P!nk is WOMEN’S HEALTH’s March ‘Limitless Issue’ Cover Star!

Posted on February 08, 2023

Twenty-three years into a career that’s produced nine albums, 15 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and three Grammy awards, P!nk (43) feels stronger than ever. With her latest album, Trustfall, the pop star tapped into her vulnerability like never before—and that experience gave her the power to create a brand-new, high-energy tour where nothing is off limits. The last three years “slowed down life in a ‘what matters’ kind of way for me,” she says. “Now all I want is to put things in the world that are meaningful and see my kids grow up.” In P!nk’s interview for the March 2023 issue of Women’s Health, the Limitless Issue cover star opens up about life, loss, and putting herself first. She holds nothing back—and we love her for it.



On the build-them-up-to-tear-them-down culture of the early 2000s era in which she became famous: “I was the perfect person to take all of that flak. I have very thick skin. I do what I want. I can handle criticism; it doesn’t move my needle. It hurts my feelings, I guess—or it used to. But it doesn’t change my actions.”

On the healing power of nature:
“In my career, I’m around so many people with so much energy directed at me, and I also make noise for a living. So it’s important for my mental health to unplug and be in nature.”

 On the three years spent making her new album, Trustfall: “I had time, because of a worldwide pandemic, so I went really, really slowly. I was able to take more chances. COVID slowed down life in a ‘what matters’ kind of way for me. Now all I want is to put things in the world that are meaningful and see my kids grow up.”

On the song “When I Get There,” a love letter to someone who has passed: “I lost my dad in August of 2021. He had cancer for eight years. When that song was sent to me, I was very numb. I don’t grieve in a normal way, like how I see other people grieve. They have such instant access to their grief, it seems. I just kind of go numb. It takes me a really long time to unpack that suitcase, and that song was part of the unpacking. I heard it, and I thought, That’s my song.”

On loving her strength and being the strongest she’s ever been: “I like being strong. I identify with my core, my intuition, and my strength. I have wide, big feet, and I joke, ‘The better to kick you with.’ I’m short, close to the ground, fast, and agile…. I could pick up a car if I needed to.”

On having a decades-long career and how she continues to challenge herself in: “I guess I don’t see limits. I don’t see the end of the road as the end of the road. I just see it as a place to start building. And I bite off more than I can chew, and I…” [she laughs] “ferociously attack life. I feel like when the going gets tough, that’s when you dig deeper and double down. And I’m constantly saying, ‘What will I do with this one precious life?’ I’m going to do too much. I’m gonna slide in sideways until the end, going, ‘HOLY SH*T, DID YOU SEE THAT!?’”


The March issue of Women’s Health, The Limitless Issue, hits newsstands nationwide on February 14.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Macpherson for Women’s Health Magazine]

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