Jennifer Coolidge, Anthony Mackie, David Harbour and More Stars at Netflix’s WE HAVE A GHOST Premiere

Posted on February 23, 2023

Just to give you a peek at the vexing moral, ethical, and editorial quandaries that we bravely face every morning over our first cups of coffee, we had to spend more time than you would ever think likely or possible discussing how to approach covering the premiere of Netflix’s We Have a Ghost. On the one hand, you tend to want to take the practical, business-minded, journalistically viable approach and give the biggest, hottest star in the bunch – which would be the award-winning Jennifer Coolidge at the moment – and give them a spotlight post. This would be especially appropriate, because she’s made a significant shift in her style, which bears discussion. On the other hand, you want to be fabulous and fashion-minded, because everyone else in the cast looks so great and they so clearly brought their A games, so it feels like it might be more appropriate to treat them like the well coordinated and stylish group they are. As you can see we chose the impractical but fabulous approach.


Erica Ash

This is a little ridiculous, but not so over the top that it overwhelms her. We don’t think the proportions on the shoulders entirely work and the skirt doesn’t really marry all that well to the bodice.  But it’s cutely bold and well styled.


Anthony Mackie

We are semi-patiently waiting for the monochromatic menswear trend to end. We wouldn’t want to see a white shirt and black dress shoes here, but some sort of colorful print shirt would do a lot. Still, he looks hot and this is extremely fine and well-fitted.


Jahi Di’Allo Winston in Grayscale

As much as we will keep to our long-ago vow that we will never, under any circumstances, allow brushed denim to come into contact with our bodies ever again, we simply can’t deny that this looks fantastic on him. It’s both sharp and casual in a way that feels extremely modern. Love the jewelry and the tabi boots.


Jennifer Coolidge in Needle & Thread

While we think it makes good sense for a celebrity to have a signature look – especially a well-regarded character actor or actress – we’ve been hoping for a while that Jennifer would ease up a little on her rigid love of extremely body-con dresses – not because she can’t still get away with them or anything. We think she should absolutely stick with what she likes, but we also think, as her star has risen a bit more in the last few years, that she should shake things up now and then; show a little more expressiveness and looseness in her style. Unfortunately, we don’t think this dress is doing it for her. The color and sparkle work fine, but the style looks a little dowdy to us. She should have Niecy Nash over for coffee and advice. That lady cracked the code on looking curvy, hot and stylish years ago.


David Harbour

The suit is very profesh and very boring. The frames are perfect for him. The grooming is extremely notable. Your boy’s skin is glowing.


Niles Fitch (with Director Christopher Landon)

This suit is so odd that we’d pretty much warn every single person who’s thinking of trying it to stay far away from it. It’s amazing how it landed on the one person on the planet who can make it look good. It’s so fun and adventurous. The boots really make the look.

Random pairings of happy, pretty, well-dressed people to close out the post:






[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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