Pop Style Opinionfest: Hugh Grant, Ashley Graham, and the Abysmal State of Red Carpet Interviewing

Posted on March 16, 2023

It’s our FINAL, FOR-REALLY-REALS Oscars 2023 wrap-up, darlings! We flipped on the mics and talked about all of the viral moments and minor controversies of the night, from Angela Bassett’s obvious disappointment to the question of seat etiquette and whether it’s fair of nominees to block other attendees’ views. But the big moment of the evening (from our perspective, anyway) was Ashley Graham’s disastrous red carpet interview with Hugh Grant, which went viral and prompted a whole bunch of discourse.



We use this moment to unload all of our thoughts on how much modern red carpet reporting and interviewing tends to suck and why the people who produce these shows will never allow real truth-telling or straightforward fashion reporting.


It’s your two gay-married bitchy faves, talking about one of the few topics in which we can claim actual expertise. Thank you for listening, darlings!


[Photo Credit: ABC – Video Credit: ABC/YouTube]

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