Metropolitan Gala Red Carpet, Part 1

Posted on May 03, 2011

Darlings, it was the prom night of the fashion world, as anybody who’s anybody descended on  New York City with their stomachs sucked in and in their very best borrowed finery. We’ve got a LOT of ground to cover, so get your coffee and let’s get started.

Amy Adams in L’Wren Scott

Our first impulse was a half-hearted “You go, girl,” because she tends toward pretty standard gowns in solid colors. This is still a pretty standard gown, but the pattern really makes it interesting. The only thing we don’t like is the 1930s prison matron hair.

Amy Poehler in J. Mendel

Are the hair gays fighting with the fashion gays in the stylist world? Because it seems like lately, we’re seeing pretty dresses paired with shitty hair an awful lot. Still, this is the second good dress we’ve seen on her in a row and given her history on the red carpet, that’s a very positive development. We like the dress but the necklace should have been paired with a less fussy neckline.

Ashley Greene in Donna Karan

This is one of those dresses that never looks as good in pictures as it does in person. Not that it looks bad here; in fact it looks great. It’s just that we’d bet it looks stunning in person.

Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrera

You guys, Christina didn’t have time to change out of her HAZMAT suit after cleaning up that oil spill, so she cleverly arranged it to look like a gown. It’s not for us to criticize her since she apparently spent all day washing baby ducks with dish detergent.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino

Dakota, T Lo is officially tired of seeing you in flowery, tulle-y Valentino princess dresses.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

STUNNING. You know how we’re always saying that clothes can be used to send a message? Diane is saying loud and clear, “Yes, I know you want to have sex with me, but you’re lucky I’m letting you breathe my air. Now get me a drink.” She’s what drag queens spend years trying to perfect: the very definition of “FIERCE.”

Emma Roberts in Michael Kors


Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

She’s been returning to the sequined column in a neutral color quite a bit lately but we can’t deny it’s her look. We’ll give her this one but we reserve the right to bitch at her the next time she wears a dress like this.

Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney

Oh, honey. You finally dressed your age, which is to say, awkwardly. She’s been doing so well on the style front from the minute she hit the scene that it’s a bit endearing to see her in something so clumsy-looking. If it had a straight hem above the knee and she’d paired it with shoes that weren’t fighting the dress for attention, we’d like it a lot more, but even so, the color and the fabric look a bit drab.

Iman in Stella McCartney

Honest to God, our initial reaction was “RuPaul looks fabulous!” And that is TOTALLY a compliment, not that Iman needs our compliments. We love that she had the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to wear a metallic gold jumpsuit instead of the usual gown.

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney

It fits her well and it’s probably one of the best ways to dress formally when you’re at that stage where your little miracle has bent your spine into an S shape. Our only issue is that it’s shiny and that her obvious struggles with “pregnancy brain” have left her confused and thinking that brooches are hats.

Kristen Stewart in Proenza Schouler

It’s very striking and it suits her to a T. Our only issue is that it looks a bit stiff; like upholstery fabric.

Mary-Kate Olsen in vintage Givenchy

We think it’s kind of interesting. Yes, it looks like a nightgown, but at least it’s not the standard ruffle-y strapless dress seen on 99% of her peers.

Mia Wasikowska in Thakoon

We’re getting a little tired of this style and silhouette, but we can’t deny she looks pretty and it suits her.

Michelle Williams in Miu Miu

Fabulous. A very grown-up and sophisticated look for someone who sometimes gets a little precious with her clothes.

Nicole Richie in Jason Wu a vintage gown

The sleeves make it look like a dress a stripper wears at the start of her act; something that falls to the floor with one slight tug in the right place.

Penelope Cruz in Oscar de la Renta

It’s pretty, but we’ve seen her wear this dress for, oh, her entire adult life? Come on, honey. Uncle Oscar makes a lot of pretty dresses. You don’t have to default to the black, ruffled, mermaid silhouette every single time.

Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera

Yes, she’s giving the standard Zellwegger crazy face, but we love this dress on her. Dramatic and slinky, with interesting textural elements and just the right amount of sparkle.

Rihanna in Stella McCartney

We hate the shoes and hate the braid (HatehateHATE the braid. Seriously, we’re totally irrationally hating it.) but we love the dress. Suits her perfectly. A little bad-ass and a little sexy.

Rumer Willis in Badgley Mischka

It’s all right. To be honest, that thing on her right shoulder looks a little showgirl-tacky.

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

Ladies: DON’T WEAR DRESSES THE EXACT SHADE OF YOUR SKIN. You know why? Because you always look like you’re melting when you do.

Saoirse Ronan in Rodarte

Aw. Poor thing. Tried something a little interesting, but it’s not coming together. We really like the shape here. Love that jacket-like top. The hem on the skirt, however, is distracting and just a bit too floaty and sheer paired with that structured top half. And finally, the Good Witch of the North’s shoes were a stunningly bad idea.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen

When SJP really wants to impress people, no one can touch her. She looks flawless here. We love the pairing of the ice-blue shoes.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Enh. Looks a bit 2009 to us.

Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein Collection

We realize she’s a spokesmodel for Calvin Klein, but we’re a bit tired of seeing her in these minimalist sheaths. Nice color, though.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Megan

    Michelle Williams’ dress makes me think of “In Portland, you can just stick a bird on something and call it art.”

    • haha true! but I think she looks fabulous. Not everyone could rock that, but it suits her.

    • haha true! but I think she looks fabulous. Not everyone could rock that, but it suits her.

    • my exact thoughts. I still think it’s cute though. Hipster high fashion.

    • jessamyn

      I don’t know if anyone realizes (except Miuccia) what a clever dress that is for a Met Costume Institute event. Those birds (swallows) are lifted straight from Victorian fashion – they were a huge trend in the 1880s, although primarily in jewelry pieces, obviously not in giant gold lame appliques. Fabulously referential!

  • Jo

    Hey, fact check that headline: it’s not the Met Opera, it’s the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute!

  • Alexismorelb

    Can we talk about MK O’s jewelry, GORGEOUS!
    Poor Saoirse Ronan, she needs the same stylist to choose both dress AND shoes, this is not the first time she’s had this problem.

  • Enjoying the ripp-a-tude with my coffee!

  • Proenza Schouler is a really great fit for Kristen Stewart…her entire attitude seems to be getting a lift ever since they discovered each other

    • tom

      You’re right about the attitude and style fit but that fabric does seem a bit on the stiff, unyeilding side. Reminds me of wallpaper.

      • Lizajane

        But really, Kristen Stewart IS stiff. Perfect dress for her, therefore.

  • lilo

    Diane Kruger was the best by far. I also loved Liv Tyler´s Givenchy dress.
    I have the feeling that if Saoirse Ronan´s dress was made in project runway, it would have been in the bottom.

    I can´t help to notice last night that the red carpet was full of loose threads. Some dress was falling apart… i think it was the missoni girl

    • madlymild

      or the top, depending on the night

    • Alison

      I think it was feathers from Daphne Guiness’ McQueen dress….she was shedding!

  • Maria

    I loved the brooch as a hat comment. It just looks fucking crazy. I would also like MKO’s dress a lot better if it didn’t have that little bit of green trimming.

    • Anonymous

      I was definitely getting a Christmasy vibe

  • Miss Heather

    Is SJP holding hands with Ferris Bueller? If so – he seems unusually well-dressed from the cropped sliver of him that’s visible. Like, his pants appear to be the correct length even.

    • Rebecca

      Exactly what I was thinking. ‘Who’s that tall guy with the strong jaw line holding her hand?’

      • Janicemuah

        my sentiments exactly, was wondering who the rather non-Ferris like fellow holding her hand was???…

    • Jess

      I think SJP was with Andy Cohen. The pic he tweeted of the two of them was super cute.

  • Natalie

    IMPORTANT: Did you see Rihanna’s dress from the other side? Because that’s where it gets crazycakes.

    • Jan

      Yes! The other side of that dress totally takes it into “trashy” territory!

      • Noelle

        Where can we see it?

    • Jan

      Yes! The other side of that dress totally takes it into “trashy” territory!

    • Anonymous

      I dont like anything about that talentless funny looking girl. I wish she would just go away.

  • tom

    Love, love, love SJP, Amy Adams, Renee Z. Hate, hate, hate, possibly more than TLo, Rihannas stupid braid hair extension thingy. I truly think she is trashy, she just happens to have some great gowns thrown at her by stylists but at her core, trashy.
    Iman, who is 56, almost 57!, is totally making that pants suit work for her. J-Lo? Take note, this is how it is done.

  • Anonymous

    Dakota Fanning also looks like she’s tired of that dress.

    • MC

      Her hair looks like it’s tired of the dress, too.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, Hailee, everything has been going so well… And Rumer Willis’ dress looks about 5mm from indecent exposure.
    Diane Kruger is just FIERCELY DIVINE.

    • Agreed, Rumer’s dress looked like it was falling off on one side and flying away on the other. Bad times.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Iman is bold. She and Diana Krueger showign the drag queens how it’s done

    • Anonymous

      Iman’s pantsuit is a good example of something that, on paper, should be a total disaster — there are virtually no women who could wear it successfully. And yet there she is: stunning. That’s what makes her Iman: her superpower is making an outfit like that totally work.

  • Korilian

    Tyler Swift looks fun, SJP looks washed out. Zoe Saldana…. seems to have been photographed mid rictus…

    • madlymild

      Does it seem like Saldana’s had some work done to her face? Weird (in general and) as she’s like 25

      • Robino

        I was thinking the same thing!! 😛

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    So, Christina Hendricks’ frock… Is it still called Ombre if the effect is achieved by piecing the fabric? Whether it is or is not I suspect that horizontal stripes will never be her friend.

    The palest colour at the top is so close to her (beautiful) porcelain skin tone that she’s suffering the same fate as Ms Hayek – it looks like the skin on her arms is slipping somewhat.

    • tom

      Poor Christina, that horizontal effect has here looking like a double wide tented for termite extermination. It is a shame with her gorgeous skin and lovely figure….

    • MK03

      Christina, WHY?? You’re so beautiful, yet you always show up to red carpet events looking like…well, this.

    • Honeybadger

      You know, I just don’t get Christina Hendricks. How could someone who looks so good on screen look so terrible off screen? She’s beautiful, she has money, she’s got the time…HIRE A STYLIST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

  • MC

    How come Salma Hayak is “melting into her dress” but you love Renee Z who is also wearing a skin-toned dress? You guys are being pretty inconsistent in your critiques here.

    • tom

      I think it goes beyond the color only. Renee’s dress is a much more fitted dress with stronger definition of hwere it ends and skin begins. In my opinion though, Salma looks gorgeous as well. I am guessing that in person, away from flash bulbs, she looks stunning in that color.

      • Noelle

        I think Salma’s gown would be gorgeous in a richer color (minus the hip rose thingie). The shape is wonderul and very flattering for her.

  • Hamish

    Michelle William’s makeup is awful

  • Anonymous


    I’m turning into a TLo-nista.

    Before I even saw the comment about Rihanna, I uttered–out loud–“Hate the braid.” However overall I think she looks lovely.

    Gotta disagree with you about Taylor Swift. I think she looks STUNNING.

    But what I REALLY want to know is: who is holding Sarah Jessica Parker’s hand in that pic? He looks too tall to be Matthew Broderick.

    My irrational need to have them work things out is making me want to reach through the computer screen and beat the shit out of whoever it is.

    Is there a licensed therapist among the commentariat? I think I need help.

    • Mary Catherine

      It’s Andy Cohen, the BRAVO diva who was her escort that night.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Mary Catherine!

        Now I DEFINITELY want to beat the shit out of him. 🙂

        • Yeah, I have that reaction pretty much every time I see him.

        • Anonymous

          But look at the bright side: people won’t be able to comment that she looks unhappy with her husband. Here she looks unhappy [perhaps because she’s] without her husband. Or maybe it’s just because Andy Cohen is touching her.

          • tom

            Ugh! She let Andy Cohen TOUCH her?!?! Who knows where that slimy hand has been… I just can’t forgive him for foisting the “(UN)Real Housewhores of Where ever” on the general public. That, and letting Project Runway go. True fame-whore ass kisser slime ball.

    • Anonymous

      You crack me up, scottyf! I too have gone from not remembering to whom Ms. Parker is married to having an irrational wish that she & her hubby are happy as clams (whatever that means for them) and modeling all kinds of healthy affection and respect for their kids.

  • Judy

    You didn’t comment on the long hemlines–Kate Hudson appears to be walking on the front of her dress, and there are a few others who might catch a hem stepping forward. I suppose it has to do with the height of the shoe–maybe Kate was planning to wear a very high platform and changed her mind? It distracts me from the beauty of the gowns.

    • MilaXX

      Kate wore her usual minnie mouse pumps

  • Anonymous

    so SJP gets a glowing report card and Gwyneth does not, for essentially the same look? Not that I’m a Paltrow defender, I just don’t think that SJP looks that good. In fact that dress makes it look like she’s catching up to the other women in her age group.

    Totally agree on Diane Kruger. I’m taking notes.

    Kate Hudson looks horrible. Yes, she’s pregnant but the dress looks cheap and what the hell is the thing in her hair?

    The right Olson twin (or is she the left one?) looks like something I threw out after Christmas morning.

    And I think Mia W looks stunning. The length is great, the hair and she is looking very much like the runway version of her photo shoots.

    • Rebecca

      Re: SJP and GP…I took TLo’s comment more as GP looks good, but since she wears this style a lot, it’s become a uniform and is therefore boring. Kinda like JAniston, always in the short nude tube dresses, with the same hair. SJP has more diversity in her looks, so even though it is essentially the same look, we aren’t tired of seeing her dressed that way. I also think SJP’s gown was more interesting. I agree with you that it’s nice to not see SJP dressing like a 25 year old.

    • I think Gwynnie got qualified good comments because she does go to that specific well often, but SJP tends to mix different elements and silhouettes up. There’s not a specific SJP dress. But they liked Gwynnie, too.

  • Mish Factorial

    christina hendricks looks like she’s wearing a used sanitary pad :/

    thanks for giving me some light reading material before bed! (melbourne time. p.s. can you please do a logies post? it’s australia’s version of the emmy’s, except…it’s so bad it’s almost offensive. i’d hate to see the royal wedding and met gala overshadow some D-grade celebrities who deserve a good little T Lo bitch slap!) x

    • MilaXX

      The fug gals covered the Logies. What a load of bad fashion.

    • Anonymous

      sanitary pad!! spit out my cereal on that one… but soooo true!

    • Verandah babe

      Please, no Logies coverage. It’s just too embarrassing!

  • Anonymous

    To go on… I kind of like Saoirse Ronan’s dress, for the reasons you didn’t–that conflict between the structured top and flowy skirt, to me, make it interesting.

    Mary Kate… guys, really? It’s not just a nightgown. It could well be my nightgown, and trust me, about three Mary Kates could fit into my nightgown.

    You’re right that the color on Salma Hayek’s dress is a bad choice, though. It might be a good dress otherwise, but I can’t see it!

    Christina Hendricks… washing baby ducks, indeed!

    While you’re sick of the silhouette on the Thakoon, I actually really like it–it’s the column dress I’ve started yawning at the sight of. The pretty flare at the waist always makes a nice accentuation of the female shape. The column dress, despite being clingy, kind of obscures it.

  • Victoria

    I don’t understand what it means to look “2009.”

  • Dear_evette

    Gwyenth actually looks more borng than Emma Roberts

    I gasped when I saw Iman. Stun.ning!

    Kristin Stewart does look like a 60’s couch.

    Rumer Willis looks like a Brothel madame, circa 1880

  • some of our young starletts need to have a meal or two.

    D Fanning has absolutely no muscle definition

    shocking example still being followed

  • Nancy

    Michelle Williams and Renee Zellweiger have the exact same prissy face. Where was Carey Mulligan? Then we would have the trifecta of pixies with prissy faces. SJP’s dress is perfect except for the fact that the pattern in the skirt forms an arrow that points to her lady parts. The Olson twin dress is just plain bad. But the clear winner for hideosity is Christina Hendricks. What was she thinking?

  • Diane Kruger looks absolutely amazing, and at least half of it’s attitude. Definitely fierce.

  • MilaXX

    I’ve been dying for this post. I hope you guys include some of the really crackstatics looks. Apparently some celebs still had Royal wedding fever because there were a lot of weird head pieces and jewels in the hair.

    Amy Adams – awful hair, okay dress

    Amy Poehler – This was a tough one. In some pictures I saw she looked really pretty and in others it looked a bit fussy. I’m going to lean towards it was a good look because the dress looks great on her.

    Ashley Greene – Pretty! There were a lot of nude and nude jeweled dresses last night.

    Christina Hendricks – I almost like this, but the sleeves need to be reworked.

    Dakota Fanning – I don’t like this. It looks like a modern twist on a wedding gown

    Diane Kruger – She looks great in a dragon lady kinda way.

    Emma Roberts – Bland. There was a lot of Michael Kors last night, but most of them crossed the line from minimalist to boring.

    Gwyneth Paltrow – Nice, but beige

    Hailee Steinfeld – I hate the mullet hem and the shoes clash.

    Iman – Dear JLo, this is how you bring it.

    Kate Hudson – Not a bad look for pregnancy look. She need to loose the hair broach.

    Kristen Stewart – Hate the fabric

    Mary-Kate Olsen – She needs a smaller size. She looks like she’s drowning in that dress.

    Mia Wasikowska – Standard mullet he

    Michelle Williams – I think she looks great in this. She’s finally wearing a more mature version of that look she favors and I love her lip color.

    Nicole Richie – The sleeves are a little 70’s stripper, but I like this.

    Penelope Cruz – Tired of seeing her wear the same color and silhouette.

    Renee Zellweger – She looks like she’s pushing out a fart. Boring.

    Rihanna – I’m tired of her doing the super sexy, illusion/not quite see through dress. The hair and makeup are a train wreck. I could weave a braid in better than that.

    Rumer Willis – Looks like she’s trying to channel Mae West.

    Salma Hayek – I know wearing a dress the same color as your skin is a no-no, but i think she looks really pretty here.

    Saoirse Ronan – A good top cannot save a bad outfit.

    Sarah Jessica Parker – She looks good.

    Taylor Swift – same old same old

    Zoe Saldana – This is a great color on her, but her look is boring.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ll divide them into 4 groups Stunning, Good, Bad, and Ugly.

    Amy Adams- very 30’s glam.
    Amy Poehler- Best I’ve ever seen her look.
    Love the Dakota Fanning too.
    I know no one will agree with this but I think Mary Kate Olson looks great and has an amazing style all of her own.
    Also stunning are Ashley Green, Mia Wasikowska, Renen Zellwejer, Rihanna, Selma Hayek, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Diane Kruger, but I hate the “Look at my LEG” pose.
    Emma Roberts, Platrow, Hailee Steinfeld (she would have been stunning without the mullet hem), Michelle Williams, Nicole Riche, Penelope Cruz, and Rumer Willis

    Kate Hudson- Looks like a pregnant albino mermaid.
    Kristin Stewart- too long Halloween costume.


    Christina Hendricks- She is stunning but that dress! Those sleeves??!!
    and sorry Iman you are always stunning but that sequin jumpsuit is not.
    Saorise Ronan- Wha??

  • Ann Steeves

    Who is the amazon standing behind Nicole Richie? Seriously – she has about a foot and a half on NR.

  • Anonymous

    Christina Hendricks caused me to audibly gasp and say “oh honey NO!” I mean does she not OWN a mirror? SJP looks amazing. I would like to cut that braid right off of Rihanna. Love the dresses on Ashley Greene and Amy Adams. I liked Gwyneth’s dress originally, but when I saw the back, not so much. There was a who lot of crazy on that carpet last night, I can’t wait for the other posts!

  • holy ginormous model in the background of Salma Hayek and Nicole Richie!!! Totally distracting me.

    ps- can you guys team up with a camera crew and PLEASE have a Christina Hendricks intervention!?!?! PLEASE!

  • Maybe Saoirse Ronan should’ve done a naked-nude shoe. Overall, I think people did their best, but OMG what was Christina thinking!?!?!? Holy shit that was bad.

  • Anonymous

    Your hatred of the braid is perfectly rational.

  • par3000

    That’s the busiest red carpet I’ve ever seen; so much going on behind the posing (Bradley Cooper and Paul McCartney reduced to background extras and check out the beanstalk behind Nicole Ritchie).

  • imdone

    I think you guys were too nice by giving Kate Hudson a pass. She looks a sloppy mess, and that thing in her hair just tops a tragic mess. If she’s feeling too pregnant to dress up and go out, she should stay home. It’s not like she’s doing red carpet for the Oscars or her first movie in a while.

  • Oh Christina — just when I thought there was hope! Well, you’re still gorgeous from the neck up!

  • Anonymous

    “Washing baby ducks” – hilarious. I’m guessing that the explanation for her hair is that she waded into deep water to rescue them first.

  • Anonymous

    The reason Iman looks great in the jumsuit and JLo not so great in the jumpsuit is because Iman in 5’10″+ and JLo is barely 5’4″. Jumsuits, especially metallic or paillette jumsuits, must be worn by tall people who are tall due to long legs.

  • ask

    I thought Amy Adams was Scarlett Johanssen.

    Michelle Williams – I hate the bird appliques.

    Rumer – poor girl, apparently she does not have a left breast (or it is awfully close to her waist)

    It looks like Kate Hudson is trying to do her version of a fascinator.

    Christina Hendricks – just awful – her INs are so rare compared to her WTH OUTs

    So funny – the RuPaul/Iman comment!

  • Anonymous

    I have officially given up on Christina Hendricks. That dress is absolutely hiddy. The color is morbid and it does her body no favors. Good lord, what were her gays thinking?

  • Caren

    Looked at the pics with my 4 year old, who tends to coo “beautiful”, “Cinderella”‘ or “blecch”, but Saoirsie Ronan got a whole sentence, namely:

    She looks like she’s wearing pajamas with shoes! And over an ugly dress!

    The Olsen twin is giving Christina Hendricks a run for her money for worst look. She’s melting into the red carpet.

  • Judging by Bradley Cooper’s face in that photo, he agrees that Dakota needs to start changing things up. Or maybe he’s already a sheet and a half to the wind.

    But Iman? In the words of Santino Rice, GOTTA LOVE A PANTS SUIT. She is the reason other celebrities think they can wear a sparkly, gold pants suits…and fail miserably.

    But I like Saoirse Ronan’s outfit, until the shoes. It is a little different and maybe the fluttery, diaphanous skirt is a little too ceramics teacher, but I thought she looked pretty.

  • Kal

    WHY OH WHY does Christina Hendricks always look so freaking horrible on the red carpet? She is a fiercely gorgeous woman and is completely stunning on Mad Men; can’t someone dress her like Joan Holloway-Harris all the time so that when she shows up to events, people don’t wonder “Wow, why does anyone think she could ever portray a bombshell on TV?” (Because that’s what people who don’t watch the show always say when they see her like this…)

  • “Zellwegger crazy face” is the best description ever. And Diane Kruger does look good in the dress, but it’s the vast generic landscape that is her head (face, hair, etc) that makes her indistinguishable from all the other starlets. And that goes for most actresses. It’s important to look pretty, but it’s even more important to stand out: see Michelle Williams, for example.

    • Momzilla

      She’s always forcing her look. JLo does the same thing. They both have to learn to take it easy, if you’ve put it together right then you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you haven’t put it together right making that face and using the dramatic body language isn’t going to make it right.

  • Isabella

    See, JLo? THIS is how you do sequined jumpsuit.

  • Aara

    I love Emma Roberts dress, it looks effortless and comfortable. Salma Hayek’s McQueen is stunning and romantic, but I agree is the wrong shade for her skin color. Renee Zellweger’s dress was gorgeous, but her back looked crazy, and not in a good way!

  • Noelle

    What is WITH all this flat, dirty-looking, parted-in-the-middle HAIR these days!??

  • Jess

    Hendricks look like a crime scene.

  • Noelle

    Where are all of you seeing the backs and sides of these dresses?

  • meow kitten

    Can we persuade the What Not to Wear people into doing a remodel of Christina Hendricks?

    • Mac

      She looks so awful! from hair to toes disaster…

  • Lilibetp

    Kate Hudson’s dress would have been really pretty in crepe, or with a couple of layers of chiffon to cut down the shine.

  • Nancy lee

    I want to know who is behind Emma Roberts in that gorgeous green gown?? Everyone else – OK. Not too impressed.

  • Anonymous

    I love Christina Hendricks with all my heart. I’ve never spoken with her, but in my deranged mind she’s another Lipp sister. But I can’t defend this. This is indefensible.

    Hailee Steinfeld would have been fixed by dark shoes, a dark belt, and an absence of mullet.

    I’m delighted Zellwegger changed her silhouette. Slinky isn’t normally her thing and she looks fierce.

    Have we noticed that every Stella McCartney dress at this thing is the same color? Have we noticed Daddy in the background?!

  • Margot

    Honestly, I think Iman’s jumpsuit looks too close to her skin color, which is thusly too close to her hair color. She looks like a giant, fabulous Oscar statue.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, Diane Kruger! Love it!

  • Olson looks like a Christmas decoration with those accessories and dress. A 1960s Christmas decoration.

  • I would wear Michelle Williams’ dress in a heartbeat. Christina Hendricks makes me want to cry.

  • Does no one else hate diane kruger’s pose? Why do people do that? Is it really that important to let people know exactly how high your slit is or do you jus need to make sure they know u have a left leg?

  • Deana Greenberg

    I totally thought that was RuPaul, too, at first. My exact thought was forming as “I never realized how much Ru looks like Iman…” when I realized it was the other way ’round.

  • JonnyF8

    I thought the first picture was the guy that Raja got stuck with in that “create your drag sister” challenge. Turns out it was Amy Adams! And Rumer Willis looked like her other sister!!!

  • SignLadyB _,,/

    The Olson twin–red dress/green jewelry? Christmas anyone? I just don’t understand those two–their faces, their clothing choices. But I guess, according to Time or Newsweek or someone they are the next billionaires. Go figure–I can’t even rub two nickels together.

  • Anonymous

    Hrm…isn’t there anyway to delete comments? I posted with a Google login, that USED to list me as “SixGables” but now is giving my full name. Not loving that. Anyone?

  • Agree with almost everything. But can’t overlook that I want to reach in and yank Rumer Willis’ dress up for her. Either she needs better undergarments to hold the girls up or her stylist needed to oversee alterations process better to be sure her “straps” were tight enough to stay up on shoulder. The strap-slipping-down-arm look is only sexy when it’s the strap is the only thing that appears to be slipping. Dress and breasts should both stay in place.

  • Blah

    What happened to Michelle Williams’ face?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have time to do this bounteous post justice. Hitting the high & low pints:

    You have SOME NERVE invoking the ‘stripper’ adjective on Nicole Richie’s dress (not that you were wrong) and giving Diane Kruger’s “c’mere big boy” leg-thrust-through slit pose a pass. Though I still think Ms. Richie looks good. Like that hair/makeup combo on her, though it wouldn’t work on everybody.

    Ms. Kruger this is the MET GALA. Not a pole dancing aerobics work out. Sorry, it’s a tacky pose and subtracts 90% of her fierceness right out of the outfit.

    Ms. Olsen would look downright intriguing if she didn’t have that shrunken apple-head doll look. Also, the green jewelry with the red dress looks a little too Holiday Season for this time of year.

    Soirse Riordan needs a helping of fierce. Fierce hair, regal carriage and better shoes could have pulled that dress off. Maybe.

    I thought Taylor Swift looked good and I thought her dress was one of the better ones. But I make no claims to be au courant.

    SJP’s grandchildren will recognize that look. She can work it till/if osteoporosis wrecks her posture.

    Amy Poehler is an actress/comedienne, not a glamor girl. Her hired help is supposed to HELP. That hair is not helping.

    SJP’s grandchildren will recognize that look. She can work it till/if osteoporosis wrecks her posture.

    She may be Iman but it’s still a shiny jumpsuit. Better than JLo’s jumpsuit, but that’s all I can give it.

    Kate Hudson’s hair is awful, she could have looked pregnant but sleek if it’d been groomed looking. But she have that I’m-over-all-this-glowy-shit-and-ready-to-drop-this-kid look, so she’s not to be held accountable.

  • SMM

    Best: Diane Kruger (Sarah Jessica Parker is a close second). A real step up from that funeral fembot look she was sporting that other time.
    Worst: Emma Roberts? Salma Hayek? Kate Hudson? Not sure.

  • It’s IMAN, bitches! Love her!
    And Christina, dahling, you need new gays, cause that dress is 7 shades of hiddy….

  • kingderella

    peohlers dress is just so-so. the silhouette is nice, but its so fussy. the hair is an atrocity. the necklace is gorgeous, though.

    hendricks: jee-suz. the neckline is kinda interesting, though.

    im never getting tired of looking at fanning dressed well. hm, that may have come out more creepily than intended. what i mean to say is that i adore her, and shes looking good here.

    kruger: perfection.

    i think roberts looks cute. the cutout around her midsection makes the look. which is funny, because i hate cutouts.

    steinfeld: oh no, is the ‘mullet skirt’ a thing now? please no no no no. the fabric is interesting, but this is a clumsy dress on the wrong girl.

    sorry, but iman looks ridiculous.

    olsen: her make-up makes her look like she just cried.

    williams: perfection, part 2

    “standard Zellwegger crazy face”: LOL. just what is it with her face? see also: nicole kidman.

    rihanna: perfection, part 3. seriously, i think the braid gives it an extra edge. the shoes are fine. the dress is FIERCE.

    SJP: really? i think shes hovering between dull and ugly here.

  • Anonymous

    “Our only issue is that it’s shiny and that her obvious struggles with “pregnancy brain” have left her confused and thinking that brooches are hats.”

    Oh man, do I love you guys 🙂

  • Sarita

    I really like KStew’s dress. I agree that the fabric looks heavy, but the back is georgeous. Gotta post the back. Youre right, Proenza fits her like a glove. Edgy/pretty.

  • LOVE SJP’s look, Love Rih Rih’s dress and the braid but the shoes…OhMYGod. Terrible.

    Quench Fab

  • Anonymous

    I wish Rumer Willis would dress her age. She looks like she’s pushing 30 – very attractive but 10 years too old.

    Rihanna’s braid matches my daughter’s standard bed hair.

    Diane Kruger is fabulous in that gown.

    Iman wears a jumpsuit 1000 times better than JLo.

  • Iman betta get back to her tranny roots!! werq owt!

  • Kimmeister

    Couldn’t Dakota have zhuzhed up her hair???

    Diane looks great, but her heel is impaling her skirt!

    I really like Emma Roberts’ dress. [shrugs]

    Sorry Iman, not digging the sequined jumpsuit. I can’t believe we’ve been subjected to two of those in a week’s time.

    Mary Kate’s eye makeup is horrific.

    Say what you will about Rihanna’s dress and hair, but her earrings are fab!

    I think the design of Salma’s dress is beautiful and flatters her tremendously. Too bad about the color.

    What, no points to Taylor for finally doing something different???

  • MC

    How can you look at Mary Kate Olson’s dress and not think “Christmas tree skirt”. It’s spring in NY, btw.

  • sparkly kitten

    I love love love Amy Adams’ dress, but I have a thing for spirals.

    And you see JLO? THAT is how you rock the shit out of a glittery jumpsuit.

    one odd note, the comment box keeps floating up next to SJP. A refresh moves it back down, but another refresh brings it back up. Anyone else having this problem?

  • APB

    Rihanna’s hair reminds me of Fiona from Shrek.

  • Lizzy

    Gravity has not been kind to Rumer’s twins….

  • Kim

    Rhianna also needs to be on the watch list for NOT getting a pass next time on the naked gowns. Yay, now straight college guys have pictures of you in couture as their desktop background. move on!

  • Soooo tired of these boring nude and neutral dresses. It’s the frickin’ Met Gala, people! And isn’t there a tribute to McQueen?!? Why is everyone wearing their boring Oscar RC rejects? I’m the most disappointed with Zoe Saldana, who evidently mistook the event for a lunchtime fundraiser for Scurvy awareness. I think Dianne Kruger probably did the best in this set.

  • If only Selma Hayek’s dress had been a different color — almost any different color — it would have been lovely.

    Taylor Swift gets points for the fact that this is one of the only times I’ve seen her in formal wear that doesn’t look like she’s on her way to prom.

    Michelle Williams looks odd. Maybe an exceedingly rare tan? I don’t know but something seems off with her coloring.

    I always wonder if Renee Zellweger maybe had a serious orthodontic problem in the past. I tend to do the same thing with the lip closed smile/pursed lips (’cause if you smile too big with your lips closed you look weird too), in pictures if I’m forced to pose and unhappy about it, which I started doing because of dental issues.

    And I can’t believe you gave Rumor Willis a pass on a dress THAT DOES NOT FIT! It is at least an inch and a half too low!

  • Anonymous

    I love Hailee’s shoes! Anyone know the designer?

  • Megan

    Amy Adams – I like the dress, hate the hair and makeup.

    Amy Poehler – Again, nice dress, bad everything else.

    Ashley Greene – Pretty, but a little boring in my opinion. The accessorizing was done nicely though, as well has hair and makeup.

    Christina Hendricks – Nothing to say.

    Dakota Fanning – This would be better with a cocktail-dress length. She seems to small for such a poofy bottom half. Also she should try some color for once. And I understand that she’s young, but when you wear a fancy dress, you need to put SOME effort into your hair and makeup.

    Diane Kruger – Fabulous. Don’t like the shoes, but I don’t know what other shoes I would choose.

    Emma Roberts – I think she looks very pretty. I like her red nails.

    Gwyneth Paltrow – I feel like she’s worn this dress a million times.

    Hailee Steinfeld – I would like the dress without the mullet and shoes. And in a different color. And with her hair in an updo, I think. I like the neckline and sleeves a lot.

    Iman – Not a fan of the look, and she’s all one color, but she sure knows how to work it.

    Kate Hudson – Looks cheap. Hair brooch is ridiculous. Hem is too long, she looks like she’s stepping on it. I know that she’s pregnant, but she could look better than this.

    Kristen Stewart – She looks better than she usually does. She seems more comfortable than usual. The fabric does look stiff but it’s a good color for her, and patterns are usually always nice to see. I think the hair and makeup are fairly good.

    Mary-Kate Olsen – I would LOVE to see her in fitted clothes for once. She’s so tiny and she’s always drowning in her clothes. If this dress were smaller it’d be better. I like the pop of the green trim/jewelry. Like the hair and makeup. Wish she would smile.

    Mia Wasikowska – I like the top half of the dress.

    Michelle Williams – Beautiful dress.

    Nicole Richie – Hate the sleeves, and without them it would be boring. Hair and makeup look pretty good but I hate that clutch and the black nails.

    Penelope Cruz – Boring, no matter who is wearing it.

    Renee Zellweger – Nice dress. Everything else is awful, including her face.

    Rihanna – Like the dress sort of. Hate the braid and the lip color and the shoes. Like the green earrings. Getting bored of this see-through look on her, she does it every time.

    Rumer Willis – Her chest is about to fall out. It’s an okay look, though.

    Salma Hayek – Eh. If it were in a different color, maybe.

    Saoirse Ronan – No. But hey, she’s young, she’s still learning.

    Sarah Jessica Parker – Stunning. The hair looks a little odd the way it kind of bumps up in the back.

    Taylor Swift – I think she looks awful, but it’s way more interesting than the bland dresses she normally wears.

    Zoe Saldana – I looove this color on her, but would prefer it in a different dress. I like the hair, makeup, and necklace with this dress though.

  • Anonymous

    Agree except on SJP. Not loving the hair or makeup, and the dress has the dreaded cooch arrow.

  • *irrational hatred of taylor swift

  • Anonymous

    You guys are always spot on and TOO funny! That’s really all I have to say.

  • Blake Denson

    Ugh – I see SJP is with Andy Cohen. That queen is everywhere these days. Go away!

  • Maravonda

    Why, why, why does Christina Hendricks end up looking so bad so often? She’s one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and yet…

  • Rumer “shudder”
    Don’t get me started on Zellwegger
    Jason Wu is a god!

  • Anonymous

    I am so distraught about Rumer Willis’ breasts apparently hanging at her waist that I can’t comment on anything else. Seriously she’s like 23, wtf is that dress doing to her????

  • Yo, J Lo. Wanna wear sparkly jumpsuits? Iman just showed you how it’s done. Best keep at least 500 feet from this look until such time as you are physically capable of pulling off this much fierce fabulosity.

  • Anonymous

    That PS dress Kristen Stewart is wearing makes me think of carpeting in the multi-plex lobby….

    Best: Diane Krueger – total glamour with perfect styling; Ashley Green – chic and event-worthy

    Worst: And yet another vote for Christina Hendricks; close second was Mary-Kate (honey, just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean you don’t tailor it….).

  • Judy_J

    Mary-Kate Olsen looks like Cindy Lou Who in her Christmas dress.

  • Anonymous

    That Rodarte is so interesting. I wish it were on someone taller…with better hair…and better shoes…like for instance me.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that Paul McCartney in the crowd in back of Michelle Williams? I like her dress, it’s different and fun. Column sheaths, with or without glitter, are not exciting fashion choices, and I would think one would work hard to be very fashion forward at a Met Costume Institute event. Little Miss Ronan’s hairdresser seems to have gotten confused and used the mixer rather than the hair brush. I know Penelope Cruz wears Oscar all the time, but she looks great in it. I can’t believe she had a baby less than six months ago!

  • Prunella

    How did interesting-looking Eric Roberts end up with such a boring-looking daughter?

  • Anonymous

    I think poor Michelle Williams’ looks so old. I don’t mind the dress, but whoever caked on her makeup aged her pretty face horribly.

    Diane Kruger is fabulous!

    Too many repeats on these women of past dresses. Shake it up!

  • Moondancer

    Kristen Stewart: “it looks a bit stiff; like upholstery fabric.”–It’s not the fabric, she ALWAYS looks stiff and absolutely miserable.

  • Mary Kay Olsen looks like one of the wives from “Big Love”….

  • Momzilla

    Here’s a picture of Renee Zellweger starting up the stairs:!5798122/all-the-fashion-showdowns-at-the-costume-institute-gala/gallery/10 That dress is slit right up to her (I’m hoping) panties!
    You can’t deny she looks great, but she’s so fierce, and there is such an energy level radiating from her, and her clothes are always fit so tightly… it’s like Jada Pinkett-Smith: it always is too much.

  • Anonymous

    I like Salma in that color dress, she looks lovely…but can’t stand Renee’s coloring in her dress. They’re similar colored dresses but Salama’s dark hair and skin tone compliments the dress color. Pasty Renee looks completely washed out, and that smug “crazy face” puss drives me crazy! ack!

    SJP looks really amazing…she must have taken some notes from our recent criticisms. 😉

    Love Kristen Stewart’s dress…just wish it didn’t puddle at the bottom. Columnar would have been much better. Great pattern/color.

    Iman looks ridiculous and them are some saggy boobs…for f’s sake…stop drinking the kool-aid.

    Love Kate Hudson…hate her look. I’ll bet she can’t wait to pop…

  • Saoirse Ronan isn’t wearing good witch shoes… the wicked witch of the west had silver shoes in the book. They used red ones for the movie since silver didn’t pop well enough. Witchy shoes are still witchy shoes though. No megusta.

    I also thought Iman was Ru as I was scrolling down. It’s a Ru outfit, a Ru hairstyle, Ru makeup… the only thing it’s missing is the Ru open mouth smile. (Said with love, of course.)

    And I doubt that dress would look good on anyone but SJP.

  • Anonymous

    Man, 15-year-old me would have been sooo envious of Hailee — getting “home schooled” and going around to fancy events wearing pretty dresses. I wouldn’t have even minded getting busted for a poor choice now and then.

  • Drdirection

    More Bradley Cooper please

  • RP

    Who’s the insanely tall woman in the background of both Nicole Richie and Salma Hayek’s photos? I honestly thought there was some freaking optical illusion thing going on in Nicole Richie’s photo.

    I don’t get the comments bashing Rihanna herself. As far as I know she hasn’t done anything to make people particularly irritated with her so I don’t get it. That braid makes no sense though; it’s way to demure to go with that dress.

    I don’t like whatever the heck is going on with the bottom of Taylor Swift’s dress but this is the most interesting dress she’s worn.
    I also think Christina Hendricks’ dress looks interesting but I get TLo’s point.

    • Anonymous

      Wow…she is freakishly tall! I know Nicole is pint sized…but looking at that woman towering over the man she’s next to, in Salama’s photo, it’s more obvious just how tall she is.

  • Laura

    Ugh, I greatly dislike Mary Kate’s dress (but I nearly never like the way she dresses)

    Are those bells on her sleeve, though? She looks like Christmas!

  • NewtonGOTbeaned

    I would wear Saoirse Ronan’s dress all the time if I could. The shoes suck with it though.
    And I like Taylor Swift’s dress, but the makeup is a bit much–although she doesn’t look like a stoned elf so I guess it’s doing something?

  • montina7

    Am I crazy, or does Rihanna’s braid look like it was meant to be worn with Mary-Kate’s dress?

  • Diane Krueger looks FIERCE indeed. Iman looks fab, couldn’t agree more. as for Kate Hudson I think it’s ugly – shiny, stupid thing on her head, fake hair, weirdly fitting, meh colour. Zellweger, SCORE!! p.s. thank god you hate Swift look. p.p.s. expected more from Ms. Saldana

  • Have to disagree about SJP. She looks like an anchovy.
    Not flawless or fierce at all.
    Love her though.

  • rebecca

    I must be crazy, because I think Christina Hendricks looks good. Her dress fits her for once and her makeup is really nice. Diane Kruger… sorry but she looks lifeless to me. And really strange with her leg sticking out like that. Love SJP and Iman.

    • Anonymous

      I kind of liked Christina’s dress at first…thought the coloring and style was flattering to her and the dress itself was rather interesting/different. Once I read TLo’s comment on oil spill…I couldn’t un-see it.

      Her make-up is too heavy.

  • Another Suburban Mom

    Could you please do a side-by-side of Iman’s and JLo’s gold jumpsuits and do a “what went right” “What Went Wrong” comparison.