Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks Debut Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 22, 2023


Darlings a whole bunch of stars snagged themselves some Dior pieces (mostly) and headed to New York to watch a fancy Christmas light show at Saks. Some of them even dressed sort of appropriately for the occasion!


Alexandra Daddario

This is the one who did not dress appropriately. Not that we’re scandalized, but this was a partial outdoor event in New York the week of Thanksgiving. Not really the right time for see-through clothing. She just looks ridiculously overwrought.



Ashley Park

This is low-key chic, and we think she wore a coat later so we don’t mind the sleevelessness. The shoes look way too big for her.


Caleb McLaughlin

Except for the Pop-pop pants and slippers, this is fantastic. Love that sweater/coat combo.


Jennifer Lawrence

Possibly our favorite use of a sheer skirt in a decade: wearing it with a COAT. This is revolutionary. It’s also chic and very sharp.


Maya Hawke

This made us smile. It’s retro to the point of coming off like a period costume, but she responds really well to clothes with a lot of personality. Love the dress, hate those thick ankle straps and big toe boxes.



Rachel Zegler

No. It’s awful, it’s impractical, and it’s just silly.


Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s a little witchy, a little Puritan, but we don’t actually mind. It’s kind of nice to see her in something so restrained.


[Photo Credit: BFA for Saks and Dior, Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue]

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