Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum at the MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE Premiere

Posted on January 26, 2023

Everyone’s favorite himbo is back! We are referring to Magic Mike, not Channing Tatum. He’s cute and all, but we wouldn’t call him a himbo. Anyway, he was joined by his co-star Salma Hayek for the premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance and we think it’s safe to say that they did not coordinate their outfits ahead of time. Then again, we don’t know what he could have worn that would look right standing next to what she wore. Brace yourselves, kittens.


We bet you didn’t brace yourselves enough. Look, all the credit in the world to Mrs. Pinault, because there’s no doubt she can work the shit out of a dress made of produce netting, but this just makes for such an odd set of pictures. Granted, there’s certainly nothing new about female celebrities walking red carpets with all of their undies on full display, but this is a weird dress. You may remember that Zoey Deutch wore a different Oscar de la Renta dress last month with the same motifs. At the time, we said that pumpkins were a very weird element to include on a cute little cocktail dress and we’re here to report that they’re no less weird when you try to make it sexy. We think most people would agree that pumpkins and peapods just aren’t sexy, no matter how much you can see through the dress that’s sporting them. We are begging the OdlR team to let go of their recent fascination with trying to make kitchen curtain motifs look hot. In related news, he is very much a disappointment here. The suit looks more suitable for a priest and the t-shirt is a mess.





Style Credits:
Oscar de la Renta Floral Embroidered Crochet Dress from the Resort 2023 Collection [Not exact match in the gallery]


[Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Warner Bros. Pictures, Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta, – Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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