DUNE Star Zendaya Covers W Magazine’s Directors Issue

Posted on March 03, 2022

The fourth and final cover of W Magazine Volume 2, The Directors Issue, features the incomparable, larger than life, Emmy Award-winning, Zendaya, directed by three-time Academy Award-nominated director, Denis Villeneuve. Now in its fourth iteration, The Directors Issue celebrates some of the greatest and most talked about directors in film this year. Inspired by David Bowie in “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and how to play with time, not space, Villeneuve asked Zendaya to portray a visitor from the future in an out of-this-world photo production for his first Magazine cover shoot ever!




Zendaya recalls feeling nervous before shooting with Timothée Chalamet: “I had just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out…My biggest fear was that my mouth would be vile, and then I would have to do a scene with Timothée where we have to be really close, and he would smell my dry socket breath.”

Zendaya explains how she is able to relinquish her desire to feel in control when acting: “As a Virgo, I hate not being in control of things, and spontaneity is difficult for me in real life…It’s funny, because that’s why I love acting so much. It’s the one space in which I can feel safe being spontaneous, because I’m not myself; I’m someone else. There are no consequences.”

Zendaya on what attracted her to Dune: “Walking in other people’s shoes is my job…So when you have this beautiful meeting of escapism, other realms, dimensions, planets, futurist times, but then you can also exist as a human being who’s just going through life and trying to survive and exist [trailing off]…It’s so hard to find the heart in something really, really massive. And there’s no person better at that than Denis.”


Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Photographed by Jack Davison, Written by Brooke Marine, Styled by Law Roach.


[Photo Credit: Jack Davison/Courtesy of W Magazine]

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