Justine Triet Directs Sandra Hüller on the Cover of W MAGAZINE’s Directors Issue

Posted on February 22, 2024


W MAGAZINE released the final covers for its latest issue, Volume 2, The Directors Issue, featuring Academy Award nominee Sandra Hüller in “Baby Alone in Babylon,” directed by Academy Award nominee Justine Triet






Sandra Hüller on Justine Triet and her inspiration for the shoot: “Justine and I were wondering what Marilyn’s life would have been like when she was my age—in her mid-40s… Marilyn died before she was 40. Maybe her star would have faded, and maybe she would have become a recluse in her home. We are imagining.”

Arthur Harrari on writing the film in lockdown with Triet: “We were in the same house, but we would email each other scenes and then meet up in the living room and fight about the scenes we’d written… That’s why the film is about people killing each other,”

Justine Triet on her reaction to the Oscar nominations: “When I heard the Oscar nominations… It was one of the first times in my life that I cried. I’m not a crier. But it was so huge—it really meant a lot.”

Triet on Hüller as Sandra: “Sandra owns the character in Anatomy. When I sent the script to her, Arthur asked me, ‘If Sandra refuses, then who?’ But I had no second choice. I’m not sure we would have gone forward without her.”


Directed by Justine Triet
Written by Lynn Hirschberg
Styled by Allia Alliata Di Montereale
Photographed by Tyler Mitchell

Hair by Mara Roszak for RŌZ at Forward Artists
Makeup by Ana Takahashi for Dr. Barbara Sturm at Art Partner
Manicure by Emi Kudo for Chanel at A-Frame Agency
Set design by Colin Donahue at Owl and the Elephant

[Photo Credit: Tyler Mitchell for W Magazine]

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