AMBULANCE Star Eiza González for V Magazine

Posted on May 09, 2022

Completely transformed into a blonde bombshell with the power of Bulgari jewelry, Mexican television star and action movie heroine Eiza González enters the latest chapter of her career as she appears in the pages of V Magazine’s latest summer issue, V136.





On the Courage to Crossover to Hollywood, such as Salma Hayek: “Since I was really young, no one was really crossing over besides Salma [Hayek] and she did it way before I even started working. But I [was] always guided by passion. I never had Hollywood as a goal—I was just always inspired by art.”

On Using Her Platform to Help Other Woman: “I’m moving toward a place where my platform’s becoming a bit bigger and I wanna be able to use that and bring more opportunity to my people and the talented female cinematographers, writers, and actresses that we have in our country. I don’t want to wait forever.”

On Evolving from the Latina Stereotype in Hollywood: “For the longest time, people saw me as just a bombshell because I starred in certain roles due to the time we were in. I think that if I would’ve broken into the industry today, people would have a completely different point of view of me. I’m finally getting to a place in my career where I feel really comfortable with what I’m doing.”

On Her Latest Role as Cam in Ambulance: “I would say Cam is my most important role yet. It’s my first big female lead role [that] I’ve never done. When this role came to me, I opened ten pages [of the script] and I closed it—I was terrified. I was like, “Who do I think I am that I’m gonna bring to life a first-line responder in the middle of a pandemic?” I was out of my mind, [thinking] people are gonna think I’m a bimbo, running around in a costume. [But] I grabbed the script again and I just fell in love with her. She was jaded, which is something I can relate to, from a business that can be really tough on women, and from also seeing death left and right. I just knew I needed to do it because I felt the obligation [to do so]. I felt like it was the one thing that I really wanted to give back to frontline responders.”

On Prepping for Her Ambulance Role as an EMT: “[It was about] what [the job] looked like, how they live, how they breathe. I would park outside of Cedars-Sinai and I would watch them come in and out from the ER and analyze how they speak. I talked to medics, nurses, surgeons, learned the [medical] lingo and dialogue, how they actually would say it. I just prepped myself for four months and rode on ambulances, just [experiencing] the whole thing.”



[Photo Credit: Jack Bridgland/Courtesy of V Magazine]

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