WERQ: Britney Spears in Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Posted on May 17, 2011

To the eternal frustration of those who would prefer us to be more rigid than we actually are, we tend to grade celebrity fashion choices on a curve, depending on who’s wearing it and where they’re wearing it. Britney never really got a lot of coverage here because she rarely does anything interesting on a fashion level and more often than not, we think she looks sloppy and haphazard. We don’t want to be responsible for her mental health, so we’ve mostly left her alone.

Britney Spears attends the KIIS FM’s 2011 Wango Tango Concert in Los Angeles in Hervé Léger by Max Azria.

Look, this is hardly causing us to leap to our feet and shout our huzzahs to the heavens, but she looks fresh and put together; the dress suits her and fits really well, and we kinda dig the OG Star Trek-style boots. The yellow hair pains us and burns our retinas, but we’re willing to overlook it because she looks cuter here than we’ve seen her look in a really long time. And her bod is slammin’. WERQ, girl.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • up with pod people

    I think she personally looks healthier and happier than she has in a long time, but I am that person who kind of chokes on blondes wearing red unless it’s exceptionally well done. It’s like an inverse Ronald McDonald thing.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I do hope that she has gotten her act together and is, indeed happy and healthy. The only thing I don’t like is the OG Star Trek boots. Or at least I didn’t, until you called them OG Star Trek boots. Now I’m kinda groovin’ on them!

    • Anonymous

      All of that was just what I was thinking. She looks great, and I hated the boots, but now their OG Star Trek boots and they are groovy. 

  • I wish she had her old stylist back from her heyday.

  • Anonymous

    Is she TRYING to look like Jessica Simpson?  geez 

  • Bethany Fairbrother

     Well, at least she wasn’t “matchey matchey with her footwear, and it wasn’t a nude shoe.  The dress was OK in a “Barbie” sort of way.  Hair and make up need to go back to rehab!

  • If we can’t see the tracks of her weave, her hair looks great.  She looks happy and normal, which is such a big leap forward for her.  But I can’t get behind those boots.  Her legs are very muscular so the boots were always going to be questionable and the dress just doesn’t lend itself to them.  But I never would have thought that evaluating Britney’s wardrobe would ever just be picking nits instead of weeping “Oh, honey.  No.”  This is the woman who was photographed walking into a gas station rest room barefoot.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously?  We have to go from Oscar, real movie stars in Cannes to this?  Ugh, curve or no curve, this is not an outfit to celebrate.  The dress isn’t without interest but it needed something, ANYTHING other than those boots.  And that hair.  And that face with it’s stupid gaze of “What? Really?  Where are we?”.  Let’s go back to ignoring her, shall we? 

  • K

    What is it about Britney that makes us all root for her health and happiness. I looked at this and thought “Awe, she looks so much better! Good for her!” I don’t like the ultra blonde hair though.

  • Brittany has been looking better lately, and I’ll give this a B since we are grading on a curve.  I like the boots, but they don’t work with the dress at all.

    • MilaXX

       I think they work given the venue although if it was a different RC I would have preferred a pump

  • Lisa

     Eh, it’s fine.  I mean, yeah, it’s good for her, but it’s still fairly meh.

  •  love everything but the gross boots

  • I don’t know why this bothers me so much but does this look… unfinished, to anyone else? Between the lack of accessories, completely random boots, lack of colour (yes, I realize the dress is two colours, yet somehow it still looks monotone) and utter lack of jewelry, and the ridiculous nude mouth… it just doesn’t look like an outfit, but something that she pulled on to go shopping. Something pretty and fitting for sure, and she is looking good, but… fashion wise, this doesn’t even register.

    Also, whoa, you really could have titled this Jessica Simpson and I wouldn’t even realize.

  •  ugh, the boots hurt my eyes.

  • Hate what she’s wearing, especially the boots, but she looks healthy! Like, really healthy! She looks fab.

  • MilaXX

    I agree, she looks pretty good here and might I add despite it’s yellowness her hair looks pretty decent too. it’s not a busted weave that looks like she did it her self and that’s a big plus for her.

  • Danny Maza

     I like it, It’s not super fashion, but It’s her best look in years, and I’m quite jealous of her body, IT’S AMAZING!

  • Tim Wong

     its a beautiful dress.. but her face look washed out..she needs more makeup… the eyes are not dramatic enough to do the nude lip… this just look like she just ate and forgot to put her lipstick back on….. HATE the boots… don’t go with the outfit at all… if she put on a darker lip and wore a pair of Metalic Louboutins… then this would be perfect….. great improvement though…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like those boots (with this dress), and she could have used a bit of color somewhere on her face, but the dress is cute and she looks great in it. Her body is amazing, and her hair looks (relatively) good too. I have such a soft spot for Brits – really glad to see her looking happy and healthy! 

  • Judy_J

     Well, I agree that she looks better than she has in a very long time, but that’s not saying much.  I’m not digging the boots with that dress.

  • Anonymous

    Why are dumb boots her all-occasion footwear?!   And the colors – from head to toe – make her look like some tween doll fresh out of the box.  BUT …  the main thing … she looks to be in fighting trim … good on her.  

  • akprincess72

     Sorry, I just can’t…

  •  You know, whenever she shows up somewhere looking washed, fully dressed, and lucid I give her an IN. BBgirl needs all the encouragement she can get. 

  • Anonymous

     LOVE the dress for her.  It’s sweet in a teeny-bopper pop way but very adult in modern.  A good ‘I’m back.  I’m Britney.  And I know it’s 2011 dress.’  I like the boots for her but NOT with this dress.  It looks like she changed outfits without changing her shoes, and they cut off her legs at a really unflattering point.  If they went up to the knee, we might be talking.  I actually like the weavetastic waves, but GIRL you need a darker hair color and more color on your face.  Now that you’re not washed-up, you can’t be washed out.

  • Anonymous

    the biggest shock is that TLo didn’t hate the boots.  I agree with other posters that they are all wrong with this outfit and cut off her legs in an unattractive manner.  TLo, are you drinking the anti-bitchy juice today? 

  • Love the dress, can’t get behind the boots.  But yes, she does look better than usual.

  • Anonymous

    she looks gorge but I don’t like the dress, or the boots

  • Christina Brennan

    The dress is cute, I’ll give her that. But the boots are freaking awful and her Mountain Dew hair is hiddy.   And that pale make up is not doing her any favors either.  I *might* give her an IN, because she usually looks awful and this is mediocre, but I would in no way give her a WERQ for this.

  • aimee_parrott

    The best part of this outfit is that she actually looks healthy and happy.   

  •  I am really pulling for Britney to get and keep her mental health act together.  I ached for her when the press covered her heartbreaking, very public breakdown with such enthusiasm.  Seeing her look so pulled together and healthy is enough to be an IN for me. 
     I don’t like the boots or the hair, but in this case pulled together, healthy, & happy trumps bad boots and hair, at least for me.

  • WERD. 

  • Anonymous

    mmmmkay. You two must have been in a helluva good mood yesterday. 🙂
    I’ll give her this- she looks showered, healthy and sober, which are not always a given with her.
    The dress is just ok, but that’s definitely NOT her color.
    The hair is a disaster. There’s just no way around it. Blonder is not always better and that sort of yellow hair suits absolutely nobody.

    Not a WERQ for me, but at least a teeny step in the right direction. I’m still concerned about her, though.  

  •  I want whatever y’all are smoking. The dress is cute, but those boots are a mess!

  • Anonymous

    I am soooo tired of “werq” already. It was done like 5 minutes after it started.

    To paraphrase the holy scriptures:

    “Gretchen, stop trying to make werq happen! It’s not going to happen!”

  • Anonymous

    Can’t disagree, though I wish the boots were some candy color. Or even white. For her, it’s a 10

  • Anonymous

     I think that the boots look awful with this (mediocre) dress. She does look healthy and it’s nice to see when someone comes back from the edge…

  • Danny Maza

     She is in Harper’s Bazaar, you gouy should do a fasion editorial about it 😀 the clothes and pictures are beautiful 🙂

  • Sandra Megally

    I want her to be wearing yellow shoes with this for some reason.  I hate the boots but the rest of her looks better than she has in years.

  • Anonymous

    The girl is look alright and good for her. While the yellow extensions may be bad they are gobs better than the truly scary ones she wore for years. Keep improving honey!

  • Anonymous

    The hair….ohhhh!!