Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis on the Set of AND JUST LIKE THAT…

Posted on November 04, 2022

Carrie returns to an old favorite (?) and sports some mismatched accessories in this latest installment from the set of season 2 of And Just Like That.



Yes, it’s the famous Vivienne Westwood bridal gown, complete with bird-on-head accessory, last seen in the first Sex and the City movie as Carrie assaulted Big with her bridal bouquet. Why on earth would she even have this dress? It can’t possibly have sentimental value to her. We realize Carrie has the kind of money where she can leave an unused $50,000 bridal gown just hanging around in her closet for 20 years, but it really doesn’t make any sense for her to be wearing it again. Having said that, it’s nicely accessorized with the teal wrap/gloves and shoes. If she didn’t have a literal veil on her face, it could almost be passed off as a non-bridal gown. We can’t wait to see the reasons why she’d re-wear this. We wonder if she got a Met Gala invite or something.




These are fairly cute day looks in that “no one actually dresses like this during their day in New York” sort of way. Granted, neither of these women have jobs, so we suppose getting dressed up in heels to go dog-walking makes perfect sense. It still seems weird to see Carrie in platforms, since she assiduously avoided them back in the day. She was always a stiletto gal. Her bag is cute, but that hat is very silly.




[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/ Images]

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