Anne Hathaway, Serena Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer and Alexandra Daddario at the Michael Kors Collection Fashion Show

Posted on September 15, 2022

One thing you can always count on with a Michael Kors runway show: a front row of some of the hottest ladies in pop culture at that moment. Now, you can call him a true finger-to-the-wind visionary or you can call him a clout-chaser, but one thing you can’t call Michael Kors is unpopular with the celebrity set. We wandered away from covering New York Fashion Week in person for a whole host of reasons, but the one thing we miss most is attending the Kors show, because it always came with the best celebrity sightings.



Alexandra Daddario

While we can’t say a one-shoulder bandeau top with a pin-stripe suit makes the most practical sense in the world, we can’t deny that she looks pretty hot working the look.




Anne Hathaway

Everyone said she was paying tribute to Andy Sachs, her character in The Devil Wears Prada, and to be fair, this does look quite a bit like something she would have worn, but we tend to think the comparisons are slightly overstated because the bangs and ponytail tend to evoke her and also because she sat next to Anna Wintour in the front row. Whether a deliberate homage or not, she looks pretty great.




Keke Palmer

It’s all about the color and she looks amazing in it.



Serena Williams

This is simple and pretty, but the jacket’s a little snug.




Vanessa Hudgens

That looks like a sleeveless wool jumpsuit, which may be even less practical than a bandeau top with a suit. It’s a great look, but it’s somewhat aggressively colorless. Not a crime, since Fashion Week tends to invite the wearing of LOTS of black among its attendees, but we think she responds better to bold or bright colors.








[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/ Images]

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