Matt Smith at the HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Mexico City Premiere

Posted on August 01, 2022

Despite years and years of reading the red carpet tea leaves to suss out meaning and semiotics from the style choices of celebrities promoting their work, we don’t actually think you can make hard and fast conclusions based entirely on what people are wearing at any given moment. It’s all vibes and impressions. With that said, we can’t help but get the vibe or impression that the cast of House of the Dragon isn’t feeling particularly excited about the show’s debut. Most (but not all) of them showed up at the LA premiere looking like they recently woke from a nap. On a sidewalk somewhere. Several of them don’t have a lot of experience with A-list red carpet events, but Matt Smith was always reliably stylish; not just when he was promoting The Crown, but going all the way back to his Doctor Who days. So we ask with love and concern…


Matt, what on earth is going on here? We don’t mind the trend toward big slouchy suits. The Pee-Wee suits were well past their expiration date even in the Before Times, but it makes perfect sense that we’re entering a time of comfort in high style. We can kinda-sorta accept how massive that jacket is, but this suit photographs terribly. It’s too shiny and that’s not a particularly rich shade of gray. That shirt is pretty awful too; flimsy and unflattering. The whole thing just looks so cheap to us, which is not how the star of a new Game of Thrones series should be looking while they promote it.
Photo Credit: Eyepix Group/IPA/ Images]

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