’d all get sick from all our opinions backing up, unexpressed.

    I love this.

    The outfit made me gasp. Peach ruffles notwithstanding, she might have gotten away with the top half over a pair of jeans. But only – ONLY – if she hadn’t gone out with her hair in a HalfLeia.

    • Anonymous

      Lol half Leia.

  • Anonymous

    So sad. But in an attempt to be nice – she really as beautiful eyes. Nonetheless, out!

  • Out!  So so bad.  She’s so beautiful — why does she do this to herself????

  • Anonymous

    Poor thing.  She really seems to be trying, too – which almost makes it worse.  And after yesterday’s fabulous post, this is doubly depressing.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. OUT. OUT.

  • margaret meyers

    I think she is dressing herself and she really needs to hire someone.

  • It’s all wrong from head to toe.  A woman with bigger ankles should NOT wear no heels!  (flip flops don’t count)  And coming from someone with a body like Christina – NO NO NO on anything that goes up to the neck!  You need to show some cleavage (not alot) to draw the eye down straight to think out the hips!  For God’s sake something like a crew INCREASES the bust line and not in a flattering way!  Geezus God Almighty!

    And the hair!  She’s got that glorius head of hair and she HIDES it?!

    TLO you need to set up an intervention!  Hey!  A new TV show!  Fashion Intervention for Celebrities!

    • Oh, that was an OUT, BTW.

  • trijya singh

    Oh C-Hen! You’re GORGEOUS

  • trijya singh

    Oh C-Hen! You’re GORGEOUS

  • Anonymous

    I keep looking to see if I find any redeeming qualities. And, well, the jacket is not that bad from the front. Like, comparatively speaking. And I like her skin, her eyes and the color of her hair. Kudos to Christina for that.
    Yeah, that’d be an OUT

  • Anonymous

    Oy. I mean OUT. She should pose on a clam shell with nothing on but a lot of red hair. 

  • Out… Maybe each piece individually could have been saved by better pairing — though I’m skeptical about the peach ruffles — but altogether it’s an absolute no!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    While I love black and lace, and she does look gorgeous, the peach ruffles are so bad I didn’t even notice the hair.  Out. 

  • In. She’s cute.

  • I think there’s a slim chance that the hair maybe — maybe — could work with another outfit, but it just looks odd on this one. Out.

  • Are you kidding me? OUT

  • My one question; Why do the peach ruffles match her makeup?

    The ruffles could’ve been saved if they weren’t spewing out like that. 
    I honestly don’t think its /that/ bad…it does make her eyes pop..I hatehatehate the hair and the neck thingie though. Sooo, an almost-outed; IN. 

  • I’m going to say IN, because she looks like a kinky Amish teacher. La la la.

  • Tom Shea

    AMC should write it into her contract: She shouldn’t be allowed to appear in public as anyone but Joan Holloway Harris.

  • Rei Carter

    In…I think she looks cute and a bit steampunk/unconventional. Also, she looks like she loves what she’s wearing.

  • As the owner of a voluptuous figure-type, I’ve learned that women like us just can’t wear a lot of frilly — gathers, ruffles, lace, big prints, the like. We need clean, tailored lines with just a touch of the above for accent. (Hey, our bodies are already “frilly” enough.)

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I have never actually seen her ‘in’ in anything outside of Mad Men. If anyone needs gays, she does.

  • Anonymous

    I want to call her in because this hair style made me realize (for the first time) how gorgeous she could look in the *right* kind of shorter hair, or semi-put-up hair, the kind that would frame her face (asymmetrically?) and draw attention to her amazing eyes/cheeks/nose (rather than to the distance from her hairline to chin, as this does).

    But honestly, that jacket & skirt looks like something I’d wear when I needed to look ‘appropriate’ and not-awful. And I’d never wear the ruffles or a lace-overlay skirt, but that’s just because I dislike that kind of busy-ness.

    The jacket pulls as if she’s gained a few pounds since the last fitting, although that’s probably just that she (doesn’t feel she can) have every single thing she wears altered to account for her chest.  If she’s going to be photographed she should. I’m sure she’s long since realized that most designer clothing doesn’t work for her, I wish she’d accept that she looks best in something that fits, even if that cuts out clothing and designers she loves. And if she can’t customize loaner clothing appropriately, well, it sucks to be you, designer who can’t design for Christina Hendricks – someone else can get the business of full-figured gals with money once said gals realize who DOES make Ms. Hendricks look like a million bucks..


  • I’m going to be the sole vote on this side of the line: IN. I read through all the comments thus far, plus T&L’s comments, and while I understand where y’all are coming from, I don’t feel it’s as decisive as it appears. I think she looks good: the color looks good with her skin tone, and for a girl with large knockers herself, it’s tough finding a jacket that fits in all the right places. Bring on the floodgates of disagreement, but I stick with my vote.

  • G

    Just a shame.  She has a pretty face and a womanly bod.  She needs some gays to choose her clothes, put on her makeup and style her hair.  She certainly must be able to afford it.  What a waste.

  • Anonymous


  • Grace Ritt

    She appears to be attempting to dress like her Mad Men character, which is good because they dress her so well on that show. However, to me, the patterns on the dress and the skirt look weirdly different even though I think they’re the same. I guess she likes emphasizing her boobs but they emphasize themselves enough. What if the ruffles were blue? Erm…still no. Out.

  • Susan Phillips

    Avoiding the in or out question (too obvious)–who saw Christina in the film of Company?  Her voice might have been wispy, but her delivery was great!  I loved the whole Company/NY Philharmonic/Neal Patrick Harris extravaganza–but she was an unexpected and special delight.  You can still catch this if you hurry–today’s the last day of its theatrical run.  

    • Anonymous

      I loved it, she was great. I was really interested when she disrobed to her slip.  She is quite voluptous and curvy, I applaud her for being comfortable in the role.  It did illustrate for me that she has a challenge in dressing that va va voom figure.  Clearly, this outfit was not the answer.

  • It’s an out – the peach ruffles just kill it – but I give her points for the make-up, much more understated than she usually does, and it makes her look much younger and fresh-faced.  She needs to think navy, cream, bold – that’s why she looked so good in that sailor-stripe top.  

  • Sooo out. Sorry Xtina.

  • Anonymous

    Out. 1930s is probably accurate — but I was thinking a little earlier, like, Laura Ingalls Wilder going into a new town interviewing for a school marm position.  

  • Ruffles and big chests do not mix! Sheesh! Out.

  • Anonymous

    The front is not bad, the profile is pretty awful, but she looks so genuinely cute and happy, which is nice.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks kind of adorable

  • Anonymous

    Oh, dear! Out, for sure.

  • Marisa McPeck-Stringham

    As someone with Christina’s figure I say she’s an IN!

  • I HATE HATE HATE the clothes but Iove love love the fact that she looks so happy and confident. But I have to be realistic (unlike dear Christina). OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT Christina, OUT. I adore you (and your clutch) but you have terrible dress sense. I know how hard it is to dress those gargantuan boobs because I share your proportions (with the added bonus of a long torso, lucky me). Get a pattern-maker and a seamstress. It’s the only way.

  • Anonymous

    That is just wrong on every level. I hate to get into the red heads shouldn’t  wear certain colors but that ruffle thing clashes horribly with her hair. Furthermore that ruffle from hell  takes on whole new horror with F sized boobs. Is that toe creep I see? Maybe being shoehorned into every article of clothing was a theme for the night. I bet at the end of the evening in the back of limo she is ripping her clothes off and it is not for hot sex but  because 3 hours of not breathing must be tough.

  • I have a very similiar body type and figure and I know what to (and not to) wear.  The skirt is cute and something can be done with it.    The peach ruffles… ack…   I would have never paired that jacket with it… I know what my side view looks like so I don’t!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, honey.
    Just NO.
    Why does she insist on wearing black ALL THE TIME?
    Also, NO NO NO.
    LUV HUH, but O.U.T.

  • Anonymous


  • sonictofu

    I think it’s quite cute.  I’m even enjoying the half-assed princess leia hair.  Sorry guys, I’m saying in.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this even an IN or OUT?  Let’s all just shudder and move on.

  • If there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t need more attention drawn to her chest, it’s her.  Why would she think she needs MORE there?

  • Sweet baby Jesus, I am appalled. With two “ps.” I just can’t give this woman a pass anymore. She is stunningly beautiful but should not be allowed to leave the house. I have octogenarians who come in my retail establishment looking younger, fresher and more modern.

  • Anonymous

     Spank me with a ruler, baby. Big IN!

  • Anonymous

    How is it possible to be so beautiful and yet so clueless on how to dress that amazing body?!?!?!? The skirt, purse and shoes should be saved, but the rest of the outfit should be burned in a seance to cleanse poor Christina of bad fashion karma. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Gahhhh this is such a travesty.  She’s so hot! And this is so… sad.  OUT.

  • Oh God! I don’t want to say it, for I love Ms. Christina with all my heart, but… oh no… OUT. Her hair looks ADORABLE here, and she’s just beaming, so it’s killing me to dish on her outfit. But damn! You can’t get away with a shirt that resembles labia minora!

  • Anonymous

    I love Christina and here, like the purse. That’s it. The rest hurts my eyes.

  • Rand Ortega

    I won’t go into the ensemble because, frankly, life’s too short. But the hair is ghastly. What is that? A half Princess Leia? Does this gorgeous young woman have a stylist? You’d never know by looking @ her.

  • Out. do i really need to give a reason?

  • Leslie Carver

    good god, no.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  That is awful head to toe.  I just saw the filmed version of “Company” with the lovely Ms. Hendricks the other night, she looked very pretty on stage and did a wonderful job with the role.  But I must say, especially when she stripped down to her slip, she is a very curvy girl, esp in consideration of standards today.  I can imagine it is a challenge to dress but for gods sake, get a proffessional.  She can look very good in the right things, she just needs the right things.

  • Why, why, WHY isn’t she wearing color?  She looks so fabulous in jewel tones!  This look is just unspeakably sad.  Victorian secretary, ugh.  

  • Anonymous

    G, WTF!?


  • OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Waaaaay the hell out. The hair, God the hair!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t mind the lace suit, I think the awful peach shirt with the estoic black ribbon is what’s completely shitting the outfit. If you are going to wear a suit (even a lace suit!) you can’t get away with silly hairdos. Out

  • The parts I like: the area between her eyebrows and her chin and the area below her knees. She needs to completely reevaluate everything else.


  • Anonymous

    Oh my it looks like a landslide against poor Christina. I feel like  I need to explain why I love this look on her.
    She has such an over the top sexy body that she can  completely get away with such a prim look and still look sexy as hell.
    In  fact I dislike when she wears the low super low cut gowns. I even like the semi Victorian/1930’s spinster ruffles and tie., I love the hair and low key make-up. And I double plus love the chess club pocket book. Cheeky.

  • To steal from Michelle Visage, she looks pinheaded.

  • Anonymous

    I LIKE the hair. And the clutch. And her beautiful face.

    And. And… that’s it.


  • oy vey, out!

  • Michael Williams

    It’s time for an intervention. ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  She looks like she should be typing up  correspondence for Baby Jane Hudson.

    But I WANT that clutch!

  • Her makeup is really pretty here, but everything else is just WRONG.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet merciful 8 lb. 10 oz. Baby Jesus, woman. That is so far OUT it’s in another dimension. 

  • Delaney Davis

    Looks like she’s dressing for the steampunk/sci-fi crowd.

  • Anonymous


  • MilaXX

    The very definition of a HAM aka hot mess. I get thge hairstyle she was going for, but to make it look good would require a few extenions. What she has going is the very definition of sad hair. I like a peach top with this skirt, but the combo of the ruffles, the black tie and the jacket is just too much stuff & none of it cute. In fact, if she had done a simple peach top with a nice pair of earrings I may have forgiven the skirt. The jacket is really not doing her any favors. Makeup is okay, but I would have warmed up the lip a tiny bit. Overal this is just a giant FAIL.


  • Margot Brose

    Egh. Out. That jacket looks pretty terrible from the front too: it makes her stomach look enormous.

  • Anonymous

    Well, her face looks pretty.

  • The jacket is fine from the front, and the skirt is actually pretty cute, but that shirt is AWFUL. And don’t even get me started on the hair. Blech. Out.

  • Out, for reals. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WTF indeed!  This woman should get rid of everything she ever THOUGHT about wearing. Her face and body are so beautiful.  Her hair is aflame. Her skin is flawless.   Woman needs to start with those magnificent assets, naked as the day she was born, and then get some excellent gays to do her proud.  Control is an illusion, Christina.  Give it up. OUT OUT OUT

  • I could almost forgive the ruffles if she threw out that ascot choker..thing and the jacket. I mean it would still look like crap, but it would be less crappy.

    Isn’t it way too hot for that much black and for the jacket, anyways?

    Out out out out out. 

  • Courtney Hellams

    I don’t care, she gets a big ol’ IN from me.

    I think it’s nice that she wears shit that she actually likes and is not just a puppet for her mindless stylist who simply plucks outfits off the runway and puts zero thought into them whatsoever.

    You work that spinster dress, Christina! 

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks cute and unique.

  • Anonymous

    maybe today is the day she finds your blog  & turns it around?

  • Anonymous

    oh dear a lace suit, no no no. that skirt could totally work but  burn the jacket and the shirt. love the clutch. the hair doesn’t offend me but the makeup does not go with the look. although, the makeup is so clean and fresh i love it, her face looks so beautiful here,i wish the clothes matched it.
    out, so so out

  • Jesus, NO.

  • Anonymous

    …and she needs to stop doing her own make up! (sorry, I know some people liked it, but I think it’s awful).

  • It’s insanely out.  

  • The outfit looks so cute on her if it’s seen only from a direct front shot… then it all goes to hell. The hair and makeup are not helping. Oh Christina 🙁

  • OUT. I don’t hate the skirt, and I don’t hate the jacket (though the side view isn’t great), but the hair and peach ruffle monstrosity need to stop.

  • Anonymous

    Has the short bus for the Institute For The Sartorially Challenged left yet? Because Ms. Hendricks needs to be put on it pronto and not allowed to return to civilized society until she has proven she can dress herself, not a willowy Victorian heroine living in the Alps or whatever it is she imagines herself to be when she is told she will be seen in public with dozens of photographers present.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is SO bad. The skirt and jacket are ok, but that TOP. And that HAIR. There’s just no excuse for the kind of gorgeousness-squandering this lady indulges in on the regular. OUT.

  • As a big chested girl myself, I empathize.  Sometimes you just wanna wear a suit jacket, and its pretty darn hard to find one that closes in the front while still leaving you some kind of discernible waist.  That look on her face is pride that she found such a jacket.  If she’d built a different outfit around that jacket, she would have been fine, but going with the matching skirt was where she really ran into trouble.  That hem emphasizes the “lace” theme, in a bad way.  
    In the cleavage area, she could have done ruffles, OR feminized bow tie, but not both at once.
    I’m still going to call this an IN just because I do think that jacket is pretty awesome.

  • Oh Chrissy. One step forward, two steps back. Way, way OUT.

  • Hair is cute, but ruffles on her chest??? Peach ruffles on her chest? Pretty much OUT.

  • Diana Martinez

    WOW.  She’s so cute, it’s gotta be hard work to look that bad.  OUT.

  • I am thinking that those pieces by themselves are not bad, even the peach ruffle..but all together, she looks like a black brocade sofa with a peach doiley on it. OUT

  • I just finished marathoning all four seasons of Mad Men so I will forgive her anything. She is just going out in disguise, like Clark Kent.

  • Wow, that’s brutal.  Did she get dressed in the dark?

  • Anonymous

    That’s just pathetic. Surely she can afford a decent stylist? Nobody with her chest should be wearing ruffles – EVER. And most big-chested girls figure that out at about age 16. She’s one damn slow learner.
    Won’t even mention the hair. Can’t go there.

  • OUT. I agree that all it inspires is “WTF?”

  • Anonymous

    sadly out…girls with big boobs who have had them for a while should know that ruffles and bows or anything that make the chest look even bigger is out as it will always make one look matronly….coming from one who knows that big boob are not always a blessing (but are usually ok), clothes should fit well, with the right proportions (always above the knee, the more the better when you have a short waist in addition to big boobs), and lastly, live a little with some bling or cleveage or something…..

    • Lisa

      THIS!  I have jumbos myself, and a couple of years ago, I tried on this lovely blouse with ruffles on the front. I took one look at myself in the dressing room mirror, said “Oh, HELL no!”, and took it right off again.  I mean, come on, if you have Golden Winnebagos like I do, ya gotta know!

      • Anonymous

        right? my favorite i-can’t-wear-that-ever moment was trying on one of those blouses that have the super-plunging neckline…my friend and i laughed so hard at the sight the owner of the boutique we were in came in and gave us the hairy eye, which we could barely see due to the tears of laughter…

  • Anonymous

    Burn it with fire, and then send her to my house.  Having mammaries like that, myself, I have learned how to make them look good from any angle, and this girl needs a lesson … or ten.


  • Anonymous

    Out, out out – the ruffles, the jacket and the hair.

  • Anonymous

    Community theater wardrobe test for her role as Sgt. Sarah Brown??  (On the positive: Not a Broadway baby, but sweet onscreen this week in ‘CelebriCompany’.)

    P.S.  Thank you, TLo, for the wee distraction as I (we?) prepare to seethe during and after ‘The Killing’ finale . . . . 


  • Lisa

    OUT!!  Out out out, and get this girl a boatful of gays!  I haven’t seen anyone need this much help in a long time!  And it kills me, because she’s so gorgeous – it’s like she needs it even more than a lot of other girls who have less going for them.

  • Out. Completely and utterly ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I’m a spinster New England clergywoman of a historically Puritan church and even *I* am gagging on all that black lace. “Go-Go Dowager” is not a good look on anyone.
    The hair is atrocious and looks like something I would try to do, but I’m not a star who could easily have several stylists on speed dial.

  • taodon

    She looks like she belongs in that bad western Maverick – except that Jodie Foster would look at her and say, “Bitch, what the hell are you wearing?”  Mel Gibson would just blame it on someone else.

  • elzatelzabelz

    OUT- there is so much wrong with this outfit that I can’t think straight. Doesn’t she have a stylist by now? If so, WHO lets her out of the house like this? She has, what, 2 good looks versus 3,867,879 bad looks. Someone help this woman STAT.

  • Oh good lord, WAY out!

  • It’s obviously an out, but it’s really nice to see her straight-up smiling rather than doing her Joan-Holloway-as-model smirk. (She looks lovely doing the smirk, but she just looks so HAPPY here. It’s infectious.)

  • JackieDee7

    Yeah out. I think my exact words when I saw the pictures were. “What? Oh no… What the fuck girl?”

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This is an awful mess.

  • Anonymous

    She obviously has a quirky sense of style. I prefer her dressing like herself,  like she is doing here, rather than trying to squeeze her body into a sample size dress.

  • Sarah Thomas


    I’m not going to accuse Tom and Lorenzo of body criticism, because one thing I genuinely respect this blog for is being one of the few places where fashion is discussed critically, while (mostly) avoiding snarking on people’s weight and (often) ridiculing the fashion industry’s fetishization for the insanely skinny. But one thing I notice is that, even here, women with eclectic taste who are more svelte are given far more leeway to break body-image rules than not. A toothpick (Chloe Sevigny, Tilda Swinton) who wants to go out in a, I don’t know, sailor hat and mauve blazer paired with tulle overalls? “LUV. HUH./it’s her new performance art/bow the hell down, bitches.” But someone Christina’s size? “WHY AREN’T YOU MORE BODY CONSCIOUS?” Maybe someone who has complained in interviews many times that 1) she is made really really uncomfortable by all the strangers that come up to her on the street and say they want to fuck her and 2) she is constantly compared to women four sizes smaller than her who are given thousands of dollars of free clothes to wear to Jamba Juice *isn’t’ dressing to titillate 24/7. Maybe she really likes lace and blazers and weird things. To Christina, and to every other woman not LeeLee Sobieski’s size who wants to wear something that didn’t come from the visionary mind of Rachel Zoe, I salute you. 

    • MilaXX

      It has nothing to do with her size. It’s the fact that the outfit is butt ugly and the jacket which looks like she is trying to use to minimize her boobs only draws more attention to them because fit her boobs. Sure she can rock lace if that her thing. But  figure out *how* to rock the lace. Lose the jacket, get a blouse without fricking ruffles and a contrasting tie and let a professional work that hair. This is a coulda outfit. Her size has nothing to do with the epic fail of it all.

    • “I’m not going to accuse Tom and Lorenzo of body criticism,”

      And yet you go on to do just that, offering completely made-up examples to prove your “point.”

    • Anonymous

      Oh, come on.
      Most of the actresses who get the treatment are very slim. Choe Sevigny has been harshly criticized many times as have the likes of Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, and Gwyenth Paltrow. Not to mention Rachel Zoe.
      One of the main Bow Down Bitches, is Helen Mirren (who has huge breasts btw). And the BDB is a joke you know? Funny haha. YOu don’t really


  • Absolutely out!

  • I love the peach ruffles!!!

  • Patricia Biswanger

    OUT.  Dear God, what was she thinking of?????

  • If it was anything but peach, I would LOVE LOVE it, but the peach takes it down a notch. Still IN for me.

  • Anonymous

    When you have boobs that are rather larger than the rest of you, putting ruffles on them is the worst thing you can do. I don’t mind the jacket and skirt (did you see how cute she looked in a stewardess outfit that was basically a navy blazer and pencil skirt?) but I think the jacket needs to be a titch bigger and a plain little white cami or tank or T underneath would look way better. And the hair definitely needs work.

    • Anonymous

      Ooops. I left out “in COMPANY” when I said that part about how cute she looked. How cute she looked in the recent filmed version of the NY Philharmonic production of Stephen Sondheim’s COMPANY, wherein she played a dippy stewardess named April.

  • Anonymous

    Wow –it’s like Princess Leia lost half her croissant hair bun and the rest is… I don’t have words for it. 

  • Anonymous

    Peach ruffles ARE abominations. So very OUT.

  • it’s more, um, fleshy than peach. the rare times you see a plant that color, it always gets described as fleshy {except for the rare instances where someone says looks like meat }.

    otoh, i really think whats going on w/ her is she’s gained some minor amount of weight during mm’s hiatus & is unsure how to dress for her current size. i am also sure she will lose the weight {eventually to gain it again & lose it again, i & other people have done this so many times we all know the drill} & she’ll look more comfortable &, thereby & therefore, better once again.

    i am so used to dressing my own variation on that figure–& it’s really hard to do, it’s not fun–that my only complaint hereupon is that the length of the skirt seems kinda wonky.

    still, i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again: betsey johnson, azzedine alaia, gaultier, old thierry mugler {if you can find any that fits}–this sort of stuff {& those who have knocked off the more expensive lines well} works really well on the body type. &, for heavens sake, she represents vivienne westwood! then again, she may be wearing vivienne westwood. then again, again, not the best of it.

  • Megan Sullivan


  • I love Ms Hendricks and I can see her trying. But she is inappropriately dressed for the event. She looks like a school teacher with a big clothing budget and little dress sense. It is not terrible by any means but she should have avoided those ruffles. Boring as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Miss Kitty had to find a respectable job after the saloon closed down. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought!  Channeling Ms. Kitty from Gunsmoke!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the individual parts, but am not sure they work together.  Love the understated makeup, don’t mind the hair.  IN, because she has credits banked.

  • Oof, so out. Poor girl. Although I do think the hair could have been cute and fun with a sleeker set of clothes. Ruffles and lace need to be banned though. 

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that ish without the peach ruffles, it would have been so chic!  Out.

  • She may look like something damaged here, but she was amazing in the NY Philharmonic production of Company!

  • I bet when a woman suddenly becomes a media wide Sex Symbol and, if it perhaps doesn’t really sit well with your actual personality, it must be damned difficult to dress especially for an event. All those lads mags photo spreads she must be asked to do, and every single interview she does that end up focussing on her body, it must be very odd. Perhaps Christina occaisionally wants to dress in a distinctly dowdy manner just to feel less oggled; that said perhaps someone should forcibly remove all ruffles from her wardrobe. Especially the ones in peach.

    Many moons ago the Fug Girls suggested that Salma Hayek should teach a learning annex course in how to wrangle one’s bosom, and I think we can all agree how valuable it would be for Christina to be taken under Ms. Hayek’s wing in this regard.
    Also, has lipstick offended her in some way?

  • Anonymous

    Being a fellow redhead, I get that it can be hard to find the right colors to match a pale complexion with red hair (although methinks that her red hair gets a bit of an assist from a bottle). One thing that all redheads know (or at least I thought knew) is that you must be diligent to avoid colors making you look more washed out than you already are. The peach ruffles clashing with her red hair and highlighting her already pale skin are so heinous that her redhead credentials (and bottle of red hair dye) should be taken away from her stat! I mean, you learn crap like this is Dressing for Redheads 101.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet jaysus woman!  On behalf of the curvy girls everywhere, please stop.  Any magazine article written from the 40’s onwards on the subject of “dress for your body type” will say no ruffles for the big boobed.  You’re a gorgeous woman, and a great acctress.  Hire a stylist and stop dressing like a hot mess.  PS – Loved you on Firefly. 

  • Anonymous

    HORRID – so completely out, not one single element is IN.

  • I kindof wish Christina would give into her subconscious urge and just go full on steampunk.  She would look amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Out. She’s so much better than this!

  • Aly Light


  • Anonymous

    WTF says it all.

  • aussiegal77

    OUT.  Nothing else can be added, it is horrible.

  • less of an out and more of a crying hysterically, screaming to the heavens WHY while clutching madmen dvds to my face as to perhaps erase this image from my mind. 

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Ugh. OUT. I can’t say much more than you already have so, seconded on all accounts!

  • Anonymous

    She’s actually making me angry here. She has no idea at all how to dress her body and she can’t even choose shades to flatter her gorgeous coloring. She might have been able to pull this off without a blouse under that jacket and with her hair down, but it’s still a very heavy look for LA in June. Stop hiding your lovely figure and coloring, Christina!

  • aimee_parrott

    *weep*  She’s OUT. Again.  Oh, Christina.

  • She could do with hitting the gym for a few sessions and toning everything up.  Sure, she has large breasts but she would look much better if she didn’t just accept that “large breasts = fat.”  Many women fall into this trap.   The outfit is, obviously, all wrong simply because it makes her body look like a tube.  She needs to wear very structure garments that enhance her size rather than trying to squeeze into a thin woman’s outfit. 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, OUT!
    BUT-on another note:
    We saw the screening of the NY Philharmonic’s concert version of COMPANY yesterday and Christina was just AMAZING! 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, OUT!
    BUT-on another note:
    We saw the screening of the NY Philharmonic’s concert version of COMPANY yesterday and Christina was just AMAZING! 

  • Anonymous

    If I were Christina Hendricks, I’d be reluctant to constantly dress in Joan-esque clothes too. It would feel like constantly having to portray that character, you know? Hell, I’d probably go around in ripped jeans and an oversized tee that said I’M NOT JOAN HOLLOWAY GODDAMNIT

    And I don’t think this outfit is a total disaster – with a less ruffled top and a more carefully tailored jacket it would have looked quite cut

  • Hate to do it to such a hot and shapely woman, but has to be Out. The fit of the jacket is just too bad, and the ruffles….oh the horror of the ruffles. Cute clutch tho. I’d call this one an almost. No ruffles and a tailoring for the jacket and she’d be lookin’ smokin. 

    Regardless of any of this, I’d still let her spank me 😉

  • OUT!!  Mal should taker HER clothes and leave her naked on a planet somewhere!

  • Lenora Dody

    Out, definitely!

  • Joyce VG


  • shorty j

    aw man. I really like it from the waist up (minus the hair) but the whole thing is what pulls it into Funeral Home Secretary territory. But then again, I’m jealous because I have big boobs and look TERRIBLE in ruffles. I look like a damn refrigerator. 

  • shorty j

    aw man. I really like it from the waist up (minus the hair) but the whole thing is what pulls it into Funeral Home Secretary territory. But then again, I’m jealous because I have big boobs and look TERRIBLE in ruffles. I look like a damn refrigerator. 

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks absofuckinglutely adorable.

  • Sarah Henkel

    The concept of the outfit is similar to her flight attendant costume in Company ( jacket, pencil skirt and ruffled shirt. It worked for the costume and looked downright adorable, but here it falls flat. The all-over lace, black ribbon at her neck and hair kill it on the runway.

  • She looks like a female matador.  OUT.

  • Out, but I actually like the hair. Still, I literally recoiled from the ruffles. eek.

  • In.  You’re all mad.  Let someone have some originality for a change.  I’m not fond of the shoes, but at least they aren’t boring beige pumps with the same tired ass pale dresses with same tired ass necklines we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. 

    Bring it back, Christina.  Whatever it is, bring it back.

  • In.  You’re all mad.  Let someone have some originality for a change.  I’m not fond of the shoes, but at least they aren’t boring beige pumps with the same tired ass pale dresses with same tired ass necklines we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. 

    Bring it back, Christina.  Whatever it is, bring it back.

  • she looks gross and disgusting.

    two words i never thought i would say about her.

  • Anonymous

    Nelly Olson has taken a job as the new bordello secretary!

  • OUT. I really think the hair is so bad that I don’t give a f*ck what she is wearing. OUT Damned Bun!

  • Out. Just . . . bad. The hair is an abomination, also. 

  • Anonymous

    Cringe, shriek, omigawd awful.  OUT to the max.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* she is indeed OUT.

  • Ouuuuut. God, lady, please hire a stylist. 

  • wow. I really like her hair.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Unfortunately, the proportions make her look shorter, and wider, which is not what she needs.

  • Out. Front the front, it actually looks kind of nice even though I hate black lace (it always looks cheap). But TLO is right; from the side, it looks sooooooooooooo bad.

  • Anonymous

    The hair would be cute with a more modern outfit, I think. Or maybe a more casual one. But it’s a little too on-the-nose for this equestrienne look. Anyway, peach ruffles plus a black lace suit = OUT!

  • Candice Richardson

    OUT! OUT! OUT! She looks like “Heidi goes to work in the big city”. iCan’t

  • Why are her lips so bloodless? Out! 

  • In. I like the purse, the texture of the jacket & dress and her hair. Shoes are okay and make-up is fine.

  • akprincess72


  • WHO WOULDN’t WANT TO LOOK LIKE A SPINSTER IN THE 1930’s??  You people don’t appreciate this kind of style at all.  IN from me. She looks, cute, adorable, sexy, unique and like she has a great fun, nerdy personality.