Directors Guild Awards 2023 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 21, 2023

Like fellow attendee Michelle Williams, most of the stars at the Directors Guild Awards opted to forego color for the evening. Perhaps it was some sort of protest. Let’s judge a few, shall we?


Anna Kendrick in Monique Lhuillier

The dress is a little basic, but mostly cute. The shoes don’t go with it at all.



Aubrey Plaza in Miu Miu

This is super-hot. Her hair and makeup are perfect.


Billy Eichner

Billy, what is happening with your pants? Why are they so long? Were you hoping to grow into them or something? Your hair looks great, by the way.



Christina Ricci in Galvan

The dress is giving Morticia, which is perfectly appropriate. We just wish she’d bumped up the jewelry a little more.



Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani (in Brioni)

Was everyone but Anna Kendrick ordered to wear black for some reason? They look pretty great, although we think his pants hem is a little too short and her neckline looks a little wonky.


Gabriel LaBelle

It’s fine, but why not wear a tie? Otherwise, it looks a little priest-y.



James Marsden

Superb. Bitch still doesn’t age.


Paul Dano

It’s a really interesting suit (like most of his suits, for which we are grateful), but we think it would have benefitted from a white dress shirt. Unfortunately, he had to follow the all-black rules or not be allowed inside.


Regina Hall in Maticevski

It feels like there are too many elements to this design and some of the choices made don’t benefit it. That looks like a matte jersey, which strikes us as a strange choice to pair with a crystal-studded bra. We don’t love the “my dress is falling off” dress, but our issue is less about that and more about the too-visible zipper, the odd hem length, the center slit (almost always a terrible idea) and the massive sleeves. Kind of an odd design all around.



Seth Rogen

The man really knows how to wear a boldly colored suit. He has yet to pick one that doesn’t look great on him. Look how well he stands out in this sea of colorless ensembles. We remain impressed by how well he can manage velvet pants. Should’ve buttoned the jacket for pictures, though.


[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/INSTARimages, Jeffrey Mayer/PAPIXS/ Images]

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