Darlings, here are the Rules of the Road, if you will. TomandLorenzo.com has always had a passionate, intelligent, lively bunch of commenters but there are times when we have to maintain a little control over the proceedings. Please understand that this is not a power trip for us. This site is our business and our career. We invest a great deal of time and money into it and we have a very specific philosophy behind what we say and what we talk about. We ask that anyone who would like to join in please remember that. We’ve tried to limit the number of rules and restrictions in order to encourage anyone who wants to join the discussion. 

Stay on Topic 

This helps keep the thread focused on the discussion at hand, making it more welcoming for casual commenters and readers to weigh in. We’ve found that this is sometimes very difficult for people who perhaps don’t have much to say about fashion or celebrities but nonetheless want to join in on the fun. That’s great, and we appreciate the participation, but this site isn’t a Facebook page or a forum for hanging out. It’s a site about specific topics, all of which are listed in the categories at the top of every page. If you would like to discuss any other topic, please join in on the ongoing lively conversation on our forum site, Bitter Kittens, which has almost no rules at all and encourages discussion on a wide range of topics. 


Be Respectful of Other Commenters 

It’s okay if there are people out in the world who don’t agree with you on every little thing. The trick is to not attack those people or insult them in expressing your disagreement. It also means that racist commentary and any other forms of hate speech will lead to an immediate banning. 


Don’t Feed the Trolls

Seriously. Leave the obvious troublemakers alone. We’ll weed them out for you.


No Body Snarking

We spend a lot of time critiquing the appearance of celebrities here, but we are very strict about keeping the discussion limited to the “changeables,” i.e., hair, makeup, clothing and other style choices. We’re not here to discuss or rate the attractiveness of celebrities, nor are we here to police or criticize their bodies. It’s easy to remember this when talking about women over a certain age or size, but experience has taught us that people have a hard time remembering that you’re not supposed to be criticizing the bodies or looks of thin young women either. Or men, for that matter.


No Politics

There are countless places on the internet to get into arguments about hot-button political topics, but this is not one of them, we’re afraid.


We reserve the right to remove comments.

This is sometimes hard for commenters to accept, especially if they don’t have a history of having their comments deleted. Most of the time, the comments we wind up deleting are done so because they were off-topic, they got too political or, unfortunately, they got caught up in a comment stream full of other responses by less thoughtful commenters (trolls) and the whole thread needs to be scrapped.


And finally…

If you post something along the lines of “I know this is against the rules, but… ” You will not only have your comment deleted, you will be banned from commenting further. It’s incredibly disrespectful to the site owners and administrators (i.e., us) to do that sort of thing. Please don’t.