Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan at the BRIDGERTON Season 3 Australia Premiere

Posted on April 22, 2024


Sometimes, when we talk about co-stars who look coordinated on the red carpet, we don’t necessarily mean that they match or that they look like part of a team or even that they look like they’re necessarily going to the same event. All of those things can be part of it, but there can be real appeal to seeing co-stars – especially as romantic leads – who dress as if they’re on the same level, feeling the same vibe, but not necessarily doing or expressing themselves in exactly the same way. Case in point:



We love both of these looks, but they’re very different in style and in levels of formality. The point is not to dress as if they were a couple on a date (although the hand-holding is genuinely endearing) but to come across like they’re treating the project with the same level of commitment and respect. When you don’t nail that, you get the Challengers press tour. But we figure having two seasons of Bridgerton on an actor’s resume grants them an understanding of how to sell romance to the press. Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan are pros at this sort of thing.




We haven’t been the biggest fans of the Big Suit trend and we’ve outright hated the white tank top trend, plus we have a longstanding critique of any overly neutral outfit chosen for a public appearance. And yet, he looks like quintessential Boyfriend Material. There’s a real sense of modernity to the outfit, which makes a nice counter to his character’s costumes. We think the pants let him down in a few ways, mostly in the color and the waistband. We also think the shoes could have been better chosen. But the coat is gorgeous and damn if he can’t work the hell out of a sheer tank top and chain.




She went in a different direction: retro romanticism and old school formality. Maybe it’s because each of them are wearing styles extremely swell-suited to them rendered in neutrals, but the tension between the two looks works really well. We don’t love the neckline here and while it coordinates well with his, we think this isn’t the best style for her. She’s also better off in modern looks but we don’t hate this.



What can we say? They just look cute together.


Style Credits:
Luke Newton: Amiri Ensemble | Mejuri Jewelry
Styled by Holly White

Nicola Coughlan: Richard Quinn Dress | Malone Souliers Shoes
Styled by Aimée Croysdill | Hair by Gavin Anesbury | Makeup by Daniel Martin

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix]

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