Glee Academy Screening and Q&A

Posted on May 05, 2011

Because we’ll never say no to page hits from Gleeks, here are some pics from something last night called the “Glee Academy Screening and Q&A,” which sounds straightforward, but we have no idea what the “Academy” refers to. Too confusing. Let’s look at their clothes, kittens.


Either Lea didn’t get the message that everyone else was going relatively casual:

Lea Michele in Versace Fall 2011


Or she got the message, pulled a diva move, and chose to ignore it. She looks really adorable here. That’s a great dress. She’s somewhat hilariously over-dressed in comparison to everyone else, but that’s what divas do.

Other notable looks:


Ashley Fink

Sweetie, you really don’t have to go all-black all the time. If that’s your thing, fine. But if you’re doing it because someone told you to, stop listening to them.


Chris Colfer

You better love that waistline while you have it, bitch.

Darren Criss

Someone took him aside and had a talk with him (or he’s been reading bitchy bloggers) because he seems to have realized posing on a red carpet isn’t the same thing as posing for your yearbook. No more goofy poses or faces. He looks really cute.

Mike O’Malley


Amber Riley

We’re loving how glamorous and polished she looks all the time now. Killer shoes.

Dot Marie Jones

We’ll take everything but the jeans. That’s as far as we can go here.

Jane Lynch

Her makeup looks pretty, but that’s one shapeless suit.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Too shapeless.

Dianna Agron

Typical of her style, which some would call “understated” but which to us is looking increasingly “Hester Prynne.”

Heather Morris

Love it.



[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Cc

    Isn’t this some some sort of reality show and the last one standing gets to be on glee for like 7 episodes…I could be wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Could be. It’s called The “Glee Project”. Oxygen will be airing it June 12

  • Ashley Fink…beautiful face…horrible outfit.

  • Ashley Fink, from what I can tell from interviews with her, is wearing black because it’s her thing. She’s evidently pretty fierce and punk-ish in her real life. I think she looks awesome. That shot of Amber Riley is pretty awkwardly awful but you can still tell she looks cute. I LOVE Dianna Agron’s style. If THAT’S Hester Prynne, hand me my own scarlet letter. Darren Criss’s feet look preposterously enormous. And no photo of Matthew Morrison? Or – excuse my swoon – Mark Salling?

    • Mac

      I think Darren’s jeans are too tight, hence the clown feet.

  • The “Academy Screenings” refer to ATAS/Emmy screenings. I didn’t realize they ever went this elaborate and had Q&A’s with the screenings, but the nominating process is very intensive since there’s considerably more content to be reviewed than with the Oscars.

  • Noelle

    Lea Michelle wasted a perfectly lovely dress on this event. She should have gone a little less diva and saved that one for a ‘real’ red carpet.

  • Lulu

    Jane Lynch. I have no problem with her power lesbian suits (although this isn’t a particularly good one) and I think she really rocks the look, but I just wish she would step it up with some really fabulous shoes and some big, showy jewelry pieces.

    Like here, those sensible shoes give the whole outfit an office vibe. She needs to go shoe shopping asap. Jane, I’ll come with if you want! 🙂

    • Tam

      YES. She needs to pair her suits with some fierce shoes or boots – with toes so pointy they’d cut a bitch if you looked at ’em wrong.

      And…Dot. Oh, Dot. Wrinkled jeans? Those pants are a crime.

  • Nevermind

    There is just some kind of paradox about Darren Criss. When he’s posing and mugging his way through a song on “Glee” he’s adorable. When he’s standing still for the cameras, he just doesn’t pack the same punch.

    I don’t know why that is.

  • Anonymous

    Heather looks fabulous. I would have loved to have seen Dot Marie all dolled up, but I get that it was a causal affair. I wish Jane would change up from the black suits. She’s tall. She’s got an athletic frame. Girl should work it every now and again.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I have Jenna’s shoes! They’re from Target!
    I do really adore Lea’s dress, and I wish Darren would just SHAVE.

  • FlamingJune

    off topic, but does anyone know how to subscribe to this new site without all article content showing up in Google Reader? I miss being able to click on the links I was interested in… not to mention I get huge blank spots in places with the picture show.

    • Yeah, I have the same problem. *le sigh

  • MilaXX

    I have to admit Darren looks really good here.Decent shoes, nice fitting jean, no pink sunglasses or silly poses. I don’t know who put a bug in his ear, but well done.

    Heather & Amber are the true fashonistas of the show.

    I hate that Jane wears those super wide pants.

    Not really loving the slit in Lea’s dress.

  • Mac

    Why is Mike O’Malley always wearing hats? He must be a very self conscious bald guy.

    • I saw him on maybe Ellen’s talk show, and apparently the hats have been a Thing of his for years. His signature look. I think it’s just a mildly more sophisticated version of the Ubiquitous Baseball Cap.

  • Or MAYBE Lea has gotten so big (at least in her head) that now Versace IS “casual” …?

    • Lauren

      LOL. Lea wears pretty dress but is too formal=SHE HAS A HUGE EGO.

    • rebecca

      She’ll probably try to wear couture next year.

  • Wow, Lea’s dress IS really great…I just wish she had saved it for something else.

    I don’t care for Darren Criss, even though scruffy is my thing, but I WILL give him props for the Michigan tie. Go Blue! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I almost forgot about Coach Bieste, we haven’t seen her in so long. But you’re spot on about the jeans and everyone else.

  • Lattis

    Hester Prynne – god I love you guys.

  • You better love that waistline while you have it, bitch.


  • CAT

    Heather Morris looks FAB.

    I think if the boys can wear jeans, then Dot Marie Jones should be able to wear jeans.

    • anon

      The boys were wearing dark, well-fitted jeans (even O’Malley’s were dressier). Dot was wearing more faded, shapeless jeans.

  • Anonymous


    Jane…please burn that suit!

  • Lisa

    BEISTE!!!! I don’t even care that her outfit is terrible – it’s BEISTE!!!! I freaking love her!

    I think Lea and Amber look fabulous!

  • Lauren

    I actually don’t really like Lea’s dress. I think Heather has the look of the night.

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michelle’s dress is great. I forgive her for ignoring the dress code (Amber Riley looks a little dressier than the average as well – she also is forgiven.)

    Ms. Agron can sport the Hester Prynne look as long as she’s young and juicy enough to get away with it, as far as I’m concerned, I like it. It’s a nice contrast. The day will come, though, when color will be her friend. Hope she recognizes it when it gets there.

    Ms. Jones is as under dressed as Lea Michelle is over dressed and I will forgive her accordingly.

    Leave my style icon, Ms. Jane Lynch, alone. Were I tall enough not to look stumpy and successful enough to get away with it, I would dress just as she does for all work functions. (In this fantasy world, my suits would be crisp linen which I would never have to iron myself and which would still look good at the end of the day.)

  • Nancy

    Jane Lynch is really a very beautiful woman. I am not wild about this pantsuit, but she has identified a look that works for her and she is consistent with it. Good for her. Beiste is not a fashion model. She looks fine here, and actually very appropriate for the role she plays on the show. Maybe pants that are not jeans would have been better, but she’s OK. Heather Morris looks elegant and beautiful. I wish we could see her standing up in this outfit. I’m glad Darren Criss has eased up on the stupid sunglasses and the silly poses but, sadly, I realize I can’t stand him anyway. I can only see Mike O’Malley in his role as Kurt’s dad, and I think he is the best dad anyone could ever have, plus he looks sort of hot here. It looks like they are giving some sort of seminar on how to do Glee. I wonder who would be the audience for an event like this and why they can’t find a better use for their time. And, by the way, I love your new format.

  • rebecca

    Lea Michele will never be sexy no matter how hard she tries. Love Heather Morris’ jumpsuit.

  • Zzzzzjie

    My dear gays, a minor suggestion for your wonderful snazzy new site – on your front pg, can you make each story/link “open in a new tab” when I click on each square? That way your readers will want to click on multiple stories per visit!

  • Belle

    I’d go anywhere with Mike O’Malley…hot, indeed! Dot Jones looks like such a nice gal….she’s forgiven. And Heather, yep, she stole the show.

  • Lulu

    Lea: I don’t care if it’s too much; I love that dress. She’s a head-turner in that thing.

    Amber needs to take Ashley shopping.

    Darren: looks cute, but what’s up with his hair? Why is it pasted to his head like that? Did he get one of those low-flow shower heads like in that Seinfeld episode or was he wearing a ski cap earlier in the day?

  • Anonymous

    Darren Criss is so beautiful. I’m surprised Matt Morrison wasn’t there trying to be the center of attention.

  • Anonymous

    Darren Criss is so beautiful. I’m surprised Matt Morrison wasn’t there trying to be the center of attention.

  • I wonder how comfortable any of the girls in short skirts were that night. I mean sitting down, the skirt rides up so that you’re basically sitting just skin to chair AND they were doing it on a stage where they’d have to worry about flashing the audience. Look at the last pic with Heather sitting all loose and relaxed and Jenna showing quite a bit of thigh.

  • larid.

    Heather Morris can be our new Goldie Hawn.. Hot, Fun, Crazy, Cute, Sexy, Sleezy… She can pull it all off and I can buy every inch of it!

  • PatBiswanger

    Is Jane Lynch’s suit all that shapeless, or is she getting awfully thin?

  • WOW a Hawthorne reference?! I’m thoroughly impressed.