Fashion Trust U.S. Awards 2023 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 23, 2023

Kittens, a whole bunch of stars got a lot more dressed up than we would have predicted for an event in March post-Oscars season, but then again, it was for the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, so we guess it makes sense. Anyway, we’re still on vacation, so we’re doing this quick-and-dirty style. Join us!


Ciara in Grace Ling

That jacket stick (new fashion term) is stupid and this needs a belt.


Demi Moore in Givenchy

A really great way to ruin a perfectly good dress is to put a bear costume on over it. It’s possible this is faux, which would make it merely a fashion crime instead of something kind of gross to wear in public.


Hannah Einbinder in Sportmax

Sell that broad-shouldered hotness, Soft Butch!


Heidi Klum in Kate Barton

This is pretty fabulous. It feels like the styling is too low-key for it, but we honestly can’t come up with any recommendations.


Jurnee Smollett in Marc Jacobs

She looks like she’s deflating. She also looks like she’s at tremendous risk for a bone-snapping fall.



Kat Graham in St. John

The color doesn’t do anything for her and the bangle situation looks silly


Kate Beckinsale in Julien MacDonald

Meh. Even we are getting tired of the Cher homages on the red carpet. The shoulders are kind of interesting but the rest of it is generic.


Kathryn Newton in Aknvas

She’s wearing three items, none of which belong with the others. In a way, that’s kind of impressive.


Kierna Shipka in Giambattista Valli

Skirt’s pretty, bodice isn’t.


Lucy Hale in Versace

We’re not nuts about the shoes, but this is a pretty great look for her.


Olivia Wilde in Chloé

Girl, that is not your eye makeup. We dig the witchy vibe, though.


Storm Reid in Jonathan Simkhai

Cute, but we don’t like the hip cutout or the fussy hem.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Erdem

All things considered (like our hatred of lace), the dress isn’t bad. The shoes and gloves? Bad.


Zoey Deutch in Prada

Zoe, that’s a weird way to pose to show off your heel when the classic T stance (aka the pretty feet pose) works so well. Knees together, front foot pointing at 12:00, back foot pointing at 2:30. Think of pageant queens in swimsuits. It may look a little retro, but it would be an improvement over this. Can’t help you with the dress, though. That’s unsalvageable.

[Photo Credit: Abaca Press/INSTARimages, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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