SAG Awards 2022: Salma Hayek Pinault in Gucci

Posted on March 01, 2022


Madame Gucci has arrived, darlings. As the lady married to the guy who owns half the luxury goods brands in the world, Salma Hayek Pinault has always had more fashion at her fingertips than all the queens, duchesses and princesses of the world combined. Unfortunately, her style efforts haven’t always reflected that, which is a semi-nice way of saying that she hasn’t always stepped out looking like someone with that much fashion at hand; pairing things that don’t pair well or wearing things that inexplicably don’t fit as well as they should.



Now, we could quibble with some of the details here. We don’t think those sheer Swiss dot gloves have looked good on anyone who tried to wear them and for some reason, her hair looks way too casual (borderline messy) for a look as formal as this one. And she has succumbed to the same fate as anyone else who tried to get out of a limo wearing satin. But one thing we can’t argue with or complain about is the suitability of this dress for this wearer. The fit is exactly what we would expect from someone who has the resources she does: impeccable and flawless. We generally don’t love twisted fabric in a bodice, but that strap is executed perfectly. We wish the color was a shade or two darker or richer than this, but aside from that, we have no issues with this gown for her. It looks great on her.


Style Credits:
Gucci Dress
Harry Winston Diamond Chandelier Earrings, Timepiece and Ring


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for WarnerMedia]

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