EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE star Ke Huy Quan at the U.S.-Asia Entertainment Summit

Posted on November 01, 2022

Similar to our Issa Rae post, we’re throwing this post of Everything Everywhere All At Once star Ke Huy Quan out there for practically no other reason than to say, “Doesn’t he look great?”


If you’re going to wear a conventional and borderline dull (if fine and nicely tailored) blue suit on the red carpet, the way to get in T Lo’s good graces is to pair it with an immaculate pair of shoes and a fun shirt. Done and done. But to be perfectly transparent about it, we have to admit that we had another reason for giving him the spotlight. At our editorial meeting this morning, when these shots popped up, we were all “Y’know… they’re talking a possible Oscar nomination for him and we have no coverage of him at all…” which pretty much decided it. He looks like success at the moment and he’s well-dressed for it.


[Photo Credit: FAYES VISION/startraksphoto.com/Cover Images]

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