Pop Style Opinionfest: THE BEAR Falls Down

Posted on June 28, 2024


It’s an ALL-TV TALK episode of the PSO as we flip on our mics and dive deep on all the ways season 3 of The Bear went up its own ass, to use a highly technical term we in the TV-criticizing community like to deploy. It’s a largely spoiler-free conversation that unpacks how the show indulged in all of its worst impulses this time around, moving it from the “Prestige Television” column all the way over to the “Decent Shows with Great Casts” column.

And of course we have plenty of things to say about the latest House of the Dragon and Star Wars: The Acolyte episodes (mostly complimentary, we swear!) PLUS Lorenzo has a new movie starring his favorite diva and he tells you why you should catch it ASAP.

Thank you for listening, darlings!

[Phoot Credit: Courtesy of FX]

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