Netflix’s YOU PEOPLE Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on January 18, 2023

The stars of Netflix’s new rom-com/family comedy You People hit the red carpet for the film’s premiere. The looks were all over the map, which is perhaps not surprising, given the semi-random nature of this cast.


Nia Long

Looks like she could’ve used a little more structure and support, but it’s still a pretty great look for her. We’d have rec’d a necklace.


Lauren London

It’s not some high-fashion, trend-seeking sort of look, but she looks hot and it’s photogenic as hell, so… mission accomplished. We know they’re everywhere now, but we still can’t get over those pointy-toed sandals. They look so awkward to us.


Eddie Murphy

It’s very Dad Style, and while we’d have liked to have seen the men here put in even half the effort the women did, this is a nice look with a pretty great jacket. Besides, we don’t tend to think of Netflix release premieres as prestige affairs. He’s fine.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The only one who treated it like a high-fashion event. Maybe she shouldn’t have. Not because we dislike what she’s wearing (the bodice design is seriously awful), but because a slightly more casual vibe would’ve probably made more sense. HAVING SAID THAT…


David Duchovny

Just rolled off the couch after a long nap and threw on his lucky velvet jacket. David, we’re going to be total bitches and tell you that you’re long past the age where you can get away with it. Put a modicum of effort in, sir.



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix, Xavier Collin/ABACA/ Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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