Variety Hitmakers Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 07, 2021

Alright, all you attention-seeking music types. Line up in your little costumes and let’s see how you did.



Anitta in Sergio Hudson

As we’ve noted a couple of times before, post-lockdown celebrity fashion is all about bras out, ladies. If it’s not bra tops or bandeau tops, then it’s belly cutouts as far as the eye can see. Having said that, we don’t really have a problem with any of this except the matchy-but-not shoes.



Avril Lavigne

Like a lot of pop stars, she’s got a look and she’s stuck with it. It’s not particularly discussable, nor does it make us angry or nitpicky. She is who she is and this is what she likes.



Billie Eilish in Burberry

But this is just terrible. Unlike Avril, Billie likes to use extremely high end fashion to either make statements or to use as a form of costume/camouflage. That is also very common among the pop and rock star set. We understand wanting to refute unrealistic body standards imposed on young women or trying to avoid falling into worrying about what others think of your clothes, but when you do it in thousands of dollars of luxury wear and it looks this terrible, we’re not sure you’re making the point as well as you think.



Chloe Bailey in Sol by Irena Soprano

FINALLY. Someone who understands how to show up looking fierce. No notes, Chloe.




Lil Nas X in Balmain

FINALLY. Someone who understands how to show up looking sexy. One note, though: the shoes are not working for us.




Olivia Rodrigo in Calvin Luo

It seems kind of pointless to whine that an 18-year-old is wearing something we’d consider a little too preciously juvenile. She’s old enough to make this choice and young enough to escape criticism for it. We think the bow and the kneesocks and the Mary Janes on steroids combine to make too much of a look. We’d suggest editing out one.





Saweetie’s just dropping by for a second. She’s got a bunch of things to do later.




Tinashe in Ottolinger

We figured just showing the front of the dress wasn’t going to be enough. A patchwork plaid dress isn’t new, but designs like this live or die on the quality of the plaids. We realize that coordinating isn’t the point of a design like this, but these prints look terrible next to each other.




[Photo Credit: JENNIFER GRAYLOCK/, Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/ABACA/, Xavier Collin/ABACA/]

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