Pop Style Opinionfest: The Britney Spears Reckoning

Posted on February 12, 2021

MUCH to discuss on the pop culture front this week, darlings! Like so many others, we were appalled, engrossed, and infuriated by the Framing Britney Spears documentary and, us being us, we had lots of opinions to express in the wake of it. By all means, we’d love it if you listened in to hear our thoughts on the film and its repercussions for Britney herself, but the real reason we wanted to talk about it today was because it naturally forced us to reckon with our own celebrity blogging past.




After watching the documentary, we combed through our old Britney posts, fearful that we may have stepped over the line a few times in the wild blogging days of the mid-to-late aughts. Find out what we discovered and what we would have done differently.

PLUS! That’s not all, of course. Tom, big ol’ nerd, has a few things he wants to get off his chest regarding WandaVision and why last week’s shocking reveal was so satisfying to fans of the MCU. It’s because it’s replicating a specific feeling that only an old-school comic fan would have understood before now.




ALSO! Lorenzo wants you to watch Lady and the Dale on HBO! He has many reasons for this! He will tell you of them!





And FINALLY! A lot of culture writers who are significantly younger than us reacted with outrage to the news that the Sex and the City reboot will deal with the Samantha Jones issue by having her simply fade out of the main characters’ lives. We, for our parts, found it largely relatable and understandable. We aren’t in full agreement on this one, though. There’s a little bit of a debate as to how this should be handled, but we both agree that even the most ardent friendships don’t always survive middle age.



Once again, we’re a couple of chatty Cathys, just dying to spew our opinions in your faces. And once again, we are ever so grateful that you’re allowing us to do so.




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