Academy Museum Gala 2022: Amal Clooney in Del Core and George Clooney in a Tux

Posted on October 17, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood have arrived.



We like the vest with George’s tuxedo. It’s a little thing, but it’s nice to see him play around with the classic style, since he never deviates from it. We’re afraid we don’t like her dress much. We like it less and less the longer we look at it. It’s impressively fitted and constructed. The execution of the design is impeccable. But we really hate the bathroom-y color story. The greens don’t quite clash, but they also don’t coordinate well. We dislike the vertical ruffles and the over-designed bodice and bust. See? We said we liked it less the longer we looked at it and after fully assessing it and writing it all out, we think we might have talked ourselves into hating it. To be fair, we think we’d forgive a lot of the design issues if we liked the color story.


Style Credits:
Amal Clooney: Del Core Strapless Dress from the Resort 2023 Collection


[Photo Credit: KOI SOJER/ Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images, Scandebergs/Courtesy of Del Core]

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